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We have seen many websites operating or offering products similar to that which is found at The problem is that these products don’t work, and yet the victim often spends a lot of money on them hoping that they have found a miraculous answer to their financial problems. By the way, BTrade Automated is a suspicious software because they claim it automatically generates and executes Bitcoin trading signals in your trading account. While automated trading is real, we don’t believe that you can get the best results using free automated trading robots. The reason is that these are black box systems that cannot anticipate drastic market changes ahead. Instead, they are reactive and that means they can sometimes get tricked by the market, hence the owner will always lose money.

Btrade Automated

BTrade Automated is available for free to users of PCs and mobile devices. It can make several hundreds to a few thousands per day presuming you start with more than $250. But the standard investment that most of these scam software owners want you to start with is $250. According to the sales page, BTrade Automated has been endorsed by the most popular blogs in the industry. Now, those blogs have not been mentioned by name. This is just general marketing statement which does not provide the specifics that an inquisitive would be user would want to know.

The software vendor does not charge any commissions because it is 100% free. The question is this, if making money is so easy with this app, do you think it would be easy for them to provide it to everyone on the internet for free? And who doesn’t want to get compensated for their efforts? Every developer will invest time and resources to create a premium piece of software. Can they distribute copies for free? No is the answer. But what the website of BTrade Automated is telling is completely unrealistic.

If you want to trade professionally, we implore you to check out these trading apps for your use. In the meantime, let’s discover the ways in which the anonymous owner of BTrade Automated intends to steal money from the naive investor.

BTrade Automated review

BTrade Automated is hosted anonymously but the website is still brand new since it was founded just the other day. It has not gained any reputation or credibility yet. The so called industry blogs that have endorsed it is just a marketing trick.

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When it comes to purchasing trading software, it is important to have some knowledge on the background of the developer and their trading experience as well. A good software developer is not necessarily a good trader and that’s where the problem comes in. Now with BTrade Automated, the owner is anonymous which is such a big mystery. If they have created a software which they claim will generate hundreds of thousands of profits per day, why the need to hide?

BTrade Automated also looks like the regular Bitcoin trading bots that we have encountered on the internet several times before. This type of software is used by nearly all scammers out there. It’s a generic type of software that consists of the regular trading indicators like the MACD, Trend indicators and so on. These indicators have been assembled together into the software such that a user only has to select the right settings and hope that he will win most trades. But things don’t work like that and black box systems don’t even work in all market conditions. You may win a few trades at first. But what happens when markets suddenly turn erratic? You lose all your investments. That is why that kind of software cannot be consistent or relied upon.

Deceptive marketing

There is a screenshot of fake email conversations between the author or vendor of the software with fake users. In these conversations, these fake users claim that they are making a lot of money with BTrade Automated. They seem to be thanking the software vendor for the work they have done and how they have changed lives.

One thing you should know is that these conversations cannot be verified, and anyone can fake this type of thing to look as if it was real.

They have also gone ahead to include a javascript table that showcases their previously won trades in the last 72 hours. There is not a single lose in these trading results which makes us think that this is just too good to be true. Furthermore, the traders who appear in that table are represented by one name only and if you check carefully, you will realize that these results never change. They are the same people and the same winnings all the time.

What is more, these results are unverifiable. There is no way to ascertain whether or not these are true results. In short, we can’t take what we see here as true results unless there is some sort of proof.

How it works

You are required to fund your account with at least $250 in order to activate a copy of BTrade Automated. There is no demo to trial this software and see the kind of results it can give. This is suspicious because there is no reason why a demo couldn’t be provided in this trading environment. Basically, the owner of this software didn’t want traders to find out that they will get scammed. So the easiest way is to snatch their credit card and then force them into using a dummy trading software.

You must understand that the owner of BTrade Automated has an agreement with the broker in question. When you deposit this amount, they take their commission. You are the loser in this case. Furthermore, these trading apps have been known to lose money rather than making it. BTrade Automated is no different. We can assure you.

Our best advice for you

BTrade Automated is a scam and a plan that has been hatched by a broker and a dubious vendor to steal from traders. Use these carefully selected apps instead.

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