Coin Mining Review: Bogus Platform

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Coin Mining Review: Bogus Platform is a platform that claims to be involved in cloud mining services.  However, this platform has shown some characteristics that are similar to Ponzi schemes.

You should approach this platform with a lot of caution. The mining company states that through engaging with them, you will enjoy fast BTC mining and withdrawal from your account.

The investment company allegedly was established to ease the mining activity by making it secure, very smooth, and reliable. Sadly, the data they have on their site is insufficient and cannot be used to verify their mining activities.

The company assures investors that they will enjoy free mining. They also have various mining packages ready for those who invest with them.

Keep in mind that this platform is not transparent in its activities. Investing with Coin Mining will be an unwise decision.

Pyramid scheme will ask you to upgrade your plan to receive more returns. Coin Mining is not different from these scammers.

In their website, they claim that their premium investors will enjoy most of their offers, and will receive even higher returns. They will also receive a referral commission of 100%.

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CoinMining Scam Review, CoinMining Platform

The amount they display is desirable, and many newbies will be enticed in joining the platform.

It is just a beautiful narrative that they will never achieve. Stay away from Coin Mining as the only thing you will get from this company is unimaginable losses.

The company urges all types of investors be it, newbies or experts, to join them. The company states that they are the best mining platform in the market.

This is absurd since this company is not featured anywhere in the cluster of top best platforms. Review

Just like all other pyramid schemes, is not behind in claiming to be a transparent company.

They state that all their mining contract updates instantly at the company’s payout section. You would suffer from late withdrawal; time will tell for how long they can keep up the act.

The platform also guarantees investors of high-security levels. The security of your security should be the first thing that comes to your mind when investing.

The company claims that their servers are protected with DDos; hence, they are secure from hackers.

The only protection that you will be needing is from this Ponzi scheme that can exit the market anytime they please.

The cloud mining platform offers a free mining plan, but they always encourage their clients to upgrade to realize more profits. There are better credible mining companies in the market; sadly, Coinmining is not one of them.

How does Operates?

The platform claims to be a cloud mining company that deals with Bitcoin. The platform aims to ease their clients’ tasks that are associated with mining.

They want to take up the tasks by minimizing the fees like electricity charges, installation fees that come along with the mining activity. They also want to take charge of the cooling, and hosting matters.

Their story is very flawless, and newbies can fall victims of these scammers. The platform claims to have vast experience of one year that they want to share with their clients.

The platform states that they are the leading bitcoin mining platform that calculates the hash power. The company utilizes the SHA-256 algorithm for its security purposes.

The mining company claims to possess numerous mining data centers across the globe that facilitate their efficiency and speedy mining process.

However, this company does not disclose the location where these centers are located. The company does not has left out critical information regarding their business model.

We cannot assume these loopholes. Hence this company is not transparent, and you shouldn’t proceed with them.

Regulation, Founder, and Customer Support

It is an essential for any company that partakes investment activities to have the proper documentation from relevant authorities.

CoinMining company does not feature any information regarding their regulation. The company claims to be located in London yet they do not appear anywhere in the FCA database.

The company is operating illegally, and risk facing criminal changers. However, this is the least of their concern as they leave no traces behind.

The owner of this platform, and the team are operating anonymously. There is no information regarding them anywhere in the online.

The company claims to have a very responsive customer support, but they do not have a telephone support. The company office address is; Cross Street London, N1 2BA, UK.

You can reach the support via their email address; [email protected]. You might never hear from them again once they receive cash from you.

Investment Plan, and Returns

The company claims that investors can receive a good number of BTC using their free mining plan. The company ask their clients to increase their income by buying any of their plan.

Through upgrading they assure users that they will enjoy high speed of earning, and they can cash out their funds anytime that they wish. This is only false claims which you should evade.

Moreover, this company states that they do not charge maintenance fees. The least amount of money you can cash out is 0.005 BTC which only applies to the free mines. The best plan of this shady platform goes for 4.99 BTC.

Coin Mining Review, Coin Mining Plan

The platform has 4 tier package ready for their clients. All the tier promises users very high amount of Satoshis which in sounds very fantastic, but in reality it very hard to attain such amounts.

The mining industry is very risky, and due to the volatility nature of digital currency it is very difficult to achieve the ridiculous daily returns that Coin Mining has put up.

The company daily returns range from 0.0028800 BTC up to 1.8144 Bitcoin. Even the top mining platform in the market they are not offering anything close to this.

It is the nature of the member of public to be lured into a company using unrealistic returns.

No matter how enticing it might sound please keep off Coin Mining, there is nothing good that will ever come from their fraudulent activities.

CoinMining Referral Program

The company lure its victims with outstanding commission, which is you do the math will not add up. They claim that you will receive a bonus of 20% from any referral that you manage to bring into the company.

You will get a commission for every active deposit that you manage to invite. The company asks their already existing clients’ to do their dirty bidding for them to receive more traffic.

Their affiliate program offers its clients four-tier of commission, from 30%, 40%, 50% up to 100%. The bonus is very high, and it is all fake, and you might never receive it or be able to withdraw the cash.

Avoid inviting your friends, relatives, or colleague in this pyramid scheme platform. Investment is a severe venture that you should not take lightly.

The only parties that benefit from these fraudster activities are the scammer themselves, their marketers, and sometimes the pioneer investors.

You may encounter positive reviews from people online. You are likely to see videos, ads, and blog posts that are from these shady marketers.

Do not believe them no matter how convincing they may appeal to you. The platform will do anything possible to ensure you fall for their fake narratives.

The Domain Insight

The platform’s official domain name is The platform registration took place in November 2019, and it will expire in November 2020.

The platform has very insufficient data available, and currently, we do not know their target audience.

CoinMining Final Verdict

The platform is a pyramid scheme that is being run by professional scammers. There have been complaints online of investors not receiving their funds.

Moreover, there are better bitcoin mining companies that you can trust with your money. Unfortunately, this platform does not respond to emails from their clients. Considering these red flags, you should not proceed with Coin Mining.

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