Calloway Crypto System Review: It’s a Scam

Calloway Crypto System Review: It’s a Scam

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In this Calloway Crypto System review, we address the issues of this trading app and we prove that it is a scam. What is the Calloway Crypto System all about? You might want to ask. The Calloway Crypto System is a trading system designed for cryptocurrencies. It will trade automatically, it is a robot that generates trading signals and executes trades on your account. Its presentation says that the robot will win up to 96% of trades it opens, which is an extremely high number. It is realistic though?

calloway crypto system

Winning 96% of trades is not realistic under any circumstances on any financial market, crypto currencies are not an exception to this rule. This number alone is a strong hint that the Calloway Crypto System is a scam. But there is more, way more. There is a strong link to the Calloway Software that trades traditional markets and that is a proven scam. People lost a lot of money with it and since this reviewed crypto system is made by the same people, it is a big red flag. For that reason, we are asking the community to visit this page and find legit trading apps for Crypto currencies since the one we are reviewing here is clearly not legit.

Calloway Crypto System review

You should understand that this is a scam and there are many blogs and website that are promoting this false program by telling the community to sign up because they will make millions in a fortnight. Here is a statement from the website and one of the review sites that are trying to deceive interested traders into signing up and depositing money into this scam:

”As we do with any trading software, our team is taking pride in reviewing various systems to see which are safe or not. As it stands from personal experience, Calloway has done amazing work in providing traders with simple services anyone can enjoy.

Those of you just learning about the new Calloway Crypto System for the first time, Calloway made its first introduction last year during the summer. Rookie traders from all over the globe have learned what its like to earn real profits on a daily and weekly basis.

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Best of all, these profits are delivered through a system which does most of the work for you. Needless to say the earlier version of the Calloway software became popular for anyone looking for a simple way to get involved in the global markets.

Fast-forward a few short months later, the first Calloway Software was sold out, leaving people learning about this app at a later time without any luck in joining.

As a results of high demand, the developers have concluded a new and improved variation of the ever-popular system should be created for anyone who missed out last year.

The differences are also more exciting! With enhanced programming, market analysis, and user-friendly platform, The Calloway Crypto System is now capable of delivering better results than ever before!”

With regards to how it works, they claim the following:

”The Calloway Crypto System has been configured with real strategies and indicators to analyzing current markets conditions. This is essential for access to winning trades. If you wanted to trade on your own, it would take a long time to master the basics. Not to mention learning to trade by yourself is quiet time consuming too.

But with the help of the Calloway Crypto System, it analyzing markets movements for you so you can have access to live automated signal feeds.

So all you have to do is choose any cryptocurrency or global pair signal with the software, and trade it through the software.”

Calloway Crypto System demo

The biggest proof that we can bring forward in this Calloway Crypto System review is the trading app itself. In it you will clearly see that you are dealing with a scam.

The first thing we noticed is that the robot is the same as with several other trading scams, just look at the picture to see a comparison. Only the logo has changed, everything else remains the same. Again, we are talking here about a system that has lost a lot of money to a lot of people, as real testimonials show.

The second thing is the blatantly fake Calloway Crypto System demo. When you let it run, it will one open trades that last only one single second every time, which is fairly impossible in real cryptocurrency markets.

In fact, you might manage to do a lot one seconds trades, but not all your trades can be opened and closed that quickly because there is not enough liquidity in these markets.

But even if by some miracle you managed to do all your trades in one second like the demo shows, they would be losers, because the spread (difference between buy and sell prices) would work against you.

The Calloway Crypto System demo shows fake prices of Bitcoin, buy and sell prices are never within the same dollar, you can easily verify that on any exchange.

There you have it, you can be sure that the demo is fake and that it generates profits that would not happen in real trading.

The truth regarding this scam

Let’s finish this Calloway Crypto System review by explaining how the scam works. If you fall into the trap and believe that the robot is profitable, you will want to deposit money to start real trading. They will tell you that you have to deposit with the broker they have chosen for you, because they get paid by that broker for referring new depositors.

The moment you deposit money and let the Calloway Crypto robot trade for you, it will be over, it will quickly destroy your account. And since you will be dealing with an unregulated and shady broker, nobody will be able to help you.

Our best advice for you

Stick to legit and reasonable trading systems for Crypto currencies. Avoid systems like Calloway Crypto system at all cost.

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6 Replies to “Calloway Crypto System Review: It’s a Scam”

  1. H***o,
    I am trying a whole day to start auto trading

    calloway crypto system.They do not let me in because a deposit of $300 is to little and they adviceto go for $2000, I am still waiting , but the experience till now is very bad.Take care everybody

  2. Thank you for your review…there are so many scammers around…how can they live with this kind of behaviour…scamming people. They do not have any conscience. This is pure evil. They will go to h*** in the end unless they repent and do the right thing for the community.
    They will answer to God in the end.

  3. they called me a few hours after i registered buy the laddy only spoke spanish and was upset that i only spoke enghish, she hung up on me real quick like a true scammer.

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