Btrade Signal Pro Review: Another Crypto Scam

Btrade Signal Pro Review: Another Crypto Scam

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Btrade Signal Pro is a company that is being promoted as a profitable trading bot. It brags that it can generate accurate live signals for their clients. The company does not seem reputable in the market, and they have not met the basic requirement.

The company does not have any element of a scam venture, and it might be legit. However, they do not have the necessary number that can attest to their performance in the industry. Several websites endorse the platform.

The platform is connecting the individual to regulated brokers in the industry. That is an excellent factor that we would like to upvote them. Trading with regulated brokers assures clients that their funds are in safe hands.

We also urge investors to deal with regulated entities because funds are segregated in reputable bank institutions. Additionally, you are sure that when a platform exits the market due to bankruptcy or any other related factor, you will be compensated.

The majority of the Ponzi scheme does not operate following the law. You will find investors losing funds to a shady individual who promises them high returns only to end up disappointing them. Btrade Signal Pro is not a losing bot.

Some traders have already made a great amount of return. However, you should not have the mindset of becoming rich overnight. You will only end up falling for scammers’ narrative.

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Btrade Signal Pro Review, Platform

Cryptocurrency investments are like any other business in the market. You need to have the patience for you to attain favorable returns. The company is currently offline, and you cannot log in to the website. The company had all the good features and seemed trustworthy. However, we do not know what turned wrong as the entity is currently not operational.

Btrade Signal Pro Review

Btrade Signal Pro is an entity that is dealing with Forex trading and crypto trading activities. The firm is trading currency pairs like BTC/USD and EUR/USD. The company will recommend the best currency to trade, depending on the condition in the market.

The trading software is not 100% automatic as they only send you the signal. However, you need to execute the trade manually. The majority of the traders might not find a favorable feature.

The software is easy to use, and you do not need to have any prior knowledge. The only problem with the venture is that it does not seem trustworthy. It does not match to be put in the category of best crypto trading software.

The platform wants both novice and expert traders to join them for them to earn money from the next BTC wave. You only need the gadget to help you place the order. The entity state that high authority blogs in the industry have verified it.

We need more than a mere endorsement from self-proclaimed bloggers. The platform should avail proof of payment to gain the trust of individuals. The company looks professional and promising, and we fail to understand why they exited the market.

The company does not have any unique features from all other trading software in the market. The platform will not place a trade for you, which might be a drawdown to some investors. Btrade Signal Pro has a session whereby the update of the latest news.

How Does Btrade Signal Pro Works?

The company has an easy to use interface that the majority of investors might find attractive. It will assist you in opening or closing trade in the market. The platform has taken their time to make a tutorial video to guide investors on how to use the software.

You have pretty much everything to start. To become a member, you need to deposit an amount ranging from $250 up to $500.  It will depend on the brokerage that you choose to trade with. The trading software is allegedly free.

The amount you have to pay is that of a brokerage. There are no reports of Btrade Signal Pro connecting investors with unregulated entities. However, we do not know the strategy that this software is utilizing. The information presented on their website is inadequate. The company is generating live signals for their clients. You can end up executing the trade on your choice of corporate.

Founder Information

Btrade Signal Pro states on its website that professional Forex traders and analysts designed the trading bot. They further claim that the software has been backtested, and their result is verified—the trading system focus on maximizing profits for their clients.

It also minimizes the risks to be encountered. We do not believe this is the best trading software in the market since they are lurking in some aspects. The platform does not have transparency. The information of the founder is not disclosed to traders.

We tried establishing the person responsible for this entity. Our attempt bore no fruits as the firm is registered privately. Btrade Signal Pro is only bragging of their great performance. The entity also mentions an expert team developed the bot.

They fail to credit those behind the software. How do they require us to believe them while they don’t have enough data to back up their claims.

Customer Support and Regulation

Btrade Signal Pro is allegedly only trading with licensed entities. The platform, however, does not feature information of the entity that oversees its operation. They are not regulated by any financial watchdog in the market to carry out their business.

Btrade Signal Pro is accepting investors from all over the world. The company is an illegal venture that might start serving its own need. The company does not feature any contact detail that can be used by their clients to contact them.

We find this as a red flag as it is the custom of the Ponzi scheme to operate discreetly. Investors should be very alert when it comes to the safety of their money.

 Clients Feedback

There are both negative and positive reviews regarding this trading software. Some of the clients are pleased with the services they are getting. However, we also did encounter several complaints.

Nonetheless, the clients who are dissatisfied with the entity have minor related issues. There are no reports of individuals not being able to cash out their funds. The company seems professional to the clients.

The reported issues were due to the inability to login to the website. The other query was regarding how the software works. The company does not have much traffic coming to their website, which raises more question than building trust.

An update of this trading software is that the venture is no longer in existence. We do not know if people have lost money. There is no existing feedback from their customers.

Final Verdict

Btrade Signal Pro is a platform that is running anonymously. The developer does not avail sufficient data of their background qualification. The venture is also not transparent as it does not provide its financial report. We do not know the expected drawdown or the average win rate of this software.

You can invest using reputable crypto trading software in the market. These entities have a proven track record, and they have no intention of exiting the market. You will attain your goals at a convenient time without having to worry about your security.

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2 Replies to “Btrade Signal Pro Review: Another Crypto Scam”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the article, I’ve seen numerous YouTubers review this and test it for the past few days and they are getting positive results.

    I also received an email from the support which contained spelling mistakes and claims of being the number 1 software when it’s onyl been out a few days.

    Not to mention the ‘support’ don’t even respond back.

  2. Hi,
    First you mention “this software does have some of the best brokers around”. Then you say “This broker won’t be regulated”.
    Xtrade is one of their brokers and at least is regulated by the by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
    Yes, Btrade Signal Pro is brand new but just as they can’t prove (yet) to be the best trading platform in 2019 you can’t prove otherwise either (unless you can provide proof of your own testing and confirm all you say in your review is true and not just your opinion). They might conclude to be the best by their own testing but I don’t see it ethical to trash them as a scam without solid proof.
    Just my thoughts…

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