Clay Trader Is Scam: Clay Trader Details in This Review

Clay Trader Is Scam: Clay Trader Details in This Review

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Today we are focusing on Clay Trader, a website which can be found at Although ”Trader Clay” is honest, humble and professional in his entire website presentation, there are certain things that we do not like about him. We certainly like his visually impressive website, plus the way he arranges information in that site is just awesome.

Clay is also honest about himself, although he refused to verify that he is a real full time trader. He further refuses to cooperate when asked to produce evidence of the existence of a live trading account under his name.

clay trader review

”Trader Clay” does not have a proven track record of making a nickel in the market. Instead of presenting his proof as to why we should buy his products, Mr. Clay just assumes that his clients will trust him. But that is where we have a problem with Clay Trader.

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Clay Trader review

This guy sells a number of trading paraphernalia on his site. Of course he also has training for anyone who is willing to be taught how to trade like Wall street fellows. He also sells robots and trading indicators whose prices can range from $29 all the way to $297.

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His most expensive trading course is priced at $1,997. This is the price which you pay for attending the ultimate trader University at Clay Trader. On the other hand, access to the live chat room will cost you $100 per month.

As you can see, this ‘trading school‘ isn’t one of the cheapest to attend. And by the way, this guy also claims that he is selling video trading products priced at $395.

We must also admit to the fact that we have never seen any of these videos. If they do exist, we cannot tell. On the other hand, if they don’t exist, well and good. It will confirm what we are about to say in this review.

Let’s discuss a few things about the site. First off, you realize that the site is clean and very professional. The website has a nice logo and good professional graphics which are also accompanied by eye-catching graphics.

This website does not have spelling errors. In addition to this, ”Trader Clay” provides us with a link to his high traffic YouTube channel.

The thing is, this website should be modeled by anyone looking to sell a product on the internet. However, the one thing we could not lay our hands on was the track record of the owner.

clay trader review

Seeking to find Clay’s track record

We felt that this trading educator had to be investigated because what you see is not always what you get. In as much as the website is professional and easy to read and interact with, that may not give the true reflection of what you will get when you finally pay the ultimate price of attending the so-called Clay University.

The one important thing to look at when approaching a ‘trading educator’ is their track record and whether or not they trade on a frequent basis. If they do trade, they must produce their track record. And if they produce anything in form of trading statements, those must be verified too.

Only one thing matters in this business. We as consumers are only looking to purchase products from trading educators who actually trade what they teach. We are only willing to risk our money on trades when we have verified that this particular trading educator trades and makes consistent profits. Otherwise, it does not matter how much their products or services go for. We will not buy.

Furthermore, we only need to be sure that the trading educator is being honest with us. This way, we can be sure that they are giving us a fair chance to survive the unforgiving currency market.

In as much as we don’t expect to make profits immediately when we start out as newbies, we do want to only follow someone who trades.

Now, this request should be very simple to understand. You would not even think for a second that it would create a fuss.

Disturbing Mr. Clay of Clay Trader

We at Valforex sometimes love to disturb the nonsense out of these so-called Trading educators.

This is actually the main driving force that pushes us towards approaching these ‘trading gurus’ to ask them of their trade performance. We have done the same with Clay Trader as well.

Our requests are often humble and straight to the point. In this case, we started the sentence with something like, ”Hey Clay, I find your website interesting. Would like to buy your product or service. But before that, I want to ensure that am making a purchase from someone who has been enjoying trading success.”

Then Clay would reply with very well crafted messages. He would reply that Clay Trader teaches fellows how to fish and not how to serve fish.”

We would then insist that we have $2000 which we want to spend on all his trading products. But we need to first ensure that they do implement what they teach. Remember that this is the price of attending the so-called Clay University.

Seeing that we were persisting, he stopped responding to any messages that we sent him.

Sometime last month, we decided to rattle him a little bit. So we sent messages to him requesting for his trading performance statements. We used different email addresses to conceal our identity. This was to establish whether Clay was honest and willing to help new traders.

Despite using different aliases to poke Clay (an exercise which we enjoy partaking in), this guy responded swiftly with the same message over and over again. He must have some patience because in all the replies, he never attempted to bullshit with us.

However, one we realized was that Clay was not going to provide any of his account statements showing his trading performance since he does not trade but teaches how to trade instead.

Finding the truth in Clay Trader

Finally, after provoking this guy until he lost his cool, we found the truth. Clay actually confessed that he was an average guy who enjoyed teaching for the money. He admitted that he was not making any claims of earning dollars of cash at Clay Trader.

This guy actually claimed that he was not even telling his followers that he trades with any precision. In other words, he was admitting that he makes his money from teaching and that he is not a trader.

This level of honestly left us speechless because indeed Clay Trader website does not have any screenshots of supposed trading activities from Clay.

We mentioned that Clay Trader has a YouTube page. And in as much as this YouTube page talks about trading, Clay has never said that he trades personally.

Our best advice for you

It is difficult to come across people who are honest. The owner of Clay Trader is one of a kind. Am sure you know why we will not be recommending his products/services, although people still buy his products like there is no tomorrow. Let’s agree on one thing. Minus trading performance, no forking out money to buy a trading product. As always, our list of trading products come handy.

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7 Replies to “Clay Trader Is Scam: Clay Trader Details in This Review”

  1. I get in with an annual suscription for $99.00 and I don’t learn nothing new, it’s a chat room with bulls***, and asked him some question and he told me the answer of that was in his CLAY UNIVERSITY, and me, WTF, well the fault was mine for purchase his service, just let the subscription expired with the year ends and then I make my money for my own

  2. Seems like B.S. to me…by that I am referring to this article and not Clay. I’m and experienced day trader, I’ve seen some of his stuff, he teaches accurate concepts and strategies. Not many traders, even the best ones, are an open book. If you are going to pay for the service, read the material. Dont expect someone to walk you through it step by step, holding your hand. Do you buy a car and then not drive it if the salesman isn’t with you?

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