Coin Fuser Review: Another Coinreum Clone Site and Scam


Coin Fuser Review: Another Coinreum Clone Site and Scam

Coin-fuser is the latest re-incarnation of Coinreum scam, and it inhabits the realm of digital coins. Coin Fuser is taking the role of a hedge fund by posing as ”expert traders” who manage funds on behalf of investors. Coinf Fuser is working hard to try and convince users that their platform is legit and reliable. However, they forget to completely erase the name CoinReum in their about us information found at the footer of the website.

The site is filled up with ambiguous elements. The site is even more deceptive than you can think, except that they did foolish mistakes here and there. This is working against them. Careful investors will pass it for another legitimate investment opportunity simply because they have failed to convince us of their credibility and legitimacy.

The idea is that if you choose a plan (minimum investment is 0.005 BTC), you will make 3.5% daily returns and 160% in just 24 hours. If you choose the weekly plan, the site claims that you will enjoy a weekly return of 25%, which is 100% in one month. If you choose the last plan, you will allegedly make 115% per month and 350% in total (when the contract expires).

By offering various ROIs for the same duration of time i.e 100% per month and 115% per month, the site is encouraging investors to go for their most expensive investment plans. The more money flows into this high yield investment scam, the more the site admin makes and takes to his bank account.

Coin Fuser Review

Coin Fuser alleges that it focuses on both short and long term investment contracts. Those who have some Cryptocurrencies lying idle somewhere and are gullible enough to fall for these tricks are supposed to make a deposit and let the anonymous ”professional traders” invest their funds in the Crypto currency market.

coin fuser

The ROIs are indeed far-fetched as we have seen above. When we look at the Coin Fuser website, we are quite sure that this operation is not very trustworthy given that the so called traders are anonymous and they are also not licensed to run the business of a fund manager.

This questionable investment operation has no corporate entity overseeing its activities, meaning that Coin Fuser is just a mere website claiming to invest user funds when that is far from the truth.

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By the way, this site has even copied the footer texts found on the coinreum website. If you read the fine print, you will see that the site owner is admitting to the fact that they are neither regulated nor licensed to do what they are doing.

Why would they copy-paste texts from the Coinreum website? One may never figure it out. Why would they forget to replace the name Coinreum with Coin Fuser? Again, our best guess is that we are dealing with lazy scammers who quickly want to put up a dodgy site hoping that they will steal from innocent and gullible Cryptocurrency investors.

Fake trading results

Coin Fuser has provided PDF documents which allegedly show this website’s trading results. When we open those links, we realize that the documents are not in PDF and are in no way trading statements. Instead, they provided us with pages that had been edited by the anonymous owner of the site showing various amounts deposited and corresponding payouts. Can this be used as proof of trading performance? Of course not.

What we need is a valid most up to date trading statement from the broker or trading exchange. So far, that has not been provided. Instead, they are just beating around the bush with meaningless documents.

Who owns this scam website?

To bad, no entity or person is assuming responsibility for this website. This lack of identifying information is of course disturbing. One is entitled to question why they are anonymous when they are supposed to be introducing themselves with proof of performance too.

There is a link that takes us to a page where their ”representatives” have been listed for the public to see. Apart from the fake names which these so-called Coin Fuser representatives have been given, corresponding support email addresses have been provided under each character.

We are not sure whether these email address are real or being monitored. Furthermore, they are using free email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo which is a real red flag.

The thing is, the site fails to provide us with pertinent information regarding the owner of this website. Their activities are also secret. Because they are not transparent, one is entitled to believe that coin Fuser is up to no good.

The site is still very new, according to However, the owner is making use of private registration feature on to make it impossible for people to know their names.

This investment platform does not even have substantial user feedback talking positively about its service. It is also not surprising that they are a copy-cat site which is using the name of another scam to try covering up what they probably know best. But to us, this is a very bad strategy because it kills trust rather than building it.

The truth about Coin Fuser

Don’t be fooled. There is no proof that the site owner is working with professional traders. There is no assurance that your money will be invested in the markets. However, there is an assurance that your money will be used to pay other people’s return on investment because this is a ponzi scheme. You don’t have to think long and hard to realize that Coin fuser is a ponzi scam.

The mention of referral commissions on various recruitment levels proves so. This site has actually proved that ROI is generated using member deposit and not through some outside revenue source such as trading.

Our best advice for you

After reading this review, you should be wary of this website. It posses like a legit investment website when it is something quite different. Instead of getting scammed through Coin Fuser, why don’t you start mining Cryptocurrencies with legit websites?


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