CoinBuzz Club Review: Another Merciless Scam Operation

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CoinBuzz Club Review: Another Merciless Scam Operation

CoinBuzz Club Review Update 2023: Another crypto investment burst that saw all members losing, stay away from such platforms.

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About CoinBuzz Club is a malicious investment operation which is run by deceptive con artists. Coin Buzz has flew under the radar for some time, and they are increasing in size by the day as they scam many internet users with bitcoins to spare. The interface of Coin Buzz is simplistic and straight forward, and thus newbies might be attracted without knowing what they are doing to their financial well-being. It could initially pose as a reliable and trustworthy destination for multiplying Bitcoins. However, after you research the background of this scam operation, you will suddenly realize that there is more than meets the eye, and the rot is deeply rooted in the background of Coin Buzz scam.

One thing we will make clear in this Coin Buzz review is that this operation is a large scale con artist operation. So, what exactly is Coin Buzz? At first, you’ll think it’s an exchange. However, when you observe them carefully, you will discover that this is not an exchange but rather a high yield investment scam that is promising up to 6% daily profit. We all know that this is not possible, and no one will reward you with 6% daily ROI. If anything, you will be losing your deposit as well.

As with most shady operations, Coin Buzz is putting more emphasis on their affiliate business model rather than their alleged investment program. This is because they are very much aware of the fact that ROIs are only generated internally, i.e new deposits have to come in in order for the owner to decide whether or not they will honor any withdrawal requests. If they are decent, they will pay out 10% and pocket 90%. If they are outright scammers, rest assured that they will keep 100% of the deposit.

Let’s explore the depths of Coin Buzz scam in this review to learn more. You will learn all the reasons as to why this investment platform is a high risk for anyone who is looking to invest their Bitcoin. Of course you could be wise if you invested in these Bitcoin mining operations. At least these companies prove that they have data centers and are mining for their investors. On top of that, there are lots of satisfactory user feedback about them. You have nothing to lose but all to gain.

Coin Buzz Review

What we are seeing with CoinBuzz is that the anonymous owner is employing a promotion tactic that will see the site receiving as many new visitors as possible. The aim is to convert these visitors into victims of robbing. Getting started with this site seems to be a walk in the park. Users who are gullible enough will be required to follow simple steps that will result in them depositing a certain amount of Bitcoins on the illusion that they will be earning a fixed daily ROI for a certain length of time. The site is claiming that if you make a deposit, you should expect a return of between 140% to 210% in 35 days. We think these numbers are absurd and not realistic at all.


Who owns the scam?

This platform is allegedly the property of an entity called Bitstorm Limited which is registered with the number  10286668. This company was registered sometime in July 2016. Their physical address is 39 Cheyne Court, London, United Kingdom, SW3 5TR.. This address is the same address that is used by their platform, CoinBuzz.

When we search for it on companies house platform, we find that the current status of Bitstorm is active proposal to strike off. This basically means that unless the company settles their dues, the business will be liquidated and it will also be struck off the registers. At the moment of writing this review, we were able to establish that a person named Tim Waters was the director of the company. This guy, by coincidence, also happens to be the alleged CEO of CoinBuzz.

Why this operation is a deceptive scam

This immense scam operation is connected with several other Crypto currency related ventures on the web. When we continued to dig into this matter, we discovered many things concerning the sinister nature of this website. When we conducted further research, we were able to establish or at least link CoinBuzz with 10 other Crypto currency related ponzi schemes on the internet which are all scams.

Also, we have observed that the scammer behind this website is very lazy as all he can do is to copy paste paragraphs across their multiple websites. Instead of writing fresh copies, they just copy paste to save time and make quick effortless bucks.

These arrogant scammers have taken it a notch higher by incorporating stock photos on the CoinBuzz website. These stock photos have also been used across other multiple sites that are linked to CoinBuzz club. The only things that have changed is the names. The faces are the same since they are just copy pasting everything including stock photos.

One might be forced to believe that the owner of CoinBuzz Club is truly lazy. Based on this type of presentation, one has no doubt that this is a lazy type operation that is aimed at robbing internet users.

Therefore, at this point in time, one should not do business with CoinBuzz Club or any of it affiliated websites. The aim is to help squeeze your wallet of any Bitcoins remaining therein. Also, since this site is taking advantage of the irreversible nature of Bitcoin transactions, rest assured that the owner will continue to rob and make wealth at the expense of victims who continue to lose money.

Our best advice for you

CoinBuzz Club is just one of the infectious links from hundreds (if not thousands) of Crypto currency scams on the internet. The scam artists have made their intentions so clear that you cannot say you didn’t know. Anyone who gets scammed by this website is definitely putting themselves in a trap knowingly. If you want to make money as a Cryptocurrency investor, the options available for you are trading and mining.

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