Chesterland Credit Union Review: Is Scam?

Chesterland Credit Union Review: Is Scam?

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Chesterland Credit Union is a platform that operates like a financial institution and wealth management, which is privately owned. We will discuss this company thoroughly without any biasness. The company target all form of investors.

In their website, the solid-state they collect funds from both wealthy families and private clients. The financial institution brags that they offer first-class services without any discrimination. However, we do not recommend you deposit money in this bank as they are a fraudulent platform.

Chesterland Credit Union promise their customers’ that they will enjoy services like stability, safety, professionalism, as well as stability. We highly doubt they will keep their end of the bargain since they are a fraudulent company.

Furthermore, the FCA has issued a warning against the bank. It is not the kind of company that you should give a chance for they can steal all your money in a matter of seconds. Use these investment programs that are the best in the market.

Chesterland Credit Union Review

Chesterland Credit Union offers various services like a merger, portfolio management, acquisition, and brokerage. The shady bank targets investors from all over the world and insists that they provide their amenities for institutional and professional clients.

They additionally offer a settlement, trade executions, and custody.  The company has not had a very high reputation, but still, they claim that it will provide investors with advice on how to plan their finances and invest wisely.

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Chesterland Credit Union Review,Chesterland Credit Union Platform

Chesterland Credit Union portfolio includes bonds, commodities, structured, mutual funds, direct shares, and ETFs. The services they are offering need to regulated by the government all over the world. For them to gain the trust of investors, they will need to provide evidence that they are licensed.

The company features false information by stating the FCA regulates them. However, the Financial Conduct Authority has blacklisted the platform. With such a negative reputation, it would be unwise for you to venture into this company.

Despite the warning, the firm is still in operation. However, we can bet what will happen, they will exit, and those who deposit funds will lose it all. Keep off when you still can.

How Does Chesterland Credit Union Operate?

The platform is a jack of all trade. Everything you might need, they claim they will provide it to you. There is no specialization, and it shows how greedy the person the company is. They are even offering banking services.

To run lender financial services, they will need a proper license. The firm is breaking law recklessly without giving a hoot. It is also absurd that the platform avails insufficient information regarding their business model,

They do not discuss in detail what they do, how they do it. The only thing we could find is a generic registration number. You additionally cannot find Chesterland Credit Union online. The flags are too many to turn a blind eye on.

The company state that it has been in the market since the early 90s. However, we took it upon ourselves and searched on to find out when the platform was registered. To our surprise, the number does not add up since they are only a few years old. The firm will do anything to get the attention and trust of investors.

Chesterland Credit Union Ownership

The company is registered anonymously. We tried searching for its founder to no avail. They additionally do not mention anything in this regard. The Chesterland Credit Union does not have a company that oversees its operations.

They are working on their own accord. Moreover, there is also no information on the people who are working in this pyramid scheme. They are determined not to leave any trace. The platform brags that they have an expert team of managers who have years of experience as investors and traders in various markets.

Unfortunately, Chesterland Credit Union does not provide any data to prove its allegations. No portfolio showcases their qualification. We find it strange that the financial institution does not see the need to credit their employees unless there is no team involved.

The financial narrative of this company looks vague in aspect. We do not buy their story, and their web content looks fluffy. You can smell shadiness and dishonesty throughout the website. No one can support Their claims.

Investment involves the hard-earned money of customers. Chesterland Credit Union lacks professionalism and exposes you to multiple risks. We additionally believe there are no investment services taking place in the firm.

There is no sense of trust, and we urge all to keep off when they still can. They should be more confident to show their leadership team as well as the founder of transparency’s sake. The only reason companies operate in this manner and uphold anonymity is to avoid being put behind the bar.


Chesterland Credit Union is an unregulated platform. The financial institution is operating against the law. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not license the company. The need to work legally because they are collecting funds from a member of the public in the UK.

They promise those who deposit funds into their system a certain amount of ROI. The platform indicates on their website their office address is at Abbey House, 32 Booth Street, Manchester M2 4QP, UK.

We cannot verify this is their actual location, but we highly doubt their allegations. The platform also displays their registration document, which indicated they are registered under corporate number 672756 in England and Wales.

It does not mean much when an investment company has a registration document. The form is cheap, and you can easily access it. What you should be checking for is if a platform is regulated by the renowned financial regulatory bodies in the world.

Funds Safety

The company does not offer fund safety, and we are sorry to break it down to you, but if you cash in your money, there is no possible way of getting it back. You will only face serious problems, distress, and agony.

You don’t deserve that, and that is why you will have to keep off Chesterland Credit Union; their only interest is to get their filthy hands on your cash. It would help if you did not give them that chance.

They claim to be a banking platform; they should know better that they need to observe the law. Regardless they do not have any license from the government to run their financial activities. They will ask you to share your personal information with them.

 If you do, you can expect anything, them being a Ponzi scheme, they will defraud you, and even worst, they will use your data against you. Once you deposit, you will lose power on your money. Keep in mind that the pyramid scheme is not based in the UK.

You will trust anonymous people whom you do not know their withdrawal requirements. The data on their website is inadequate, and it leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. To top up the list, remember the FCA has issued a warning against them.

Final Verdict

Chesterland Credit Union is a company that is running illegally. For the sake of your safety and sanity, keep off all their activities. There are better investment companies in the industry that can help you attain your financial goals. If you have any doubts regarding an investment platform, you can always email us to get honest, unbiased reviews.

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