CMS Prime Review: Forex Broker Scam

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CMS Prime Review: Forex Broker Scam

CMS Prime ( is another Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex trading world. CMSPrime is purporting provide direct pricing from top tier liquidity providers from over 100 top tier banking institutions. CMS PRIME claims to be experienced, fair, and transparent and that’s why we had to investigate. Complains have been sent to us by users who lost funds with CMSPRIME. Read this entire detailed review of CMS Prime.

CMS Prime Review

CMS Prime Review:

What this broker is purporting to provide is a chance for users to trade online Forex, shares, and equities. Claims of providing the best trading conditions with low tight spreads can be seen all over. What these scammers have done is to create a website that’s enticing to the eye. With moving images and shouting banners, this website looks good at first glance. Warning to readers is that there’s more than meets the eye.

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Claims and promises are another bag of tricks that scammers use to entice newbie investors. Users who sign up with CMSPRIME are promised to trade with leverage of up to 1:500 and no commissions. Stay away from unsuspecting Forex brokers who promise heaven only to deliver hell. Complaints received by users are growing by the day and that’s why we have to expose this broker. Read this entire review and find out the tricks used by these fraudsters.

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Who Owns CMS Prime?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, Capital Markets Solution Inc owns CMSPRIME. What we found odd with this brokerage firm is the level of anonymity involved. Have you noticed that there’s no real name mentioned about the actual people who run this platform? Anonymity is a dangerous character to associate yourself with. CMS Prime is filled with anonymity which is a dangerous broker.

Who is the CEO or CFO of this company? Lack of this vital information is proof enough that we are dealing with a scam. They also claim that the mother company is regulated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. With this statement, this broker clearly reveals that they are offshore based. Offshore brokers are notoriously known to flaunt set regulations and rules. This means that partnering with them will lead to financial losses.

Is CMS Prime Licensed or Regulated?

CMS Prime Scam

What we found disturbing with this broker is using fake credentials. If you look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, you will see a certain number. 24495 IBC 2018 is supposedly the licensing and regulation number they use.  A random number has been used to seduce investors into believing this is a legit broker.

There’s no regulatory body or institution that has come forward and backed licensing CMSPRIME. What this means is that anyone who signs up with this broker is at risk of losing funds. Offshore brokers will close down shop at any given time without issuing any notice to users.

Fake Demo Account.

Another disturbing detail that we feel must be exposed is the use of a fake demo account. These scammers have rigged the demo account in favor of users. Now, one might think that this is a good thing, it’s not. Let’s us explain why these scammers rig their demo account. Signing up with a demo account will reveal that trades are over 90% successful. And this is where the scammers will set the trap.

Any newbie traders who see that they are making over 90% successful trades will want to mirror the results. And this is where they make the mistake of signing up with a real account. As soon as users deposit money with this broker, that’s when they lose money.  Signing up with CMS Prime is a horrible decision.

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Deposit and Withdrawal.

And this is probably what the scammers got right. Depository channels available include MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and Visa. And this is exactly what these scammers are after. They want users to have no excuse when asked to deposit. And this is where the problem starts; withdrawing money becomes a huge problem.

Most of the complaints we received had one thing in common, no means of withdrawing. When users want to withdraw money, they receive one excuse. And this is why no trader should sign up with this broker.

Are Funds Safe with CMS Prime?

CMS Prime Fake Review

With all the negative feedback on the web, our investigation reveals that funds are not safe with CMS Prime. There are a lot of discrepancies that come with security of funds. Have you noticed that there’s no information regarding their banking partner? Where do they bank money deposited by users? It’s highly possible that users are depositing money straight to owner’s personal bank account.

When it comes to segregation of accounts, CMSPrime is not following the required protocol. What this means is that CMS Prime is pooling funds in one account. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose your funds without warning.

No Live Chat Support.

A broker who claims to have the best trading conditions and robust technology, live chat is unresponsive. . How can this broker fail to offer live chat support? What we found disturbing with this broker is the fact that they are harvesting data. Leaving your email address gives them data to send their marketing propaganda offsite, beware!

Platform Used.

According to their platform page, this broker has an online trading platform. Users can also download the platform on desktop as well as mobile. And this is what we did to test their platform. Download stalled at 40% which spells doom for all users. This means that users are dealing with an unstable platform. Stay clear from this broker.

Is CMS Prime a Scam?

Without a shadow of doubt, CMS Prime is a scam that’s waiting to pounce on newbie traders. From the level of anonymity to using fake credentials, this is surely a scam. Make sure to warn your friends and relatives from signing up with this broker. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent. With this is mind, resist any attempts or calls to sign up with their affiliate programs.

CMS Prime Final Verdict.

CMS Prime Scam Review

Only one option left is to add CMSPRIME to our scam blacklist. Authorities are asked to look into this broker and shut their operations down. This is the only way to make sure this broker does not steal from traders.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

31 Replies to “CMS Prime Review: Forex Broker Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. I have been doing the forex trading for some time now and the type of features and interface cmsprime provides, it really helped me in getting better and success in the forex market.

  3. Its a Nice Trading platform, My experience with CMS Prime has been positive. They Provided me excellent customer service and trading conditions which helped me a lot in trading in the forex market successfully.

    1. Trading platform is provided by Metaqoute not them ! Look at their slippages ! And how they are playing with trades lol it’s funny when you write this !! Are you client ? I have doubt !!! As a client I know many others who has same complains they ever have undergoing cases !! Owner is big time wanted every where !!! Self called CEO is partner in crime with owner !!! Just little market research will reveal every thing !! Do you want all clients name who was having experience with them ? Let them tell you how they lost money with them !!

  4. My Experience with CMS Prime has been positive for a very long time now and I have been trading in the forex market since 2012.
    I find their customer support excellent and trading cost very competitive among the best forex trading platform out there. As per my experience, it’s a good forex broker to trade with.

    1. Do you really tried them ? I bet you don’t know them … every single client complaining! They are pretending that all trades go to the LP such a joke !!! They are playing with trades to push clients losing their money ?‍♀️

  5. They are absolutely scam small research will reveal everything !!! No license no regulatory ! Bad spreads !!! If you put money with them define you they make you lost since they are pure bbook !! They are widening spreads purposely to make clients lose money !!

  6. CMS Prime is a well-known and regulated forex broker making it a safe broker (low-risk) for trading forex and CFDs. According to my experience with CMS Prime, it is the best in class forex broker in the offering of investments, platform and Tools, Education, and Mobile trading.
    With a wide range of markets available, CMS Prime’s multi-asset offering makes it one of the best forex broker out there.

    1. What is the regulation !!! Lol which regulatory ? Either you don’t know or you are one of them! They have single office in Dubai and not regulated !! Ask them for any license under their name !

  7. CMS Prime im trading with them since 5 Month they provide excellent customer service, very low spread and yes their availability anytime when I needed them, I will definitely recommend them to all traders

  8. Better to read this before start , my clients and I lost lots of money because of amount of slippage and huge spreads .. they are 100% BBOOK Broker and all money goes to their pocket directly they make clients lose by force nothing is transparent with them ask the what type of license they have to not repeat my mistake … they even dont have any regulatory you might find have diffrent experience which i really hope but please be caution when you want to open account with unregulated broker since you cannot take complain anywhere …

  9. I got almost everything at a particular place, good supportive team, security, trustworthiness, and finally a perfect trading platform. CMS Prime is one of the best forex broker. I am pretty much impressed with their ways and I truly suggest CMS Prime to try for forex trading.

  10. I have been delighted with the CMS Prime security and customer services. I experienced deposit and withdrawal methods of CMS Prime very easy to access. Generally, it is very complicated in other websites or application but CMS Prime gives you a very positive experiences when it comes to such methods.

  11. Big scam .. But this time I will get my money back … They cannot keep cheating people?any one knows where are they base? what licenses they have? who is owner? why they are playing with clients trades? why manipulating trades?

  12. Thank you for your transparency and letting people to say their experience . Luckily I never had experience with this prime since I only go after regulated and license broker unfortunately friend of mine has very bad experience with them specially during the news time or weekend , seems they take opportunity to stop our trades with spikes and widening spreads. This act is very common between unregulated brokers like CMS.

  13. Seriously ? Good I found many ones agree to me here ! Yes bro they pushing clients to lose money ! Simply offshore broker ! How much they bought their license for ? 1000$ ? Big time scam tell me how you can give huge spike in gold and blame the Liquidity Provider ! Wish if I found this page earlier

  14. I don’t know CMS but if offshore broker don’t even think to get close to them … all of them with out exception are scam !

  15. No single person is happy with them and they are under investigation many cases against them since they are scam and illegally cooperate in UAE their aim is collecting money ! I found many more d***y information about them no one can believe ! From the way they cheat people to make money ! To the crappy owner and games he play to cheat everyone

  16. No single person is happy with them and they are under investigation many cases against them since they are scam and illegally cooperate in UAE their aim is collecting money ! I found many more d***y information about them no one can believe ! From the way they cheat people to make money ! To the crappy owner and games he play to cheat everyone

  17. Please be aware of scams ! I see people from their side are posting here support this people , they are clearly doing money laundry with no doubts and no single regulatory ! Don’t get scam by them ! They are extremely dangerous people stay away since they might scam you and you lose all your money with them !!!

  18. Scam , owner him self is scam the guy introduce him self as CEO is scam No regulatory no license no real office everything is fake !!! They will run away very soon !! They give shadow to not let client make money that’s very common game for them … if you think worth to try go and try !!!

  19. we opened account with them few year back with promise of best spread and best execution ! they ever kept their promises for various reason and related it to the market, who had account with them before already know how they scam people , with giving credit they open a way to trap you then they put you in trouble by playing with spreads and execution they dont let you make money because they want to own what ever money you have with them… you see very often error in their server and spike because they want you to get liquidate very fast … then they dont call small clients they only call big clients for apologies , they are happy with money they make on small clients but they want to keep big clients to keep bring money to them so they call them to bring stupid excuses… don’t get trapped by them … i know at least 10 people big investors they got trapped in their d***y game and they lost big big money … owner is thief his self appointed CEO is thief and of course later we came to know unlike what they are pretending they have no single regulatory even ! if it worth try them

  20. Ask them where is their regulatory ? Why they are playing with spreads and giving many slippages ? Where does the owner takes client money ? To buy more cars and live more luxury !!! They are trap for poor innocent people who doesn’t know the market !

  21. They don’t only play with spreads they delete tickets too ! Very d***y game ! The worst broker ever no regulatory no business discipline ! They are the real meaning of thief

  22. Yes they are big time scam. Not giving withdrawal , deleting positions , deleting closed trades , playing with positions , slippage , no license , no regulatory , fake owners they are big time cheaters

  23. What is scam ?? Not paying clients money ! No regulatory !! Deleting tickets … delisting trades !!! Playing with trades … huge slippage !!! What else they gave to do to call them scam ??? You cannot call them broker !!! Single branch in Dubai playing their game very well !!!! Getting rich with poor traders money !!! Go and check your trades maybe some trades are elected ! Make sure about old orders !!! You don’t know but they do it yes they do same thing they did to me and my clients !!! Delete my old trades to reduce my equity !!!

  24. Where do they take clients money ??? Why they are playing with trades? Manipulating positions !!!they are the biggest scam I ever know ! Don’t trap by them !! They know how to play their game ! No regulation of course and only one office in UAE which is not licensed for forex stay away from them soon they will shut down keep your money safe !!

  25. Among those scams brokers but this one is the real one!!! Scam in UAE with no regulatory! Lol ask how many people got cheated by them ? people lost their money because of the amount of manipulation they have on market price and trades!

  26. Some one need to stop them ! Big time scam !!! Owner himself is scam taking people money and intentionally make them losing their money ! Because they gave no regulatory no one really care what they are doing !!! You need to report them to authority before they take your money away !!!

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