Charisma Finance Review: Scam Touting Total BS

Charisma Finance Review: Scam Touting Total BS

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Charisma Finance is a new crypto-currency trading firm that is soliciting investors to join them in order to make abnormal profits. The website alleges that they have made millions of successful trades ever since they came online, and that their customers are happy with the results.

Charisma Finance is allegedly comprised of a team of competent traders and information security experts who promise total security of funds that will ever go through their system.

There is more emphasis towards storing money rather than trading it. The length of time that investments take to mature range between 7 days to 105 days.

It’s upon the investor to choose their ideal plan and start investing. This is according to Charisma Finance website.

What makes us curious about this company is the potential returns which they are promising investors. Those numbers are big and not achievable in any legitimate trading operation.

For instance, the ultimate plan costs between 250-50,000 USD. This plan is promising a return on investment of 5000%.

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The question is, can you make that much within 3 months of trading? No way. There is no business on the planet that can make you that amount of money in such a short time.

In fact, we refuse to believe that Charisma Finance can make you 8% and 47% per day. They are offering three types of plans namely Life, Beautiful Life and Luxury Life.

But the ultimate question is, can you make such profits for doing nothing?

Charisma Finance review

When you look at the Charisma Finance website, you will see right away that their investment plans are not realistic in terms of what they are promising. It should be apparent to you that this is possibly a scam wanting to rip you off.

You see, anybody promising a daily return on investment of 47% after 105 days is definitely a scammer. There is no question about it.

These people are definitely big time liars who want to take advantage of the fact that many people don’t understand matters related to crypto-currency investments.

Charisma Finance plans and pricing

The first thing we notice from the above numbers is that they are not possible to achieve in any investment program. There is no magic in crypto-currency trading. So you cannot say that it is a form of investment that is more profitable than others, say Forex trading.

The one statement that we find not convincing is that they can yield massive profits while keeping risks to the minimum. If someone is going to yield a total return on investment of 5000% after 105 days, do you think they will be trading with low risk? There is no way this can happen. This is complete BS, and that’s all you need to know about these investment plans.

But Charisma Finance Limited is registered in the UK?

This year, there has been a surge of crypto-currency companies getting registration in the United Kingdom. We do not know why they prefer the UK as opposed to any other place. Maybe laws in this region of the world are favorable. We may never know.

The fact is that Charisma Finance Limited is a Ltd entity, meaning that it’s a registered company. Does this say anything concerning the legality of the business? We don’t think so.

The registration details which the website provides is for taxation purposes, and does not say anything concerning the legality of this business.

Furthermore, Charisma Finance Limited is so new with no history to assess. Moreover, when we checked out their registration details, we discovered that this company was registered under Management consultancy activities instead of financial management or services. This is strange because we know very well that Charisma Finance is dealing with investment activities. You deposit your money with them and they promise to trade it for profit on your behalf.

Charisma Finance incorrectly registered

So, why did they register the name of this company under management Consultancy activities? That’s because they were not willing to disclose their true intent to the authorities. It would potentially land them in trouble in the future. That’s the only logical explanation as to why this company was trying to cover up their activities by misleading authorities to think that they are a management constancy firm.

The bottom line is that Charisma Finance Limited is not allowed to provide financial services in any shape or form. If you check it out on the FCA register, you will get a confirmation of what is happening here.

And the fact that they are trading clients’ money without authorization from the FCA means that this business is illegal. These people are not ignorant at all. They know that this is an illegal business. The true intention is to rip off unsuspecting investors who think that money can come easy and for free as long as it is put in the ”right place”.

Any trading results

On this blog, we are very hard on trading results. We don’t endorse products when we have not seen satisfactory, verifiable trading records.

The problem with Charisma Finance Limited is that they are not being bothered with providing proof of trading activities, yet they want us to believe that they are actively trading.

The truth that we must all face

The ugly truth that we must all face is that Charisma Finance Limited is a ponzi scheme. They do not have anything to do with crypto-currency trading or mining.

What they are doing right now is to accept new deposits and even pay out a small sum of money out of those deposits.

The owner of this company is probably working as a one man army. They keep collecting money and stuffing it into their bank accounts. Even if they make a small payout from the deposit which they collect, they won’t go at a loss because at the end of the day, they will still have a big balance in their bank accounts.

Now, as you may have learned, Ponzi schemes ultimately fail. It is just a matter of time before Charisma Finance Limited will go on its knees.

And even if you manage to make some profits from this ponzi scheme, the fact remains that it will go down with other people’s money since we have seen evidence that it is an illegal operation.

Most ponzi schemes issue payouts in the beginning. So one may ask: ”why are they paying out if they are a scam?” The trick is simple. If you test me with a small deposit and I stick to my word, you will trust me with a bigger deposit next time.


Like sheep entering a slaughter house without knowing, the uncanny investor will quickly deposit and request a payout in curiosity. Sure, that request may be accepted. This investor will quickly make a huge deposit next time to reap even more profits in a short time. But that will never happen as far as ponzi scheme way of operation is concerned. They will never see that money again.

Our best advice for you

Charisma Finance Limited is doomed to fail and disappear with depositor money. There is no doubt about that. There are no crypto traders at all, just fraudsters who are busy collecting funds from members of the public in the pretense that they are a registered company. Sign up with these companies and start mining crypto-currency legitimately.

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  1. You can’t make the amounts of money that they claim you can make in 3 months. Seems like people are so desperate to get on the crytocurrency bandwagon cowboys like this exist to take advantage.

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