Centurion Network Review: A Crypto Ponzi Scheme

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Centurion Network Review: A Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Centurion network is a three-years-old multilevel marketing (MLM) crypto company. It is getting a lot of attention, mainly due to its mysterious launch in February 2017. Another reason can be that it is quick and easy to use. Some people see this company as a huge opportunity due to which they are eager to invest in it. Furthermore, is attracting users by presenting itself as a modern and efficient platform. Let’s review this Network in detail to see if it is worth your investment.

What is the Centurion Network?

The Centurion network is a crypto mining company. Centurion claims to be an efficient cryptocurrency launched on February 9, 2017. It is unique, easy-to-use, and also suspicious due to the anonymous owner of the business. The company is presenting itself as some sort of revolutionary crypto network that will transform your entire life. Clearly, is mentioning these things to attract as many people as it can to get maximum investments.

Centurion cryptocurrency offers efficiency and ease. It works like many other crypto companies. Even though it tries to overcome the shortcomings of other such companies, it still lacks in a lot of departments. Furthmore, also claims that the company is present in various countries with various teams. Yet, it does not mention any specific country by name. It indicates that the company does not have an official address.

Founder of Centurion Network

Centurion Network is a new multilevel marketing company with a website that lacks background information. There is no information available about the owner, manager, or any team member of the company. Hence, it is not far-fetched to assume that the company does not have any credibility in the crypto industry. was privately registered in 2016. Moreover, there are some findings that link this crypto network to a charity organization called Centurion Foundation. This Foundation mentions several MLM companies, including Centurion Network. Moreover, it is assumed that the members of the Centurion Foundation have some sort of association with other crypto trading and mining companies. The basis of this deduction is the fact most of the members of the Foundation had some sort of connection with the other crypto companies.

Centurion Foundation

Centurion Foundation is a charity organization that works to improve the lives of children worldwide. It works for children’s safety and betterment. They use a term centurion4children for the activities they carry out. For centurion4children, it is the protector of children. Furthermore, it is said that they donate for education and protect children worldwide by raising funds and donating them.

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Centurion4children is raising funds from society and their website for the following causes:

  • Sustainable schools
  • Sponsoring kids
  • Supporting children with their families
  • Safe drinking water in developing countries

It is important to discuss the Centurion Foundation because its staff is related to Centurion Network as well. Claudio Artusio is a member of the Foundation and was also a part of an MLM company called My Advertising Pays. Moreover, this person has allegedly been a part of many MLM scams before. He has been an affiliate in My Advertising Pays, which was a Ponzi scheme. Many other members of both Centurion Network and are likely to have ties with other crypto MLM scams.

Features of Centurion Network

Mining Pools

Centurion network is said to have the most efficient and easy-to-use mining pools for both experienced and inexperienced users. The centurion minors do not have to sign up to withdraw their accumulated share of cryptocurrency manually. promises to transfer the funds directly to the wallets.


The process of mining is quick. According to, the payouts take place every six minutes.

Opportunity offers its users an opportunity to join their mining community by giving them files that are easy to use. The company does not disclose its crypto mining mechanism anywhere on the website. Hence, it is possible that the company does not even have a mining system. Instead, it is relying on the investment of the affiliates to keep operating. The purpose of this strategy is to entice users to invest in the company.

Product Line

The Centurion network does not have a proper product line, which makes it more suspicious. The affiliates market their affiliate membership because the Centurion network does not have any marketable product or service. Affiliate has to invest their money in affiliate memberships to buy the crypto coins. Centurion coins are the crypto-coins of the Network.

The business structure of the company is very disappointing. It does not have any retail products or services. As a member, you will have to rely on recruiting new members to earn profits. It means there are not many earning opportunities in Centurion Network. Therefore, instead of wasting your resources in an MLM crypto company like this, you should use the crypto trading bots that are much more efficient, reliable, and successful than such companies. These bots offer various trading preferences, allowing you to earn maximum profits.

Compensation plan and structure

The compensation structure includes:

  • First of all, it is important to note that the compensation plan of is similar to other such companies. Members can earn profits by recruiting new members.
  • Secondly, centurion network affiliates can earn direct and residual commissions. Investors can earn by bringing new affiliate members to the company. They search for interested people and convince them to join the company, and they get
    • Direct commission for bringing every new affiliate
    • Residual commission
    • Unilevel Bonus
    • Car bonus

How to join the centurion network?

It is very easy to join a centurion network that is by investing through bitcoin in any of centurion packages. If the compensation structure of interests you, you will have to buy one of these four packages to get the crypto coins.

Their packages include

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Professional

Free which is €30 EUR (free is not free), Basic which is €200 EUR, advanced which is €500 EUR and lastly Professional which is €1000 EUR.

Final Verdict About Centurion Network

The above discussion makes it quite evident that Centurion Network is not worth investing because it does not have a favorable compensation structure. The Centurion coins do not have any real value in the crypto market. Moreover, the mysterious launch, the anonymity of owners, and its absence from the public exchange market make it look like a Ponzi scam.

Moreover, there are several reasons to conclude that Centurion network is a Ponzi scheme:

  • has very suspicious origins because it hides the name of its owner and founding country.
  • Affiliates will rely on recruiting other members.
  • The company will collapse when the recruitment stops.
  • Centurion coins are not tradeable on public exchanges yet.
  • The only method of earning is making a significant amount of investments, making it a traditional crypto MLM company.
  • There are numerous discrepancies in the compensation structure.
  • Company registration is extremely unclear.  It is highly possible that is operating illegally.

Therefore, all of these reasons and other aspects of the company indicates that people should beware of investing in Centurion Network. In case it collapses, you will have to suffer huge financial losses. As an alternative to this company, you can check out the trustable and efficient crypto trading bots. These bots have very flexible account plans that allow you to trade crypto coins even with a little bit of investment. Hence, you can rely on the efficient customer support system and services of crypto trading bots to earn maximum profits.

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