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Choice eCredit Online is a supposed credit exchange where investors are promised a daily ROI of 3%. If this site is genuine, it could be the best opportunity for earning easy money. But unfortunately, it is not that easy, and things start to get very ugly when we dig deeper to find out what the site is offering and whether members are truly earning. We also suspect that Choice eCredit Online does not have a verified income source. Yes, we know they are claiming to connect lenders with borrowers. But how safe is this site? And what guarantees do members have that funds will be handled professionally and that people will not lose their funds through the site?

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Choice e-credit online Review

On the sales of Choice eCredit Online, we learn that the business has been in operation for 10 years. However, when we analyze this domain, we realize that it was created in May 2018 and not 10 years ago. This disparity in what the site says and what records of their domain registration depict means that either the site is lying about its creation date or is not being accurate. We know that the former is true since cannot mislead.

According to the details of the site, we learn that Choice eCredit online is supposedly a US based financial company which has specialized in dealing with electronic credit finance loans.

The site offers 3 types of investment products which include credit exchange, Grant A credit and of course the last product being functional management. The company is promising a daily return of between 2-3%, which is just too good to be true. In fact, this is the reason we’ve decided to analyze the service to let you know whether or not Choice eCredit online is a genuine income earning opportunity.


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To participate, members are required to part with $7,000 and maximum of $300,000. The more one invests into this program, the higher the ROI can get. Choice eCredit online tells us that they are working with many partners, thus investment terms are friendly. In addition to this, they claim that interests are quite affordable. These are some of the reasons as to why the site believes you should do business with them.

They also believe that they are a flexible financial system where investors thrive on a win win relationship. The focus is to connect lenders with borrowers. When a transaction takes place, the company takes its cut which is 25% of what the lender receives.

More about the business

The business idea sounds genuine because indeed people can make money by lending others on interest. To get in touch with the operators of Choice e-credit online, the site has published a phone number, an email address and a Telegram link which can be used to contact them in case clients have questions.

The phone number which they are giving here also suggests that the business could be based either in the US or Canada. This is in line with the claim that Choice e-credit online is based in the US. The main form of business here is lending and earning based on the interest that is generated through the loan.

Choice e-credit online assures investors than in the event that a borrower defaults on the loan, they will assume full responsibility to repay the defaulted amount. This is assured by the condition which the website has put in place before people can ask for loans.

To apply for a loan, borrowers must sign up and choose a lender based on the contract terms. In addition to this, the site tells us that they do not have any hidden fees. We need to confirm this by actually utilizing the service to see if indeed there are no hidden fees.

Now, let’s take a look at all the potential red flags that have riddled this site. After all, any site that promises 3% a day is suspicious since this amount cannot be sustained in the long run.

The red flags

Choice eCredit online has a business idea that sounds quite legit. However, there are certain red flags in this business that are making it look like a ponzi scheme.

The first indicator that this might be a ponzi scheme is the fact that they are demanding $50 as minimum investment and promising to pay full interest in 7 days. In order to make payment on this site, they require investors to do so in BTC, Eth and all the other common methods which are associated with ponzi schemes. 

There are 3 packages namely Credit Exchange, Grant a Credit and Functional Management. If you choose Credit Exchange package, the amount you will pay will vary depending on payback date and other factors. The company also claims that they are returning the original deposit when the interest cycle has come to completion.

In the second investment package called Grant a Credit package, the same factors still apply. However, interest duration is calculated in 7 to 95 days. When the investment period has come to a conclusion, clients who have invested in this package will allegedly return the original deposit.

Ultimately, those who can fork out between 5K-300K can opt for the third investment plan called Functional management. This plan has different conditions though. At the end of the day, no reimbursement will be available at the end of the investment cycle. However, the invested capital is supposed to be returned.

And of course No reimbursement deals with money matters, and in the US, this kind of business is regulated. Lenders operate like banks, and so they must be regulated in one way or the other.

Our best advice for you

We are seated on the fence when it comes to deciding whether Choice eCredit online is legit or scam. Although they have deceived us about their registration date, the business idea seems valid. Maybe they need to iron out a few issues before we can trust them. For now, just make money with these resources.

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  1. Bueno, Ellos tienen otra plataforma donde dicen que otorgan los créditos y dan respuesta en un mes a las solicitudes. Llenando un formulario con varios requisitos. que opera desde 2016 y en mayo de este año fue que abrieron dato también a a***izar que sería interesante. Gracias.

  2. I know that their registration document shows May 30th 2018 but they also display other documents as far back as 2010. Maybe they have to renew registration every year which wouls explain the situation?

  3. Trang wed bị bảo trì khi nào khác phục vậy. Cho mình thời gian được không . Xin cảm ơn

  4. Professional scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The website is no longer there. My money is gone. How I wish these guys can be caught

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