BullTrades Review: Is Making 3% Daily A Reality with

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BullTrades Review: Is Making 3% Daily A Reality with

BullTrades is another passive income platform offering daily guaranteed ROI, which is unrealistic. Our review exposes this platform’s dubious features.

With cryptocurrency taking the world by storm, Bull Trades is also trying to make an impression with these assets. BullTrades is attempting to lure investors by soliciting funds via USDT, it’s the main currency of choice on this platform.

BullTrades Review: How scammed investors

Deposit your USDT and the platform claims to guarantee daily profit margins of 3%. How the platform does it remains a mystery and any attempts to ask questions gets you booted out of the project.

And for investors looking for a quick and easy turnaround, the platform seems to be a perfect fit for such an activity. After vesting with this platform, you’ll definitely get to withdraw funds three to four times.

That’s just about it when it comes to withdrawing funds with such platforms. You’ll need a miracle to even get part of your funds from the platform. At the end of the day, Bull Trades is going to swindle funds from its members.

Cracks have already started appearing, with the domain now up for sale. The culprits behind this project are gearing up for the next project targeting other naïve investors. Here’s what you need to know in our detailed Bull Trades Review.

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A Clear Overview of BullTrades

One of their selling points is claiming to have a unique AI trading bot that makes perfect trades. With their one-of-a-kind AI-led bot, the platform makes a bold claim of making daily ‘guaranteed’ profit margins.

With a minimum deposit of $350, the platform claims to offer 1.6% daily returns for a staking period of 90 days. That’s the minimum investment required to start trading with this bot, and most investors signed up.

Not knowing what was happening, investors were easily led to believe the platform was actually achieving the 1.6% ROI. After all, they were able to see a daily growth of $5.6 or get to withdraw its equivalent.

The platform remains anonymous and lacks transparency. Our effort to try and find out who was behind the project hit a wall after the website went offline. Investors are now ruing their decision to deposit funds after the platform blocked withdrawals.

Without verification from authorities, BullTrades was operating without deposit insurance. This means the platform would run away at any time without giving members a heads-up. And that’s what happened to everyone with funds at the time.

Before investing in any project, we recommend conducting due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform legit. This gives you insight on what to expect with the project as Bull Trades remains to be the biggest scam of the year.

Anonymity should be the first sign of a failing or risky investment project. If this platform were that successful, the owners or company behind it would want recognition. No one hides from success unless there’s something sinister behind it.

BullTrades is now shut down with investors lacking means of recovering funds.

How did BullTrades manage to evade authorities?

Such platforms usually operate without disclosing their services to authorities. If it’s a trading platform, the regulator in the platform’s jurisdiction should give them the license to operate. In this case, the SEC should have their stamp all over the platform if it was legit.

A registered platform also MUST have its registration details and certificate of incorporation present. That’s not the case as Bull Trades opted to operate behind the curtains by claiming to offer valid investment and trading opportunities.

For any trading bot in use, there’s a way to validate claims of performance. A reputable trading robot will have its performance available to the public. Any robot with trading capabilities must showcase its performance on MyFxBook.

That’s not the case here as BullTrades is not even mentioning backtesting results. As a trader, this gives you a reason to stay away as there’s no other way of verifying its performance. Any investor not showing their performance, investors and traders should consider them high-risk.

What’s the role of social media influencers in marketing Crypto MLM products?

Scammers know for a fact that investors will look for one thing, proof of withdrawal. And this is where social media influencers come in to convince naïve investors withdrawal is possible. They share withdrawal videos to convince you to sign up and deposit funds.

Bull Trades Plans: Is daily ROI possible with

What most investors don’t know is that these are targeted campaigns. The platform allows withdrawals for these ‘member specific’ accounts to convince others the project works. That’s why we have to expose this ridiculous platform.

Social media channels that promote wealth and wellness are the primary targets for scammers. Once a platform goes under, these social media influencers quickly delete the video, as if nothing happened.

Which countries is targeting?

With several clients from all over the world coming out demanding answers, its clear BullTrades has a global reach. Investors from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Nigeria, Spain, Uruguay, and United Kingdom.

Thanks to an affiliate program promising high bonuses and commission, the platform spread all over. The creators use the affiliate program to entice members to bring in other victims without having to market the platform.

Who is behind BullTrades?

After digging deep and using the Wayback machine, small details pop up. An example being the platform is AladdinBot recycled. Just a few weeks after shutting down, AladdinBot popped up and offered the same services.

Serial Crypto and MLM scammers often recycle their products and change the brand name. It’s no coincidence that the platform is using the same social media influencers as Bull Trades. That goes to show we’re dealing with the same syndicate.

For those who are new to Crypto MLM niche, beware of scammers who operate like a gang. These are individuals who target high income investors by claiming to double funds within a short time.

All you have to do is sign up, sit back and relax and watch the profits soar. However, it’s not that easy as the owners have a different outcome in mind. You’re likely a Guinea pig and will lose a large chunk of your deposit at the end.

Customer Complaints Bull Trades

After the collapse of the project, we’ve seen hundreds of comments from social media. We’ve seen investors who deposited their life savings into the project for a better future. That was one of the reasons why we has to review BullTrades.

Before investing in any platform or committing funds to a passive income project, do due diligence. Try and find out whether the goal is realistic and in touch with financial situation. If not, please stay away.

You can also reach out and request we do a review on your behalf.

Is BullTrades Legit or Scam?

There’s no denying BullTrades is a scam. The platform is now offline and victims are still demanding their funds back. Bull Trades didn’t have any license from regulators pointing to a high-risk no-reward platform.

Be on the lookout for projects claiming to offer daily guarantee profit margins. If a platform is full of anonymity and lacks transparency stay away.

Why Bull Trades is a high-risk no-reward project

The fact that it went under just after investors were looking to withdraw shows the level of scam behind it.

Our final Thoughts on

With the platform already under, please stay away from any such-like products and services in the future.

The best AI trading robots come with verified performance and are fully backed by the trading community.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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