Coin Bot Lab Review – Can A Scam Robot Yield A Dime?

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Coin Bot Lab Review – Can A Scam Robot Yield A Dime?

By writing this review, we are hoping that you will read and take this notice very seriously. Coin Bot Lab is an investment scam that has nothing to bring to the table. Only losses that will end up eroding your bank balance, depending on the amount that you funded your trading account with.

What exactly is Coin Bot Lab? It’s a robot that was supposedly built to trade Cryptocurrencies on auto-pilot. Although the robot is touted as a free trading tool for those who want to trade Bitcoins and other altcoins, you can only get it to work when you have funded your broker’s account. This broker has to be an entity chosen for you by the vendor of this product. That means it’s not totally free.

Of course it’s supposed to make you some profits. According to the website where Coin Bot Lab is promoted at, an investment of $250 will make you a profit of $105 per day. An investment of $1000 will make you up to $500.

Now, if that is how it is, why would you risk $1000 when you can build your account to that level with only $250? Although we don’t recommend using this robot, we are just stating that if you really have to take the risk, you should never risk a large amount of money.

So, is this robot profitable? We do not think so. The sales gimmick on the landing page suggests that it’s profitable. However, we don’t believe that this is the case since there is no single proof to show that the alleged profits are real.

Also, the website has a pop up banner which claims that Coin Bot Lab had an average win rate of 91% in 2017? Is this information accurate? Again, it’s a lie because this website was registered on January 22, 2018. That means this robot was not in existence in 2017. They just lied to us on this matter, and we will keep this in mind as we write this review.

Coin Bot Lab review: it must be a scam

All we know is that this robot is not profitable at all. It is based on a white label that we have seen several times before. The problem with these generic robots which are commercially available in the market for every scammer to buy is that they are non-performing. Their algorithms are nothing more than a collection of trading indicators such as MACD, RSI, William R and so on. When these tools agree that price is moving upwards, the robot will buy the market. On the other hand, when they agree that price is moving falling, they will sell the market.

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These trading tools have a lag because they don’t track the printing on the chart in real time. These tools are even available for free out there so long as you’re using a decent chart. But even with these tools, you will struggle to break even. There is no saying that you will surely make a profit because your robot is using these tools. That’s a false assumption.

coin bot lab review

Unfortunately, Coin Bot Lab is just a collection of those tools, nothing more. The white label just got its logo dubbed ‘’Coin Bot Lab’’ to give the impression that it’s unique and profitable when that is not the case.

Sometimes these commercially available robots come with a fake demo where the inexperienced investor can test the robot and see how profitable it can be. You must understand that this demo account is often not modeled according to real market conditions. For example, price feed is usually fake, and the robot is always designed in such a way that it will most of the trades it opens. But that can never happen in a real market. If it was that easy, everyone would be a millionaire by now.

So, how do we know that this is a money-losing piece of trading software? We are certain that it losses money because it uses the same app as many other generic robots on the internet. People have complained about these robots many times. And now Coin Bot Lab is not an exception. The fact that it got a facelift in terms of color and name does not make it a legitimate robot for trading Cryptocurrencies.

What you should know is that Coin Bot Lab does not have any real profitable trading strategy. If it had a trading strategy, the developers would have given us enough clues as to how it works. And we are not talking of those vague and monotonous buy and sell explanations when the markets goes up or down. We are talking of a solid explanation that can convince a sophisticated investor.

Therefore, the truth of the matter is that Coin Bot Lab was created by lazy people who then sell it to scammers. Scammers are good marketers. So they will tell you that this robot is profitable when the truth is that it is not.

It will just generate random signals which lose money. In the end, you will wake up to an empty trading account. That’s how it goes.

The fake reviews and customer testimonials

When it comes to reviews and testimonials which feature on the website of the Coin Bot Lab, we can say that these guys are taking us for a ride.

What they are giving us as reviews and testimonials are fake. The alleged users of this trading system are not have never even used this robot. They might not even be traders since their pictures are stock photos. That could mean that these people are not even aware of the fact that their pictures are being misused by scammers out there.

Also, when you scroll downwards, you will see badges of the alleged Cryptocurrency brokers who have endorsed and verified this trading system. You must not be fooled by such cheap sales gimmicks. These are partner brokers who want business and have liaised with the owners of this app to make money. Naturally, such a broker will not have any problem if one of their partners launches a website and slaps their logo in that site.

The point is, these endorsements are fake. They are not genuine, and cannot be trusted because these are people that work with the owners of this software.

No trading performance to show

Sometimes scammers go an extra mile to show fake trading results or performance. It seems the owner of Coin Bot Lab was so lazy that they could not show us what the robot has done for the few days that it has been in business.

We find this a little bit suspicious because the robot has not even lasted a month, yet they claim that it has been there since 2017.

Our best advice for you

Coin Bot Lab is a big hoax and a scam. We cannot doubt this assertion. Everything that can be found on this website is a big lie. You must not believe scammers when they tell you that their robot is profitable and that it will bring you financial freedom. This is total hogwash. You might want to use these robots for trading Cryptos. We have tested and approved them already. At the very least, those trading tools will guarantee you consistent trading results.

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