CobenFxTrades Review: Another Unregulated Platform

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CobenFxTrades Review: Another Unregulated Platform

CobenFxTrades claims to be tailor-made for investors with zero trading experience. The platform guarantees weekly profit margins starting from 20 percent. Unfortunately, we have a store that wants to take advantage of naïve investors. Hundreds have fallen for antics and are ruing the decision. Coben FX Trades doesn’t allow anyone to withdraw funds. And this leads to losses for those who invest in the platform. Learn more in our exclusive COBENFXTRADES REVIEW.

About CobenFxTrades

CobenFxTrades Review: Pros and Cons

On the about us page, CobenFxTrades claims to be an investment project. However, there’s nothing much to go on regarding the project itself. You deposit funds, expect a certain profit within a given time margin. That’s the basics of their investment project.

You need to invest in reliable investment platforms that guarantee real ROI. So go for Coin Staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. It’s the new way investors rip profits in the investment world.

Coben FX Trades will take you for a ride. Once you deposit funds, the platform starts increasing your account balance. On the day you decide to withdraw, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform blocks investors from withdrawing funds.

We also don’t have the background and history of the platform. There’s little information on when the project started. Without these details, it’s clear the investment has no practical plan. It’s all a roost to gather deposits from different investors.

It would be best if you were extra careful regarding investment projects. Take extra caution with those that guarantee profits within a short time. is one such project that takes your money for granted.

Before engaging with any investment project, you need to do some due diligence. Try and find out what makes the platform tick. Go for investment platforms that generate enough feasible returns. Get to know the experiences of other users before fully investing.

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Accounts CobenFxTrades

CobenFxTrades offers four investment plans. We can see when the platform started this project from the plan’s page. According to the page, 2019 is the year it all started. What we have is a platform that rips off investors.

Here’s a closer look at each account;


For the starter account, the investment guarantees a 6 percent daily profit. You get the same profit margin hourly for 20 hours straight. If you ask us, this is insane, and there’s no such existing investment tier.


With the premium account, the expected ROI is slightly lower. You get a guarantee of 4 percent guaranteed ROI. Members expect to earn this percentage profit margin for 40 hours straight. The maximum deposit is $10,000.


For the advanced account holder, the guaranteed profit margin is 20 percent. You get to earn the percentage for 10 hours straight. The minimum you can deposit with this account is $450 and a maximum of $10,000.

VIP Plan

It’s the most exclusive plan so far. It comes with a guaranteed profit margin of 40 percent. You get to earn this profit margin for 5 hours straight. The minimum you can deposit is $400 and a maximum of $10,000.

Account Features

Accounts CobenFxTrades

We have to ring the alarm as the project doesn’t appear viable or make sense in any way. Ask any expert, and they will tell you guaranteeing profits is not possible. With markets being volatile, it’s impossible to make guarantees.

The platform is targeting investors who want to make quick returns. But, unfortunately, with a time trap, the platform rips all the rewards. You get to invest for only three days maximum and earn an eternity of profit margins.

Avoid such investment projects that claim to come with a silver lining. There are no records of anyone withdrawing funds from the project. And this is why we have to expose the platform. It would help if you ignored Coben FX Trades.

Affiliate and commissions

There’s a three-level referral commission program available on the platform. Level one holders get 4 percent commission, with levels 2 and 3 getting 0.5 percent commission. Sadly, the platform also fails to release these commissions.

It’s clear is taking advantage of your connections. Unfortunately, you get to be the scapegoat for them when everything goes south. These victims will blame you for leading them to a scam investment platform.

You end up losing your credibility and online reputation as an affiliate. Make sure the affiliate programs you join are from reputable institutions. Try and find out whether the institution offers conversion and tracking information.

Business Holder

Information on who owns or runs the platform remains a blur. The platform does its best to hide the culprits’ identity behind this platform. And this is done so to avoid detection by authorities in the event of an investigation.

It makes CobenFxTrades an anonymous investment platform. It would be best to stay away from any anonymous online investment project. If the project were successful, the platform would openly disclose the names of staff members.

Client Testimony

Mark Stevenson is one of the unlucky members who deposited $5,000 with the platform. He was hoping to make a killing within 10 hours with the advanced account. But, unfortunately, after the 10 hours lapsed, his account was suddenly empty.

Attempts to reach the platform for a statement have yielded no fruits. He is now not able to log in to his account. Even his primary deposit is gone, and there’s no way of recovering it. Hiring recovery agents is a waste of time.

Is licensed or regulated?

CobenFxTrades License and Registration

CobenFxTrades is not a valid investment platform and doesn’t hold any license credentials. The platform goes ahead and posts a false document on their homepage. It’s a Certificate of Incorporation for a private limited company.

We did check with the Company Register and found no such entity exists on their registry. And this points to a platform that will try and use every trick in the book to fool investors. So please stay away from unregulated investment platforms.

Contact and support

There’s no quick way of contacting staff for support. The platform limits conversations to emails only. And this is done to try and control the communication process. It makes it easy for the platform to call you when they need you to deposit funds.

When you try and call back, the line doesn’t go through. We believe the platform is using a virtual phone service provider. Please stay away from such a store or risk losing everything. That’s the problem you will likely face as a member of Coben FX Trades.

Deposit and Withdrawal

You can fund your account using several available channels. The platform makes it easy for anyone across the globe to fund their accounts. You can use bank or wire transfers. The platform also accepts crypto deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

We don’t recommend you engage with the platform for safety reasons. The platform doesn’t allow withdrawals. There’s no record of any investor profiting from the insane profit margins. That’s how we know is a scam.

Are Funds Safe with Coben FX Trades?

Fund Safety CobenFxTrades

Your funds are far from safe with an investment platform that fails to offer Candid support. Make sure to check whether a platform is compliant with regulators. There’s no insurance cover for deposits made to

Our Verdict

CobenFxTrades is one of the biggest crypto investment scams of the year.

You can make real ROI with proven investment strategies. Try Coin Staking and Masternoding today for a chance to earn passive income.

Feel free to leave a message or email us with any queries.

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