CCTMarket Review: Awful Forex Scam

CCTMarket Review: Awful Forex Scam

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CCTMarket ( is a cruel Crypto Currency broker who is out to cause havoc in the Crypto trading world. CCT Market is claiming to be a reliable partner to your financial success. With Crypto Currency being their main commodity, we strongly believe that this is purely a fake broker. Complaints have been sent to us by members who have lost chunks of money with CCTMARKET. Here’s what we found out.

CCTMarket Review

CCTMarket Review:

According to the homepage, they claim that CCTMarket was designed with one intention in mind. Putting smart people on their own path to financial freedom. CCTMarket is claiming to offer knowledge and experience to build your skills. Folks, this is simply a marketing gimmick meant to lure investors into signing up. Don’t sign up with CCT Market before you read and understand this review.

Just like any other scammer, owners of CCTMarket have used empty claims and promises to lure investors. Claims of putting investor’s priority first are simply marketing tricks that will help entice users. They have also promised to offer simple and intelligent tools to ensure all members succeed with this platform. Note that scammers will say or do anything to get newbie traders to sign up with them.

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Who Owns CCTMarket?

According to the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, CCTMarket is owned and operated by PHHLT Marketing Limited. Last statement on their homepage clearly states that this broker is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. What this means is that we are officially dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting industry regulations and rules.

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Another disturbing feature we noticed with CCTMarket is that there’s no mention of real owners. Who is the CEO or CFO of their mother company, PHHLT Marketing Limited? Having names of people behind a broker makes verification easier. Problem with this platform is that it’s shrouded with anonymity. An anonymous broker is bad news for any investor since they are untrustworthy.

Is CCTMarket Licensed or Regulated?

CCTMarket Scam

Being an offshore broker, we are sure that this broker is not licensed or regulated. Their own website can attest to this since there’s no mention of licensing. With normal brokers, you will notice that they post their licensing and registration details. Most of the brokers will even post their licensing and registration numbers for users to verify. With CCT Market, this is not the case. There’s no regulation body that has come out and claimed to have registered CCTMarket.

What is also of importance to users is to note that they don’t have any legit credentials. A real broker will post their certificates and documents for all to see. This is what transparency is all about with approved and legit brokers. Sadly, CCT Market has no registration certificates and documents that can verify registration. And this is where we draw the line, simply put, CCTMARKET IS NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED.

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Platform in Use.

What we discovered with their platform is that it’s web based. This means that users cannot download the platform on various devices. It makes CCT Market not reliable for traders who want to trade fully. How can they expect users to use a web trader whose speed is slow and not fully protected? Claims of their platform being secure is not true as some traders have been hacked thanks to this platform.

A platform that is not SSL encrypted will always remain unstable and make users vulnerable. Hackers take advantage of unstable platforms to steal credit card information as well as personal data. Claims that their platform has an intuitive market analysis is simply a marketing gimmick. As we earlier said, scammers will do or say anything to get users to sign up with them. Their platform will simply open you up to cyber-attacks.

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No Live Chat Support.

A huge problem with CCTMarket is the lack of proper communication channels. This broker expects users to send emails and wait for responses. Folks, this is not a legit broker if at all they can’t talk one on one with users. Lack of live chat support means that this broker does not want to be contacted by anyone. As we earlier said, this broker is fully intending to remain anonymous and doesn’t want any contact.

And this is where the problem lies. What will happen when users want to ask a quick question that requires a fast answer? Investors will simply have to wait for this broker to reply with emails. Make sure not to sign up with CCT Market as they are simply a scam. That’s why they don’t want any interaction with users.

Are Funds Safe with CCTMarket?

CCTMarket Fake Review

Funds are never safe with an offshore broker who has not been licensed or regulated. Did you know that users maybe depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account? This broker fails to mention their depository bank which is a huge issue. Why should anyone sign up with a broker who keeps funds in their personal account? Furthermore, this broker does not segregate accounts.

Fact that they don’t segregate accounts means that they are pooling funds in one account. In case the broker faces bankruptcy or insolvency, all funds will be lost. What’s more damning is that this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. This is another reason not to sign up with CCT Market.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options.

What this broker has done is to widen their trap by offering a variety of depositing options. Anyone who signs up with this broker can deposit money using Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, Qiwi, and many more.  That’s not a genuine reason to sign up with this broker. There’s more than meets the eye with their withdrawal channels.

When it comes to withdrawing money, users can only use CC and Wire Transfer. This said, this broker is not allowing members to deposit money that easily. In fact, during our investigation, we noticed that users have a hard time withdrawing funds. Complaints sent to us had in most cases, been in regards to withdrawals. Apparently, this broker is refusing to release funds by giving users excuses.

Is CCTMarket a Scam?

Without a doubt, CCTMarket is a scam that must be exposed for all to see. Level of anonymity and lack of proper registration makes this a scam. Plus, when a broker refuses to release funds, it means that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. Best thing to do is to avoid signing up with this beastly broker. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team.

CCTMarket Final Verdict.

CCTMarket Scam Review

Only option we are left with is to add this broker to our scam blacklist. Evidence clearly reveals that we are dealing with a scam broker. Make sure to warn your friends and relatives from signing up with CCT MARKET. Anyone who signs up with them will not get a dime from this broker. All they want to do is sign up as many investors as they possibly can before going under. .

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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11 Replies to “CCTMarket Review: Awful Forex Scam”

    1. Prepara un expediente de la información que dispones y pon denuncia en la policía, CCTmarket es un grupo estafador.

  1. Ich habe gerade auch 10000 € bei CCT- Market verloren und sollte für die Plattform 5500 € zahlen, um Geld vom Bitcoin Trading zu erhalten. Warnung an alle, die so leichtsinnig sind wie ich es war!! Ich schäme mich für meine eigene Unvorsichtigkeit!!! Und leider wohl Dummheit. Warnung an alle, die es lesen

  2. Hola. A mi me está ocurriendo algo parecido con CCTMARKET. Se metieron en mi con otra empresa KONTOF (así que CUIDADO CON ESTA OTRA EMPRESA), pero después con la misma historia, a mi ni fondo ta directamente me pedían 1000 y 2000 euros de ingreso que hay que aprovecha la subida del bitcoin. Con 3500€ ingresado se veía que habían ganado 4 bitcoin y algo unos 24.000 euros.Voy a retirar 8.000 € porque lo necesitaba el 21 de mayo, y no daban señal de vida hasta después de provocarlos me contesta un tal Gustaf de finanzas
    haciendo cuenta y que tenia que pagar un 11% de comisión+ otro 11% de seguro temporal del banco 2200€. al día siguiente que el banco de Inglaterra pagar los impuestos 22% [email protected] pagué también al día siguiente me lo ingresaban. Por supuesto no lo ingresaron porque el banco de Inglaterra pedía por el cambio de bitcoin a euros es decir, 2.841€. le he dicho de todo hasta timo y estafa y ellos que son serios y no hacen nada. Por cierto, ninguna factura, recibos ni ningún justificante.

    1. Alexis, lo que describes es su modus operandi, y puedes seguir haciendo ingresos y nunca recibirás los fondos de la retirada. Yo he denunciado el caso a la Policía Nacional e informado a la CNMV siguiendo recomendación de un abogado de la OCU. Todos deberíamos hacer lo mismo y si se acumulan denuncias puede ser que llegase a la Interpol y se tomen más interés por el tema.

  3. Me dada la espina de si son unos estafadores, llevo 5 días esperando por una retirada de fondos y nada hoy recibí un email diciéndome que tuviera paciencia que encuentro llegara la transferencia me lo comunicaría, pague el 4% de comisión y el 1% de seguro, según ellos por estar garantizado, en el email que les envié los amenazaba con publicalo y denunciarlo ante la policía, gracias, díganme algo porque ya los depósitos los doy por perdido, aunque los lucharé para sacarlos del medio y estén en la cárcel.

  4. Cuidao con CCTMarket a mi hija Le revaron mucho dinero por un tal Gustaf el broker de bitcoin, sinverguensas jugando con la vulnerabilidad y el trust de las personas ojala que lo agaren y los encarcelen por mucho tiempo y tiren las llaves! Rot in h*** you scams loosers!!

  5. Hola soy Judit yo tambien he sido estafada, me di cuenta hoy cuando me pedían más dinero para retirar después de según ellos haber pagado los impuestos y que en 48 horas me ingresan, llego el día del ingreso y no me han ingresado nada y me piden más dinero y me dicen que habían intentado cobrarlo sin contar conmigo, mañana me iré a la Policía Nacional a poner la denuncia, aunque no creo que recupere mi dinero, aparece todavía en la página, no se si alguien a recuperado algo. Saludos.

  6. A mi también me pasa lo mismo he solicitado el retiro de una cantidad, me han dicho que en el plazo de cinco días me lo harían pero la verdad, no han dado señales de vida.

  7. Yo también he sido víctima de CCTmarket y de Kontofx (operando como brokers distintos). Me han robado todos mis ahorros y estoy endeudada al pedir prestado para pagar sus excesivas comisiones. La cuestión es: ¿como pueden quedar impunes, porque por lo que estoy observando somos muchos [email protected] [email protected]? Tendriamos que hacer denuncia comunitaria para poder ser investigados por cuerpo especial de policia de “delitos informáticos” ¿Como podríamos crear una plataforma de afectados de CCTmarket vs. Kontofx?. Alguien podría asesorarnos?

  8. Esto es patético, estamos denunciando una estafa con las clipto y me está continuamente saltanto un anuncio de otra empresa similar BinBotPRO. ESTAMOS ATRAPADOS POR LA RED

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