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Coinbits Global Investment is an investment advisory service offering a wide range of investment products in Forex, stocks, Commodities, Futures and CFDs. In addition to this, Coinbits Global Investment offers automated trading tools and managed account services to investors who are interested in these services. They also claim to be regulated by the SEC but no licensing number has been provided. This is therefore an unverified claim, one that can easily amount to a big fat lie.

When we visited the website where Coinbits Global Investment is hosted at, it was not immediately clear what the site operators were offering since it is a mix of everything involving trading. They even offer 6 different types of trading accounts. It is not clear whether Coinbits Global Investment is a broker or a partner that is recruiting customers for other brokers so they can a commission. These 6 account types are ridiculously overpriced as the minimum deposit ranges between $500 and $500,000. In this day and era, brokers are even more competitive and willing to offer trading accounts for those who can deposit a minimum of $50. So it appears that scammers who want to net $500 at once will soon run out of business.

Coinbits Global Investment

These 6 account types have different features which may influence the choice of an investor when it comes to picking a particular account type. The features are based on the maximum leverage that a trader can access, spreads and spread types as well as maximum open orders.

The least amount of leverage that can be provided in the basic account is 1:100 while the highest that can be provided with their premium account is 1:1000. This will automatically push naive investors to go for the premium account if they can afford to fund it. But one thing you should know is that leverage is both good and dangerous. If used well, it can maximize ones returns but if you used carelessly, it will erode your investments overnight. This is a highly subjective matter and depends with your trading style and experience.

Some accounts offered by Coinbits Global Investment offer fixed spreads of 2 pips while variable spreads can go for 3 pips. We have always encouraged traders to use ECN brokers because in this trading environment, one will be enjoying real market spreads as opposed to broker imposed spreads. For that reason, you must avoid market makers at all times. They are everywhere on the internet and we don’t want them to take advantage of your heard earned money.

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Coinbits Global Investment review

There appears to be a plethora of information on the website where Coinbits Global Investment is hosted at. They are offering a beginner course on trading, trading tools, technical and fundamental analysis as well as risk management. They don’t appear to offer trading on MT4 platform because what they are presenting their traders with is a customized trading platform for desktop and mobile devices. They also claim to have account managers for those who would like extra help with online investing.

That aside, the website makes reference to managed account services but this area is briefly addressed and there is no sufficient information about what the returns are and whether or not they are charging commissions based on high water mark principle. In this day and era, brokers and all other investment houses need to be transparent with their clients instead of letting their clients go through the hard work of contacting them to find out such basic information.

Having said this, we believe that this operation seems to be riddled with lots of disadvantages which might not be very pleasing to traders and investors in general. These include the following:

No MT4 platform for trading

MT4 trading platform is the main trading software out there and if a broker wants to restrict you from accessing this platform, then that broker is simply not been fair no matter how good other features are. MT4 platform is popular with the charting package and compatibility with trading indicators it offers. Other customized trading software cannot compete with MT4 platform no matter what. It simply makes it difficult for traders who are used to MT4 software to shift to these customized versions of trading platforms.


Coinbits Global Investment is actually not explicitly stating that they offer brokerage services but when we look carefully, we realize that they are actually accepting traders deposits and offering a trading platform for that purpose as well. So this means that they should be regulated. Since they make reference to the SEC and even provide a US phone number, we believe that Coinbits Global Investment is based in the US and this complicates matters for them because the SEC has stringent rules for brokers who want to set shop in the US. In this case, we are not aware that Coinbits Global Investment has a brokers license and yet they are operating as a broker and targeting people from all across the globe, let alone those who are in the US.

Fake awards

Coinbits Global Investment provides a few endorsement badges on their website suggesting that they were endorsed in the previous years as the best brokerage ever. These fake awards are obviously not convincing and anybody who is keen enough can see that this operation is faking things out by making fabricated claims. We are not aware that Coinbits Global Investment was issued with these awards.

No past performance

They offer vague information about their managed account services since no past performance have been presented on the website for would be investors to see. There is no way to validate the profitability of this product. In addition to this, they offer expert advisors but again these trading tools have not been backed by trading performance.

Our best advice for you

Coinbits Global Investment does not instill confidence at all even though they are working hard to adopt the jerk of all trades approach. At the moment, we are just not endorsing them. If you would like to get yourself a good EA, click here.

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  1. They get an account manager to trade for you Then when you go to get a withdrawal they tell you that you have to pay 1000s in fees

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