ClickFlow Life Review: Is A High-Risk Ecommerce Ponzi?

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ClickFlow Life Review: Is A High-Risk Ecommerce Ponzi?

ClickFlow Life is a push-to-action e-commerce button claiming to offer rewards. Our review exposes the risks of this app to traders.

The platform recently popped up and claimed to offer over 300% ROI in affiliate bonuses and commissions. And so, we dug deeper into the fray and found some of the facts disturbing, to say the least.

ClickFlow Life Review: Beware of this Ponzi scheme

ClickFlow Life is a platform pushed by marketers in Asia and the Middle East. From the YouTube marketing video, we can see, that Mohammed Ali is the main promoter of the project. He runs the Money Mate YouTube channel which promotes MLM products and services.

Mohammed also goes by the street name Ali Bhai and hails from India. The Middle East is becoming a haven for Crypto MLM products and we believe the owners reside there. There’s more to just earning through this click flow life button.

The platform claims to offer ROI for links to e-commerce products in the region. And this is one of the main reasons why we have to expose some of the risks involved. The fact of the matter is, ClickFlow Life is after something else.

No one is willing to give away their funds for just pushing users to click on products on a website. If we didn’t know better, ClickFlow Life is a website used to push traffic to these commerce websites.

Here’s our truthful Click Flow Life Review.

A Brief Outlook of ClickFlow Life

It’s even worse than a basic website as investors only get a homepage with login and Sign up call to action. There’s no detailed explanation of what the platform actually offers to investors. And this is where we must draw the line.

The platform claims to enjoy the full perks, members must make an initial deposit of 199 USDT. With this amount, you will have access to tons of e-commerce websites where you click and earn from the links directed.

It all sounds too good to be true which is the case as the website’s owner is only driving traffic to these commerce websites. And guess what, no one actually gets to withdraw funds or any ROI generated from the activity.

When asked about the viability of the project, Mohammed Ali claims this was merely a promotional video. There’s no way the platform would boost your income by clicking on eCommerce projects.

However, Mohammed insists he takes on such projects to keep his YouTube account going. As such, he has been marketing such products in the past. The promoter even claims the owners reached out with a promise of making $60K from his affiliate.

He only received $5K and hasn’t heard from the owners yet with the project still underway. According to Mohammed, he was to get paid at the end of the month which was not the case. And this is the plea every member faces once they sign up and pay the initial fee.

What we see is a platform hell-bent on taking advantage of naïve investors using clicks. This is not the first of such Crypto MLM click-a-button Ponzi schemes. Sadly, no one knows the culprits behind the project.

How do you lose funds with ClickFlow Life?

Chances are, the platform is generating real revenue from the traffic paid by the e-commerce websites. The only difference is that they are using you to increase the traffic and won’t pay a dime for it.

Another aspect to look at is the people whom you influence to buy products from such websites. Some of the e-commerce websites offer large sales bonuses to only fail to deliver the paid products.

It’s a case we have seen many times before and we hope it’s the last one. The platform claims to help retail traders place orders and get paid for it. With investors clicking more to earn commissions, so does the traffic numbers increase for the ecommerce website.

We noticed the ecommerce website in question does have Chinese and Russian codes. It’s what we call a floating website that mimics a real website. The only difference is that it has several domains under it.

Furthermore, those who sign up should realize clicking a button and placing an order doesn’t equate to a genuine customer. There’s more to it as the app’s code is trying to gain access to your crypto wallet.

Yes, such apps will likely be targeting Crypto wallets pinned on your browser or mobile phone. We’ve seen such apps before including DF Mall, eBayShop, and GMB Group. All these are failed click a button Ponzi schemes.

At the end of the day, the click a button website and its ecommerce domain disappear. Once they have your personal and wallet information, the owners disable the website. And this means embers facing a risk of losing everything with the platform.

The Chinese syndicate behind this platform has been targeting Eastern Europe. And the plague seems to have swept across most of Asia.

Scammed by ClickFlow Life or any other Click-A-Button Ponzi scheme?

Hundreds of investors have fallen victim to such scams before, and we know why. Most are enticed by the possibility of making easy money by simply clicking a button. And this is why we have to expose such platforms.

The owners know for a fact that there are investors looking to quickly double their funds. And as such, they blindly sign up to these false assumptions. We know for a fact that the platform is actually making funds from the paid subscription.

There’s a fee to pay to start earning funds with the project. Through backend, the owners will increase your account balance with every click. Please remember that these are dummy accounts easily manipulated by admins.

As a result, investors are led to believe they are actually earning from the clicks. And to top it all off, the platform even invites you to open multiple accounts as long as you individually pay for each.

Promoters of ClickFlow Life

You’ve got to watch out for these get rich quick schemes targeting naïve investors. The platform is barely giving investors any relevant information on the project. Anonymity and lack of transparency should be key pointers to abort such projects.

Sadly, there are promoters such as Mohammed Ali who will push such projects just to get paid. He doesn’t care about the consequences and all he wants is to get paid for his deeds. And this is why he’s no better than the scammers.

If the platform was that legit, why would they need you to ‘pay’ for a subscription fee? Sign up would’ve been free if the platform was legit. This is how you know such projects are full of crap and no insight.

Customer Complaints and User Experience ClickFlow Life

Hundreds of customers have come out and requested a change in their lifestyle after the platform duped them. Most paid the price and wasted hours clicking just to see their account balance grow.

And when they requested withdrawal, the platform failed to offer much in terms of authenticity. In fact, the platform demanded users to pay an extra amount for the platform to process withdrawals. A classic Ponzi scheme move.

Our Verdict

It’s clear we’re dealing with a rogue investment platform failing to offer much in terms of authenticity. Please ensure you stay away from such projects in the future.

Chances of earning passive income are available with legit projects offering realistic returns.

Please do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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