Casdaq Trading Review: Forex Scam

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Casdaq Trading Review: Forex Scam

Casdaq Trading ( is a brutal Forex broker scam who is targeting unsuspecting online investors. CasdaqTrading is purporting to offer a smart way to manage your investment. What these scam artists have done is coin up a name similar to NASDAQ trading. Members are crying foul after depositing funds and not getting ample services as promised. An investigation was underway. Read this detailed CASDAQ TRADING review and find out more.

Casdaq Trading Review

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Casdaq Review

After receiving countless email complaints from members of this brokerage firm, we knew trouble was brewing. An investigation was underway as over twenty members are complaining of blocked accounts. What seems to be the problem with Casdaq Trading? Why do investors fall for unresponsive brokers? Investors are easily swayed by over the moon claims and promises. Casdaq Trading is no different as they are offering insane and unattainable dreams and goals.

These scam artists have perfected the art of stealing funds from investors by cloning websites. Casdaq Trading has used moving images on their website to try and show legitimacy. Once you visit their homepage, you are greeted with people working and what seems to be a busy office. A problem with this is it is an edited video from a legit work place. How do we know this? What company lacks a logo in their offices? There is no proof these offices belong to Casdaq Trading.

About Casdaq Trading

As we state in most scam reviews, professional scam artists will do or say anything. Casdaq Trading claims to be located in the United States which is a big lie. These scam artists have not given out a valid location of their offices. Another shocking issue with their website is it doesn’t open new tabs. A broker who has a slow and unfriendly interface should not be trusted. Anonymity is another problem we noticed with this platform. Why have they hidden crucial information?

Who are the founding members of this brokerage site? Where can we get the names of the people running the show? As fate would have it, these scam artists don’t want to be recognized. They are afraid of the backlash they would receive from authorities and victims. For all we know, these could be offshore brokers trying to target American and European investors. It could be a money laundering organization.

Is Casdaq Trading licensed?

How can a broker who uses fake names be properly licensed? After checking with known regulatory bodies we can confirm Casdaq Trading is not licensed. By claiming to be based in the United States, they should be licensed by the SEC. Furthermore, they should also be a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). These scam artists are simply using fake names to trap unsuspecting online investors. They are operating without a valid license.

Another perturbing issue with their licensing is in regards to certificates and documentation. You would expect a broker to openly post copies of their licensing and registration certificates. It helps prove users are on the right track in making money. These scam artists have not posted even a single legal agreement’s document. We are dealing with professionals who know how to hide information. Luckily, we know how to spot scam artists from a mile away. Exposing Casdaq Trading is easy.

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Features of Casdaq Trading/ Disadvantages

Account Types

Casdaq Trading Account Types

These scam artists are providing users with six different account types to choose from. Accounts are named Trial, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These accounts are used to lure investors to sign up due to over the moon claims. Apparently, they all have similar features which make us question their intent.

Demo Account

Casdaq Trading is furnishing users with a demo account with a restriction of two weeks. In the two weeks, they make sure to rig the results in your favor. Results produce insane profit margins which are tricks used to ensure you sign up. A demo account which makes over 95% successful trades is not real.. These are scam artists who know exactly what to do to make sure unsuspecting investors sign up.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Account funding options are not mentioned anywhere on their website. Does this mean members use different account funding methods? These are scam artists who call investors and give them different accounts to deposit. And this is why withdrawing with this broker is a problem. When opening an account, make sure to read the withdrawal procedure. These scam artists have failed to inform users how to withdraw funds. It makes CasdaqTrading a horrific trading platform. Avoid dealing with such irregular platforms.

Trading Platform

These brokers claim to be having the ever trusted MT4 trading platform. On closer scrutiny, we noted their platform lacks basic security protection. Not only is their platform insecure, but also their entire website. Lack of DDoS protection and SSL Encryption is proof we are dealing with a rogue entity. Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal your funds during transactions. Casdaq Trading is a using a platform which is putting users at risk of being attacked by third parties.

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Are funds safe with Casdaq Trading?

Why have they failed to inform users where they bank funds after being deposited? These are scam artists who are openly defrauding members. It is highly likely users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. Lack of proper security measures is proof we are dealing with a rotten brokerage firm. Make sure to stay away from these scam artists.

Another unsettling issue is in regards to segregation of accounts. Brokers who pool funds in one account expose users to heavy losses. CasdaqTrading is merging assets in one account which is not a wise decision. Bankruptcy can occur at any given time and no compensation will be forthcoming. Stay away from such brokers who put your investments at risk. They are not insuring funds as dictated by law. Stay away from these brokers to avoid further exposure.

Is Casdaq Trading a scam?

Results prove we are dealing with a certified scam. Casdaq Trading is a scam which must be avoided at all costs. Stay away from these scam artists or else become their next victim.


Casdaq Trading Forex Broker Review

Joining this broker will lead to more misery. By adding this broker to our scam blacklist, we will be protecting our readers.

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Wishing you a successful trading experience.

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