Certified Profits Review – A Certified Scam?

Certified Profits Review – A Certified Scam?

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Certified Profits Review is the most ridiculous make-me-rich-quick scheme that has lately rocked the binary options trading scenes. You have to be very careful if approached with an offer to sign up for the Certified Profits software.

The presenter says that Certified Profits app is the greatest secret ever released to humankind, and that they are only accepting 500 individuals after which the video shall be pulled down immediately. Does this sound serious? Of course not. It sounds like an empty threat from a toothless barking dog. When will these scammers stop spewing white lies than even babies cannot believe?

Certified Profits software is not a worthy trading system, and here’s more evidence

This witty internet salesman definitely wants to create the impression that this is the single most important video presentation that you will ever watch in your life.

Once you land on this website (, you will be told how Certified Profits makes between $3,000-$10,000 of profit every day hands-free.

The presenter does not introduce himself, so we don’t know his name or anything else about his identity. Instead, he takes his audience straightaway to what he claims will change lives… but only if you are among the 500 people who have been selected.

He also reminds his viewers that if they are watching the presentation, it means they have been selected and qualified to join Certified Profits millionaire’s club. And it’s of course ‘free’ to become a part of that club because this life-changing robot does not come with a price tag on it.

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You are also not allowed to close that page until the presenter is done with the sales pitch.

Apparently, we were not aware of this, so we tried clicking away because it was clear that Certified Profits was just another nonsensical software. The usual ”keep your credit card away because am not selling you anything” cliche says a lot about a product even before you use it.

Once an internet marketer starts off a sales pitch with that kind of statement, you should close that page immediately and never bother giving them attention anymore.

So a pop up banner caught our attention as we tried closing this website. We were being alerted that if we never took action then, we would miss the free $15,000 that the presenter was giving away to everyone who watched that video.

So we decided to give it a chance, not because we believed in the $15k myth, but because we wanted to gather more evidence for purposes of exposing the scam.

One thing you should know is that this stranger is a pathological liar. He says that this video will be pulled down alongside your chance to make $10k a day.

Ask yourself… how many days will this domain be active with that video intact? According to records, this domain was registered and updated on 22,08,2017.

You can rest assured that this scam video will continue preaching the same message many months after now or as long as the owner of the website remains in the business of fleecing unsuspecting investors.

So, how is this software the real deal?

The anonymous presenter says that Certified Profits is a money-making secret that the entire world has never learned before.

Is there such a secret in the world? We doubt those claims.

But the most disturbing red flag here is that this presentation does not work with verifiable data. There is absolutely no information on the video or website that could be used to verify that indeed the ”owner” of this robot plus those who claim to have used it have been making millions.

Now, I know most investors who have never lost money online will question me on this since this video presentation shows a couple of bank statements or what they call ”evidence or proof” that the owner of this website is wealthy.

Certified Profits fake account statement

Certified Profits fake account statement

Certified Profits fake account statement

Let’s be clear on this: that the first screenshot was captured from the video, where the presenter claimed that Certified Profits makes up to $10,748 per day.

Does that screenshot look like a real document that can be used as evidence that this app makes that money?

What evidence is there that this is a real account with Option Rally broker? If we can’t find that information on the screenshot, then it’s plain simple. Never trust this crap.

The same thing applies to the second and third screenshots respectively. It’s so unfortunate that this guy was wasting his viewers’ time with a bunch of fake screenshots that have never been used or accepted as standard evidence that a trading system makes money.

Clearly some editing was done here. In the first and second screenshots, this scammer traded a demo account (which is programmed to win all trades and make abnormal amounts of profits in a short time). He then took screenshots and edited them where necessary. Unless investors who find this are very dumb, no one should take this as evidence that Certified Profits system works.

Flaunting the ”lifestyle”

The presenter says that he used to make $19 million in 1 year. Now he is making an unlimited amount of $$$ profits, thanks to Certified Profits.

Certified Profits scam

Certified Profits scam pictures

As you can see it in the screenshots above, this guy is really trying to show you that his life totally changed with this robot.

A model wife and expensive vacation destinations is the supposed lifestyle which he lives.

Holy crap. You cannot believe that this man lives such a life if he has not told you a grain of truth in that presentation.

We were never even told how Certified Profits works to make that crazy amount of money. In fact, this actor does not want anything to do with this question because it rubs him the wrong way.

If 90% of this presentation doesn’t even talk about the so-called Certified Profits and how it makes money, do you believe that this guy has the ‘secret’ that no one else has discovered? Why the strong focus on money and wealth instead of the thing that brought traders to that website?

Fake testimonials

After being fed with crap, this video introduced us to a few actors who claimed that their lives changed because of the Certified Profits system.

We knew that these were just claims since no evidence was presented to indicate that these people trade binary options for a living.

Fake budges

None of those badges which you see on the website are clickable. This is a pathetic scam because they claim that this system is certified or verified as authentic. But they never revealed the third party entity which was in charge of this verification process. Honestly, this is a typical scam.

The use of Geo-location widget and other marketing tactics

When you visit this site irrespective of where you are, the first announcement that you will see on the website is this: ”Make $3k from your country” (replace the word country with the name of your country).

That was used to create a local appeal. People are more likely to buy a product that has a local appeal compared to international products. Make a move at your own risk.

Our best advice for you

We are still retaining our list of popular binary options products. Forget Certified Profits scam because it’s a typical scam.

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