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Share This! is a weird domain name. In fact, it’s weird how your brain deceives you into reading this as You should know that Coinrrency Miners is real deception. The kind of content that is found all over this website is not factual by the way. For example, they claim that the platform was founded back in 2013 but when we check the background details of the domain, we find out that it was actually created in 2018. The site claims that they have grown into a big company, hiring engineers and programmers as their customer base grows. This is a big fat lie because we already know that the site was not started in 2013 and secondly, they have not introduced any of the people working for this company. Details of their CEO or founder are nowhere to be found.

Basically, Coinrrency Miners is operating like a real scam. They claim that their operators came to know each other through Crypto currency exchange platforms. But this is the kind of vibe that we have heard several times over. When scammers do not know what they can tell you, the easiest explanation they can give is that they met on a Crypto currency exchange platform.

The platform cites a few advantages that users can allegedly enjoy. These include speed and reliability, security and the promise that mining of Crypto currencies will happen 23/7. Of course you can’t trust them on these promises because they are not real. This website is anonymously operated. So it means the operators must be having a motive for hiding their faces from the clients whom they target.

There are 4 investment plans which are touted on this website. When we look at the plans, we don’t believe they are real because they do not resemble usual Crypto currency cloud mining plans. With the usual mining contracts, you will get to see how much hash power you will be purchasing for a certain amount of money. Even if the site has its own contracts with a certain minimum investment needed in order to get started, the site will tell you how much hash power you are getting and how long the contract is going to last, whether 1 or 2 years. No life time contracts exists today though.

Unfortunately, with Coinrrency Miners, the plans look like those of a ponzi schemes. These plans requests a certain amount of deposit and only promise weekly returns with no additional information to accompany them. These plans promise weekly returns of between 5% to 20% which is obviously not reasonable as far as Crypto currency cloud mining is concerned. If you were to make 5% weekly returns, that would mean 20% monthly returns. This kind of profit should not be expected in Crypto currency mining due to the fair amount of challenges that this industry is currently facing. 80% per month would be far fetched. If we cannot talk about 20% a month, then definitely 80% makes no sense.

Coinrrency Miners

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Having said that, there are still a few genuine Crypto currency cloud mining platforms that generate returns. You should not expect to get rich overnight with these platforms. However, rest assured that you will earn some returns at the end of the month. Sign up with these sites instead of getting tricked into losing money through the hands of scammers who operate sites like Coinrrency Miners.

Coinrrency Miners review

The minimum investment that Coinrrency Miners is asking for is $500. This is too high and unreasonable. You see, the most genuine cloud mining platforms do not insist on minimums. Users can customize their mining contracts according to what they are willing to pay in order to start mining on the site. Paying $500 to purchase a contract would be like risking money that you cannot afford to lose. The best thing to do would be to avoid this site altogether since its claims are not reasonable.

The other red flag that you need to consider is the kind of returns that investors are promised on this site. This is the surest indicator that you are dealing with a scam. If it’s too good to be true, then definitely it is not a genuine thing. In this case, the minimum that this fake cloud mining site is promising is 20% a month. You cannot earn this amount from Crypto currency cloud mining. Nowhere in the world can you earn this amount. Even if you were to mine on your own, the profit margins would be minimal.

Anonymous operations

Coinrrency Miners is not to be trusted because the operators are anonymous. There is no company behind the operations of this site. It’s quite unfortunate that they are claiming to be based in Bulgaria when that may not be the truth. We have heard such claims many times before. Then it turns out that the company or entity in question is not based in the said location. We need some transparency here and if the site cannot be truthful about ownership information and their location, then there is no reason why you should trust them with your $500. It would be a big mistake.

A ponzi scheme at best

You cannot be persuaded that Coinrrency Miners is a Crypto currency cloud mining site. The reason is because there is not a single evidence to prove that they have mining farms which they are using the generate the alleged Crypto currencies. The site is vague on this topic and does not provide details such as which hardware they are running and where those mining farms are located. If they provided this information, we would simply demand Google maps to see whether or not mining farms are located in the said locality.

Therefore, the reason why they are collecting money from internet users is because they want to run away with that money. They may pay a few early investors but as more people join, the owner may decide to run away because they will have made enough.

Our best advice for you

Be very careful with dubious sites like Coinrrency Miners. Only mine with reputable websites. 

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  1. I’ve been scammed by these people. I have names, pic and numbers. I can give you if you wish and help us to catch them with authorities

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