CentureAI Review: 5 Facts Pointing to Being A Risky Investment

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CentureAI Review: 5 Facts Pointing to Being A Risky Investment

CentureAI is a crypto project promising passive income with an affiliate program available. Here’s our detailed review.

Crypto arbitrage trading is at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading, and CentureAI LLC claims to offer this service. The platform claims to have a sophisticated and unique trading algorithm with near-perfect results.

Who is behind CentureAI?

Asked about Backtesting results, the platform remains numb about it and seems to hide this fact. As traders, one of the things you rely on is backtesting the results of any bot or trading algorithm. After all, it gives insight into the performance of the robot in question.

Anonymity and lack of transparency are other factors pointing to Centure AI being a risky crypto investment option. And that’s why we’re moving to highlight some of the red flags we found with this Crypto MLM product.

The promise of delivering daily guaranteed profit margins is another reason why we shy away from joining the program. There’s no expert or robot that can guarantee such due to market dynamics.

Every financial market is volatile and making such claims is nowhere near realistic. That’s why we have to expose this platform for its dubious ways. You need to understand that crypto arbitrage trading is about risks as well.

Find out more in our exclusive Centure AI LLC Review.

About CentureAI

Despite their efforts to remain anonymous, CentureAI is a Company registered in Kentucky. But of course, the platform would try and get an online registration from the easiest State possible. Despite this, we firmly believe the platform has its origins in Eastern Europe.

Also, we would like to warn our readers that CentureAI was just recently created. It has no proven withdrawal or money-making rounds. And as such, we believe this platform will do its best to appear legit.

Such platforms usually seem to blossom during the first round of investing. Investors get the promise of making 5.25% every day for a vesting period of 25 days. These are the claims we feel are out of touch with reality.

Thanks to our thorough investigation, we can reveal James Bernard is the brains behind this platform. It’s his first Crypto MLM project as he’s been a marketer or pusher of other platforms before this.

He’s credited for pushing a similar crypto arbitrage and MLM product named Buhat Fund. Surprisingly, this project was banned in India and most Asian countries. The project would claim to make 250% ROI after two days.

Canadians fell for this project and it turns out James Bernard was pushing this product through social media platforms. As it stands, CentureAI is about to embark on a marketing journey where we’ll see hundreds of promoters pushing this project.

Expect to see these channels showcasing how to sign up and register and most importantly, withdrawals. We have seen such antics before and they rarely end well for investors. These are paid social media influencers who withdraw money from pre-determined accounts.

It’s all a show that will most likely entice tens of thousands of naïve investors to sign up. You’ve been warned!

How is CentureAI Distributing Profits?

During the initial stages of the project, the platform does distribute profits. However, the profits are not from crypto arbitrage trading as one might think. Thanks to the high number of sign-ups, James Bernard has some tricks up his sleeve.

The reason such projects claim to ‘distribute’ profits is by transferring funds from one user to another. Those who sign up tomorrow will help fund ‘profits’ for those who signed up today. He basically transfers funds from new sign-ups to current users.

And when the signup numbers dwindle, that’s when all hell breaks loose. You’ll find the platform not meeting its promise of making daily guaranteed profit margins. In essence, you will also find the platform asking for more funds from investors.

What is CentureAI After?

Your deposits, that’s the end game of James Bernard and his team. He’s done this countless times before and plans to wipe you clean. The reason why he’s still holding on is to get as many users to sign up before pulling the rug.

Another angle James is after is the data section where he can hold details of most of the members. These include names, IDs, and other important documents to help create different online personas.

Privacy policy is not in play with CentureAI, despite promising it, this is not going to happen. He normally sells your data such as email addresses to email networking campaigns. That’s one of the reasons to stay away from such projects.

Which countries is CentureAI targeting?

There are hundreds of countries this platform targets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Arab countries including Dubai and Qatar are not left behind. In Europe, the platform has gained traction in France, Portugal, and Spain.

These scammers value and target high net worth investors with various bonuses to keep them afloat. The platform will claim to offer a large deposit bonus on deposits above $200,000. And this is what the industry is like.

Who is James Bernard, the man behind CentureAI?

CentureAI Plans

James started as a marketer for online products in the early 2000s. Thanks to a stint with affiliate marketers, he pushed several other notable scams such as Orsa Fund. In 2023, his last known product was Buhat Fund.

There are countless other products he’s overseen in the last couple of years. A man who occasionally boasts of having the ‘high life’ on social media, victims are out for blood. And authorities in Dubai just released an arrest warrant.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was recently contacted by several authorities regarding James Bernard. It was at this point that his earlier escapades with the law were highlighted leading to his arrest warrant.

Contact and support, customer complaints CentureAI

Despite the platform claiming to have live support, you’re only getting live support if you’re a member. A valued member for that fact with a fat deposit balance is the only way to get a hold of James and his team.

Although there are no complaints as of now, once deposit numbers dwindle, that’s when the platform will show its true colors. We’ve seen such projects before and they are usually appealing during the first few weeks.

We recommend doing due diligence before signing up with any platform. This is the only way to stay ahead of the pack and protecting yourself from scams such as Centure AI LLC. Please note that the SEC officially started probing CentureAI LLC as of the time of publishing.

Is CentureAI Licensed or Registered?

Centure AI LLC is the shell company with an online registration form that’s far from legit. The owner is facing an arrest warrant in different jurisdictions, including his native United States. We believe James is hiding in Australia or New Zealand where he operates the project.

Why is CentureAI A risky investment platform?

Anonymity and the fact that the platform is not going to make it to the end. Making claims of daily guaranteed profit margins is the biggest red flag you’ll find in an investment project. Aside from that, we don’t even have valid performance records of their algorithm.

If the platform was legit, we would get backtesting data from MyFxBook.

Our Thoughts on CentureAI

With the creator being a known scammer, we recommend staying away from his crypto arbitrage trading platform.

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