Cheapest Forex VPS: The Best Forex VPS Hosting Services

Cheapest Forex VPS: The Best Forex VPS Hosting Services

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If you’re just starting out in your trading career, you might wonder what a VPS is since this phrase is frequently used in website hosting, and not in Forex trading. So, what is Forex VPS and why does it matter as far as Forex trading is concerned?

Those are the main concerns that we will be tackling in this post. But first, we want to create a list of cheapest Forex VPS hosting (assuming that you know what Forex VPS service is and are looking to sign up right away. Here’s the table:

Hosting CompanyMT4Trial PlanPricingPayment Options
Pre-installedNo$99/6 monthsPayPal
Pre-installedYesStarts from $19.90/MoSkrill, PayPal
Pre-installed, cTraderYesStarts from $34.99/MoSkrill, PayPal

Moving forward, we’d like to discuss a few things about VPS services.

First of all, VPS means Virtual Private Server. More traders are now opting to use Virtual Private Servers on their PCs.

They are doing it to enable them have more control over their PC as far as trading is concerned on that computer. Secondly, they are doing this to overcome certain obstacles that usually impede the use of computers when trading with expert advisors.

In the recent past, we have researched and tested a number of expert advisors. We then compiled the most successful ones in a list for the convenience of our readers. So far, so good.

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However, one of the concerns here is that these expert advisors cannot work as efficiently until a VPS service is used alongside them.

In as much as some developers run their own private servers with their expert advisor so that the buyer would not need to invest in a separate VPS service, the truth is that most of them just sell you the software as is. This means that you have to find your own VPS to make the software work as efficiently as was intended.

There have been a range of concerns such as power failure, internet problems, physical difficulties, PC shut downs and many more.

Rest assured that these problems can fill up a long list because they are endless, plus every trader faces a unique challenge.

You see, your expert advisor must run full time as long as you’re trading the Forex market. If there is power interruption or anything else that makes it impossible to connect to the world wide web, then it means that the effectiveness of the expert advisor in question will cease to exist.

So these are the reasons why the use of Forex VPS have grown in popularity. A VPS service simply allows activities to go on even when interruptions like power outage, computer shutdown and many other issues have affected the operation of the PC that is being used at that particular moment.

Because these issues a threat to the business of Forex trading, every trader must ensure that they have an active subscription with their preferred VPS service provider.

Here at Valforex, we prefer and FXVM. We will actually be growing the above list as we discover more reliable and cheap Forex VPS services that have low latency, executes trades at the speed of light.

With every passing day, it becomes clearer that Forex traders are always looking to ensure that every action which is executed on their trading platform are still running and that their accounts as well as funds are safe. But that’s the reason why VPS services do exist.

Expert advisors and Forex VPS services

There are many factors that could lead to failure even if a trader was using a good expert advisor. In fact, not all complaints you hear and see on the internet about expert advisors are genuine.

You see, most genuine developers will test their EAs and tell you that their products can only work under certain market conditions.

For this reason, some of them will recommend trading with certain brokers whom they believe can provide these trading conditions.

Now, there is a big difference between a Forex broker who is doing this for their own selfish ambition and another broker who is asking you to sign up with a specific broker because they know their EA will work best with that broker.

There is something called latency. Latency is the worst enemy of a trader. But what exactly is latency? Latency is the time gap deference which occurs between you hitting the ”Buy or Sell” Button and the order getting executed at whatever market rate.

If this gap is extremely wide, it means that we are dealing with unfavorable spreads and therefore trading conditions for that matter.

It does not matter whether you’re using a good or bad expert advisor. If latency is high with the broker that you’re using, then chances are that your trading will suffer.

On the other hand, if latency is extremely low, you have the advantage of executing trades at favorable prices. The less the number of milliseconds you’re spending for your orders to reach the market, the more you’re becoming closer to making your profits. In fact, this can give you an edge over your competition in the Forex market. Thus a good expert advisor can only work efficiently when you have a good Forex VPS service running.

You must run your expert advisor alongside your Forex Virtual Private Server hosting as long as you want that software to run round the clock in tandem with your trading activities.

On top of this, you can avoid the hassle that comes with managing things on your home computer. In fact, you can control the number of expert advisors that you upload on your trading platform. In addition to this, you can have constant control of all your trades.

So, you choose whether optimizing trades via a VPS for Forex trading is better than choosing to go manual. Most traders will choose the latter anyway. We know that the number of manual traders is slowly decreasing by the day as things become even more automated, including trading.

One most important advantage is that your trades can run in an environment that assures 100% up-time. Now, unless you are a manual trader, chances are that you will need this like the air which you breath.

How it works

You’ll need to choose a suitable Forex VPS service. In this case, we have made work easier by compiling them in a list format above.

You will then upload your expert advisor swiftly and securely. If you are stuck along the way, the VPS service provider will do it for you.

Then company will then run your expert advisor with 24/7 monitoring and up-time. That means you can make money even when your computer breaks down. You can make money as long as the markets are open.

The activities of the expert advisor won’t be interrupted, so it’s free to open and close trades accordingly. Maybe this is the best thing that ever happened to traders who love automation because it saves time and eliminates worries.

So basically, you buy your favorite expert advisor, then connect it to any of our recommended Forex VPS services above, then choose your Forex broker and let everything run on autopilot.

The diagram above represents the actual thing in action. You can visualize it in your mind to understand how it works.

how forex vps works

So far, so good. But what else do you need to know? Perhaps you’d need to learn about who the good VPS service providers in the Forex industry are, plus how to find them.

Finding a good Forex VPS company

There are lots of factors that go into choosing companies that provide forex vps service. It’s therefore important that you choose carefully before renting one.

Thankfully, we made the work easier by doing this research on your behalf. The first thing that we checked was that the servers for these companies were safe and secure. That was the first concern, and since these companies passed the test, we moved to the second and third factors respectively. Here’s how we progressed.

(a) Some servers use Windows while others use Linux

We all know that these two operating systems are different in terms of features, advantages and disadvantages. A trader must only choose a server which they feel will suit their needs.

As far as operating systems are concerned, beginners need not to feel a little bit concerned because both of these operating systems ideally do the same thing. However, as you advance in your trading career, you may want to explore and know more about the differences, the advantages and setbacks. That is beyond the scope of this article.

(b) Choosing a server based on settings and configurations

You see, when we did a review of FXVM Forex VPS service, we talked about RAM, SSD and so on. These are basically features which vary with the package that you sign up for.

One trader would need more RAM space than the other simply because their expert advisors do not consume more resources. The same applies to a trader who chooses to go for a larger storage as opposed to smaller storage.

The thing is, the issue of settings and configuration is up to the trader’s needs. You choose one package over the other because of your unique needs.

RAM space, back-up, data transfer and many other features are factors that will depend on your needs.

(c) Choosing a dedicated Forex VPS provider or a web-host

Virtual Private Servers can be hosted by different kinds of companies that are not necessarily into Forex trading and applications.

Even your regular web host will sometimes provide virtual private servers for your trading. On the other hand, dedicated Forex VPS companies do exist, and they exclusively offer their services to Forex traders. They don’t mix this business with other things like hosting websites, applications etc.

You ought to know that these two options have advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you choose a Forex VPS company, rest assured that these folks already know the needs of Forex traders. They can even install your expert advisor and so on.

On the other hand, a regular hosting company will do a number of things at the same time. They are not dedicated to providing traders with a particular service.

The point is, don’t choose a company that does not have the required technical abilities to solve your problems. Don’t go for a company that does not have a reputation either. Reputation is factor, and it’s one of the things that we look into before recommending companies here.

Whatever direction you take, any forex VPS that stands these criteria could work well for you.

(d) Pricing

Now, pricing is subjective, and we know this already. But we will try as much as possible to approach it from an angle that everyone is comfortable with.

You see, if you can afford to buy an expert advisor worth $200, then we can’t see why you can’t afford a Forex VPS that comes with a monthly subscription of $19.

Generally, prices can vary from a few USD to hundreds of USD. This depends with the quality of the service, storage and other features.

You could go for a cheap Forex VPS hosting. You could equally go for costly VPS hosting if you have deep pockets. But at the end of the day, it boils down to your needs.

In fact, pricing should be your last consideration after seeing that every other requirement has been met. Do not look for pricing when you have not considered the factors which we talked about.

The best practice to maintain your Forex VPS

Once you have obtained your Forex VPS, there is nothing much to be done expect maintaining it. But how do you achieve this.

Well, the first thing is that you cannot go on a spree of trading carelessly while disregarding the status of your server.

Before you trade, you should check and see that no problems exist. Technical issues may arise in the process. You want to catch these before it’s too late.

Cheapest Forex VPS Hosting: Brief Review of the Best Forex VPS Hosting Services Available Today

#1  FXVM

Prides itself for being the best Forex VPS provider globally. When they offer you a rock-solid trading server, you can focus on trading because low latency is guaranteed at unbeatable prices. Definitely a worth while service.


Apart from having great plans for every trader’s need, this global Forex VPS company has the best support ever. Instant setup is the hallmark of their service when you purchase any of their plans. You also get automatic backup and web control panel. Definitely a must-have if you are a trader.


Contacting the Forex VPS company occasionally whenever you run into issues is always a good precaution. At the end of the day, you want smooth and safe trading, right? For this to happen, you’d need to take into consideration what we have just said.

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