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CoinKeep claims it is a Bitcoin wallet that was founded in 2017. Unfortunately, that first statement is false because when we checked on, the platform was launched in September 2018. The company has been in the market for over an eye, but they do not have a profound reputation.

We checked, and they have a very low Alexa global ranking of 3, 516,66 as per the time of this writing. Additionally, they have a negative review from people who have engaged with them. The wallet is terrible news, and you won’t get professional service.

The nature of CoinKeep not having transparency and being untrustworthy say it all. The platform is struggling to get clients. The firm is being discreetly operated. We urge our readers to stay on the lookout and avoid these scammers at all cost. You can invest with legit crypto companies that have been in the market and are reputable to earn a decent return.

 They platform ironically is marketing itself as the leasing Bitcoin wallet in the market. Unfortunately, as we have seen the evidence points that that is false. It is only another marketing strategy that is incorporated by a Ponzi scheme.

They additionally brag that they are operating at high performance than all other exchanges and wallet in the market. Apart from Bitcoin they also support Bitcoin cash. Of course, their claims are bogus, and they do not mean much to us. CoinKeep is not on the map of the top wallet or exchanges, and they are targeting novice traders who do not know how the market works.

CoinKeep Review

The company lure traders in their website with a claim if having the lowest exchange rates in the market. However, the platform lack transparency as they do not disclose the Bitcoin transaction fee. The company careless about making anybody rich.

Their primary focus is to get you to deposit funds with them. People have lost their BTC to these professional scammers by listening to their vague stories. The company is also confused with the services that they offer. If you pay keen attention, you will realize that their website is designed like an exchange and not more of as a wallet. Review, Platform

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No investors are using CoinKeep firm to store, send or buy Bitcoin utilizing this system. Do not be naïve to believe them. We did not encounter any testimonial apart from complaints from investors who have lost their BTC.

If you ever encounter a platform that has been in the market for some time, but they have no attracted clients in large number, you should ask yourself the reason behind the shadiness especially if the company is bragging of having a high performance.

Transaction Fees openly state that they do not charge any transaction charges to their customers. They also promise users that they process the transactions instantly. However, when you read further into their detail, you will find that they charge a fee of 1%. The charges are alleged to cater for various expenses like; storage, mining and services that they provide.

The company also state during the block chain congestion they might charge an even charge a higher amount. The fee is meant to ensure they transactions coming from CoinKeep are cleared quickly.

The claim is absurd; there is nothing like this in the world of block chain. The technology is trying to bring equality to all people, yet this pyramid scheme state they have a way of getting whatever they want quickly.

Additionally, they claim to collect more money to avoid the Block chain congestion. They will probably make more money from you even when there is no congestion. It would help if you never trusted a word of these scammers. They will leave only leave you high and dry. The act of using more money to have better services does not make sense.

Transaction Limit of CoinKeep

The least amount that you can deposit in CoinKeep is 0.0002 BTC. The peer to peer transfer limit is 0.0000001 BTC. We did notice that they have copied their FAQ from BitcoinWallet word to word.

The company is a notorious venture that is too lazy to come up with their unique content. We currently do not know the link between these two platforms. The platform is also using stock images to showcase their founders. The pyramid scheme is determined in winning your trust using all unethical means.

Trustworthy or Scam?

All the evidence points out that is nothing but a scam. We cannot establish the connection between and this firm that we are reviewing. Could a single person own them? Additionally, the link they have will redirect you to Godzone Credit Exchange.

The company is not safe; it appears to be an investment scam, but at the same time, it is a destination for phishing. Be careful when you tread on these grounds because your information might as well be compromised.

The mastermind of this platform is very careful as they are playing smart. They have left no trail that can tie them down as the fraudsters that they are. If you ignore the red flags that are surrounding CoinKeep, you will suffer later.

The company offer very minimal information regarding its operation. Moreover, some pages are missing on their platform. They do not have a term and conditions, disclaimer or the privacy page. It shows that they can change their terms and condition whenever they please.

The website was built in haste and shows they only thing that they care about is getting you’re their filthy hands at your money. As we were digging further to get an insight into how the company operates, we ended up with disturbing news.

CoinKeep is connected to, the founder of the latter is a company by the name FFC LLC. The location of this corporate is at 77 South Washington Street, Rockville, USA. The users that they are bragging of having raises suspicion. The number they display they cannot account for it.

They also claim that they have higher security while all we see is them not paying and exposing their clients to more scammers. Disregard all the claims that CoinKeep is making.

Customer Support claim they offer their clients a 24/7 customer support services. You can contact them online, via telephone; +1 (530) 426-8223 or on their email at [email protected] We would not say they have the best customer support services as we have encountered negative reviews regarding how they are unprofessional.

Upon the request of withdrawal of your money, the wallet will cut all communication with you. They will not reply to your email nor answer your calls. The platform is not one you want to mess with. It will help if you are careful as CoinKeep is not regulated.

They are operating illegally, and you risk losing your money. We do not even know their area of operation. The company is running its business in a murky manner. Kindly avoid them.

Final Verdict

It is ridiculous that CoinKeep is claiming they are the best, and they operate at five times speed than any other wallet in the industry. These are mere allegations that are baseless. The marketer needs loud applause for raining unfounded praise to the fraudulent company, Always invest with legit companies.


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  1. Dear Sir
    You’re right, i lost my BTC in please you be our notice for every one that don’t know about,
    They are professional scammer.
    I lost my 1 BTC in their website!
    Please don’t my mistake again!

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