Clueless 8 Review: Is Scam?

Clueless 8 Review: Is Scam?

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Clueless 8 is a very fancy day and swing trading school which is presented in form of a website rather than a physical classroom. And in as much as we are not recommending this trading school either, we can comfortably state that the owner does not promise overnight riches. They don’t make claims which are untrue. Also, their YouTube channel is really useful for newbies looking forward to starting their journey in trading.

Now, the downside is that the owner doesn’t want to disclose their trading performance. The owner cannot produce records of his trades

This entrepreneur can probably trade successfully. However, we do not know to what extent he can trade and make money.

Secondly, they need to improve on transparency and precision when it comes to trade recommendations.

clueless 8 review

Clueless 8 Review

The most important thing to take note of here is that this website sells trading advisory services. The problem is that they don’t provide specific entry and exit points for their trades.

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They sell their services under various plans for the price of between $40 and $80 per month. The basic plan is known as silver, and it allows a subscriber to read their blog and watch daily and end-of-the week trading videos.

The Gold package goes for $60, and it allows subscribers to gain access to a private Twitter feed and a live chat. In addition to this, the plan offers its users access to a basket of stocks that are preferred by Clueless 8.

clueless 8 review and plans

And finally, the ultimate plan which costs $80 per month provides half an hour phone session as well as weekly webinars teaching various aspects of stock trading.

So far, Cluesless8 has not released any official trading record for their activities.

A simple internet search reveals that this domain has been active for the last 2 years. They’ve got 21k Stock Twit followers and a very small number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We’ve been receiving requests to review this specific company called Clueless 8. Over the months, it became increasingly clear that our readers really wanted us to review this website.

You see, there are literally thousands of such kinds of websites littering the world wide web. These websites are looking to get a piece of the pie that the market is offering them in form of naive traders who have money and are ready to ”learn how to trade Forex, stocks and Binary options”.

So far, we have established a number of things concerning Clueless 8. For instance, we have established that the owner is called FrankR. At least that is what he claims his name is on his LinkedIn profile.

Now, his last name has not been revealed either on LinkedIn and on his website where he sells his trading products.

So we used our top-notch snooping tools to identify this guy. But because they wish to remain anonymous, we will just respect their wish for now. However, we can confirm that this guy is indeed a graduate from Boston University.

Trying out the membership package

When we find an opportunity to participate in a trading advisory website, the first thing that we always look for is evidence of live trading activity. We wanted evidence and an official track record of the moderator as well as details for each one of the trades that he has called out so far.

Why do we put these tough requirements before writing a positive review of a trading product? Well, it’s because we do mind our readers. And the only way to be sure that what you are recommending is not a fraud is by asking the owner to give you their personal trading record.

Many of these so-called trading vendors will claim that they make 100K per month trading stocks or Forex with no single month of loss, and that if you only pay them $100 per month, they will show you this secret.

Most of these guys are full of pure bullshit. However, with this specific website that we are reviewing now, this is not the case. Their trade recommendations are posted on their live Twitter feed, and no element of exaggeration is involved here.

The next step was to spend some time watching Frank’s videos on YouTube. These videos supposedly talk about trading. So we wanted to hear him talk about trading so we could make an informed judgement on the quality of his lectures.

Now, we realize that Frank does not fantasize on trading. He does not talk about the castle he acquired with his supposed trading profits. He does not talk about luxurious cars or anything like that.

Contrary to what we had expected, we found that these videos were entertaining and sort of useful to those who were looking to at least learn for free.

Moving forward, we spent some time on Frank’s Stock Twits page. Here, we realized that this page was filled with different charts, overlays, indicators and general commentaries on what he was thinking about particular markets.

In short, there was nothing extra-ordinary. However, we were able to detect some overlap between this page and their Twitter private page.

Honestly, we do not understand why this overlap is existing in the first place.

We also noticed that Frank of Clueless 8 was putting more emphasis on trade recommendations. There was nothing in form of trades being called out so followers can jump on the bandwagon.

He does note engage in ”buy here and sell there” type of commentary, unlike most of his counterpart ”trading gurus”.

Now, the Twitter page for Clueless 8 does not contain very useful information which a stock trader can act on. His Twitter romps simply don’t make sense because he keeps telling people to monitor key zones because a large reversal candle has formed? You get the idea? Just general commentary that me and you can never act on because we don’t know how to.

The bottom line is that Clueless 8 website does not give precise instructions on what traders should do. This is not how things should be done because traders really thrive with good results only if the mentor is specific. They could say enter at price X and get out at price Y. But don’t say enter at zone X and get out at zone Y because this is considered generalities.

But all in all, we did not notice anything in form of tricks or marketing hype that sometimes characterize fake trading schools.

Personal trading record

Of course we were going to speak to the owner of Clueless 8 at some point. You know why? When someone comes across as an expert in a certain niche, they should be able to prove how successful they are.

We spoke with this guy through email as usual. We wanted to know why someone was supposed to join Clueless 8 as opposed to any other trading school. We specifically wanted to know why Clueless 8 was charging a fee to give traders commentaries on various markets.

Then finally, we wanted to know if Frank was keeping his personal trading records for that matter. You know Frank of Clueless 8 should have these records, and even produce them on demand.

Our best advice for you

We are a little bit disappointed with Clueless 8 because our expectations were not met. Frank doesn’t have a track record of trading. All he is giving is excuses. Stay away. If you want real trading, just use these products.

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