Coins Robot Review: Lousy Scam, Avoid!

Coins Robot Review: Lousy Scam, Avoid!

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Coins Robot and the money it promises is just an illusion. Anyone who joins this website and makes a deposit will definitely lose all their money at the blink of an eye.

After careful consideration of many factors, we’ve come to the conclusion that it is not safe to invest any money with Coins Robot.

We’ve investigated the owner of the site, his offers and even considered facts before writing this Coins Robot review.

And now that we’e put facts and reason together, we can comfortably warn you against fattening these criminals’ bank accounts.

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Coins Robot review

Coins Robot is supposed to be an auto-trading robot which trades Cryptocurrencies and makes profits for its users. As an investor, you only need to make a deposit and let it trade for you.

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Will you make money out of this? Apparently, this site alleges that you will make lots of money using their robot. In fact, they claim that you can make up to 250% return on investment every month.

You just open an account, select your preferred plan and the robot will start generating profits each and every other hour.

Of course there are no facts in this presentation. The website where Coins Robot is hosted at does not make any explanation with facts. Instead, they make declarations which are highly suspicious.

For example, the starter plan is promising a 3% daily interest on investment. We are thinking that this ROI is unreasonable.

coins robot plans

The basic plan promises 3.5% daily interest on investments.

The Gold plan promises 4% daily interest. And the most suspicious of all plans is the Diamond plan which offers 250% monthly interest.

Someone must have been crazy when writing these profit projections. In fact, we are not sure whether or not this is trading. What we are absolutely sure of is that you cannot make this amount of money in any legitimate business. Trading is no exception.

This is an absolute rip off because the starter plan is asking for a minimum investment of $100 while the ultimate plan requires 10K.

Most people would test this service with $100 to see whether or not it works.

But ponzi schemes are funny. Their operators are the most ridiculous people on the planet. When you put the $100 on Coins Robot website, they will either choose to hand some profits back to you or refuse with your money altogether.

Either of the two scenarios is likely to happen. If the first scenario happens, then it only means that the operators are luring you to invest a bigger amount so they can rip you off. On the other hand, the second scenario might happen if they are not patient or are not sure whether their ultimate plan will work.

The bottom line is this: the operator of Coins Robot website isn’t here to please anyone by distributing profits. They are in this business to make money illegally. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to offload your wallet to these criminals.

Who owns this site?

When you come across any website whose domain details are privately registered on, it should give you many reasons to get worried.

So far, there is no scam that we have reviewed here with details of the owner being publicly accessible on There has never been any case where a malicious website owner was proud to disclose their identities to people they are marketing their products to.

Coins Robot isn’t an exception because the owner is anonymous, and prefers to keep such a low profile. In addition to this, they are only asking investors to send money in Bitcoin or Litecoin only.

That means you’re sending your precious digital coins to someone who is anonymous. There is no guarantee that they will honor their word. In fact, nothing stops them from stealing your coins and ignoring you altogether.

Therefore, since we don’t know the owner of Coins Robot yet, we can only assume that they have an evil motive behind them.

It has always been the case 100% of the time. When we reviewed Litemi Hub, a similar scam, this was the case. The owner was anonymous. Same thing applies to all other scams.

This is therefore a huge red flag. Don’t ignore the fact that Coins Robot owner is anonymous.

The same thing applies to his team of ”Cryptocurrency experts”. Do they even exist?

Unfortunately, we are not able to verify this information anywhere since there is no proof that Coins Robot is operated by a team of experienced Cryptocurrency experts.

If this was a real project, the site would have introduced their operators and their roles. It would be easy to verify their details and give it a green flag. But instead, the flag is getting red and red because the scam is operated by anonymous people.

coins robot website

The concept: it doesn’t make sense

Coins Robot website claims that they are offering a special and unique robot for trading Cryptocurrencies.

If that is the case, who is the broker here? A robot has to be used in conjunction with a broker’s platform in order to trade.

But in this case, no broker was mentioned either. So where does Coins Robot trade at?

There is a huge question mark here. This information ought to be readily available on the site. If it’s not there, we could take it as a sign that no trading is going on here.

Eventually, these red flags will prove that this website is only taking visitors for a ride. It is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to collect your money and enrich the pockets of scammers.

User feedback

We see that this site is quite popular in India, meaning that people who come across it are based out of this country.

It is only natural to expect customer feedback out of this traffic. But so far, we have not seen anything concerning Coins Robot and how people are making 3% daily interest.

This is all we needed to be sure that this website doesn’t have any active users. Most of the traffic that goes there probably never converts.

A few things to remember

It’s intriguing to find out that this site has some stats related to their investors.

So far, they have stated that Coins Robot is used by 986 investors. The site claims that they’ve received $494258.70 in total deposits and processed $137649.77 in withdrawals. 

Now, it looks like this site is operating like a broker or a hedge fund where people deposit money so that ”experts” can trade it for them.

This kind of thing is illegal is most jurisdictions across the world. Brokers must seek licensing and authorization from relevant bodies. But if you’re collecting money from the public with the intent of investing it, you should legitimize the business by proving that you are capable of making money for your investors.

It’s the standard procedure that all authentic companies follow.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing on Coins Robot is evidence that this is a Ponzi scheme. It fits perfectly according to the description of a Ponzi scheme.

Our best advice for you

Make a deposit at your own risk. We cannot recommend this service at all. If you want to make money, click here and find out. 

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5 Replies to “Coins Robot Review: Lousy Scam, Avoid!”

  1. Coinsrobot is not a ponzi scheme neither a scam site, you can visit the facebook group to confirm from its members for proof of payment… The owner is genuine and not anonymous, his name is Hiteshkumar patel. He usually come live and everything about the site is legit… If you want to know more about them search on facebook by typing coinsrobot. Nobody is being scammed and everyone is happy with thier earnings… So permit me to say this ‘COINSROBOT IS GENUINE AND NOT A SCAM SITE’ STATUS: PAYING.

  2. Coins Robot (run by Hiteshkumar Patel) is a modern scam of grabbing money from worldwide small & middle level investors. After complaints he shut down CR and introduced THE BITCELL as exchange to continue grab money. His method of crime is very tricky he pays very tiny/ limited profits to its thebitcell members which raise new members with new investments so there is no auto trading , all is fraud. he gives very limited profit 0.03 BTC ($250) from the investment received from new members. Any member who complaint again with anger to withdraw his money back , his post is deleted , his investment is grabbed and he is expelled from the group immediately so others should not know it . There are many investors who have been trapped in thebitcell who only received once,twice times profits not equivalent to their principal amount they invested. After thebitcell , he is working to introduce new ponzi schemes to grab money by different styles. How many investors have received all of their profits and invested money back from thebitcell or CR , they can write their complete details to verify.

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