Capital365 Review: A Crypto Investment Scare

Capital365 Review: A Crypto Investment Scare

Capital365 has a lot of positive comments on Surprisingly, all the comments are barely a month old as we publish this post. It doesn’t make sense as the platform has been running for 187 days. One review that got our interest was from John, a person who claims to reside in Great Britain. All his reviews are positive, and it seems he gets paid to post positive reviews. We reserve our comments concerning the overall transparency of the platform. Here’s our credible CAPITAL365 REVIEW.

Abstract of Capital365

Capital365 Review

We are reserving our comments on the platform for various reasons. The about us page is one of the reasons making us doubt the credibility of the platform. On the one hand, they claim to reside in Switzerland; on the other, and they have a UK phone number.

It’s not clear where their headquarters are located. And this means we are probably dealing with an offshore platform. And that’s a good enough reason to stay away from it. In addition, capital365 is not regulated by the FCA or FINMA.

Do you want to invest in Crypto? The only way is to use credible and transparent platforms. Experts have proven that these platforms offer insightful ways of investing. With groundbreaking techniques, you too can profit from Coin Staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. is a platform that fails to prove that anyone has made any withdrawals. The about us page claims the team behind it is an experienced financial group. But, we have to say, and there’s no mention of any name on the platform.

And this makes it an anonymous investment platform. Even the managed accounts don’t have the slightest details of these professionals. But, of course, you would want to know the person handling your funds, wouldn’t you?

These and other reasons are what make us doubt the credibility of Capital 365. Even their domain name looks out of place. Most fraudulent websites use such domain names to avoid ranking by search engines.

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We know for a fact that this is a short-term website. So after the dust settles down, they will likely shut down. However, if the platform has a high success rate, most UK investors would be talking about it.

Accounts and Packages Capital365

Capital365 offers three account tiers to interested parties. The three include Basic, Managed, and Savings accounts. There’s also a slight increase in the minimum deposit amount. The FCA and FINMA have set $250 as the acceptable minimum deposit.

Those who want to sign up must cough up $500 to start with the Basic account. Other notable differences with the accounts include leverage and market reviews. Let’s take a closer look at each account;


You have to deposit $500 with the basic account to start investing. The leverage is set at 1:200, which is against the set leverage in Switzerland and the UK. Members also get up to 25 percent margin loans.

Managed Accounts

With the managed account, leverage is set to 1:300. The acceptable minimum deposit is set to $10,000. In addition, members get 50 percent in margin loans and daily market reviews. Other notable features include a hands-free account, and bots are available.

Savings Account

There’s a minimum deposit of $100,000 set for this account, and the leverage is 1:400. In addition, members get up to 100 percent margin loans. The platform promises super-tight spreads with a customized education. 

Capital365 Account Types

Account Managers

With an account manager, you are free to let them invest for you. That’s how it goes as they earn commissions with your investment. The only problem is these are not professional account managers.

We suspect the platform is hiring call agents to act as account managers. These agents earn their commissions by urging members to deposit more funds. And this is the reason why we doubt the platform’s credibility.

The platform should come out and list the skill levels of the account managers. We should be able to see their profiles on professional sites such as LinkedIn. All we have is a statement that they are account managers with years of experience.

Bonuses and margin loans

To avoid being detected by regulators, the platform offers bonuses in terms of margin loans. However, we have a problem with the percentage of the margins. The least a user can control is 50 percent which is more than expected.

DILFETRONO Ltd is the entity listed as the parent company of the platform. We couldn’t find any information about their registry. The Company House UK does not have such a platform in existence. 

We are sure Capital 365 is an anonymous website. It’s likely the people behind it are based offshore. Would you mind staying away from all anonymous investment platforms as they are a huge risk? There’s no way of recovering funds in the event of bankruptcy and insolvency.

Capital365 License and Registration

Capital 365 IS NOT Licensed by the FCA or FINMA, which makes them unregulated. The lack of oversight means the owners might take advantage of investors. We don’t see any documents trying to prove their compliance.

And this is the main reason why we suggest you stay away from it. The platform is probably infusing harsh trading conditions such as high-margin loans. No regulator in Europe would condone a platform with a maximum leverage of 1:500.
We believe the platform doesn’t want a valid license for a reason. First, the platform is ideally not able to raise the funds required to start a legit investment platform. Second, regulators insist on the depository amount to protect users in the event of insolvency.

If regulators duly licensed the platform, we would see copies of their license certificates. In addition, the records would be visible on the regulator’s registration page. So make sure you sign up with platforms regulated by reputable institutions.

These institutions include ASIC, BaFIN, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, and SEC. When using an international forex platform, check whether the Financial Commission regulates it. It’s the only way to ensure your safety with online investment.

Contact and support

Capital 365 Client testimonials

Making contact with the platform is another task altogether. When you visit their homepage, one thing’s clear. The platform does not leave any contact information. Instead, you are required to leave your email, full names, and message.

We suspect the platform is using the contact avenue to harvest personal data. That way, they will sell the details to affiliate marketers. It’s the reason you find spam mails for products and services you haven’t subscribed to.

Deposit and withdrawal

There’s no mention of how users are to deposit funds. Since it’s a crypto platform, we believe members use e-wallets. For those who insist on using FIAT, a bank account number is shared via email.

Withdrawing funds is another hectic problem you will likely face with the platform. But, unfortunately, no one has come out with actual proof of withdrawing funds from the platform. And this is the reason why we must stay away from the platform.

There’s no information on waiting time or how withdrawal transactions take place. The platform should be sincere in how they process withdrawals. Without this vital information, investors are left waiting in vain. 

Safety of funds with Capital365 client testimonial

The safety of funds is out of the question with the platform. No funds are safe with a platform that fails to get a valid license. We believe the security of funds is the reason no regulator will offer Capital 365 a license.

Why you should avoid Capital365

These are the main reasons why you should avoid investing with

  • A lack of transparency in terms of license and registration
  • No proof of withdrawal
  • Poor customer support
  • Safety of funds is out of the question.

And now you know why we possibly can’t recommend using Capital 365.

We only recommend tested platforms that have proven over the years their worth. Go for dependable platforms envied by most. It’s the safest way to earn realistic returns.

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