CoinZinc Review: Blatant Scam Must Be Avoided

CoinZinc Review: Blatant Scam Must Be Avoided

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In this review, we will be explaining the reasons why is a suspicious investment project. CoinZinc is a scam based on false hourly returns and testimonials which cannot be verified as true. After going through this website, we no longer have doubts that Coin Zinc is one of those investment platforms that take your money and refuse to process payouts. If you want to find out more, you have to read this review to the end.

Surprisingly, this high yield investment opportunity is offering 1.45% per hour which can go up to 13% per hour. Clearly these figures are far fetched. They communicate a very important message which must not be ignored. You see, if the anonymous admin at CoinZinc is able to generate such returns without a problem, we do not see why they should be asking for your input here. We do not even think that a billionaire can hustle for as little as $5 on the promise that they will help you make 13% per hour. Don’t you think this is kind of weird? Yes it is, based on the ridiculous figures that we have just seen. Probably this is the reason why the site is widely considered a scam and a ponzi scheme that does not make any payouts.

So if you don’t want to lose money and instead put it in a place that it will generate good returns after some time, this review is critical for your understanding.

CoinZinc Review

You must be wondering how this site is able to generate such enormous returns for a short length of time. That’s because your conscience is already telling you that these returns are too good to be true and cannot be achieved in any economic setting. By the way, the site is claiming to make up to 18% per hour for 20 hours. That would be 360% in less than 24 hours.


In one month, this would be 10,800% of which we all don’t agree with. These returns are astronomical and extra ordinary.

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The site claims that it will generate this ROI through mining, trading and investment in various ICOs. The truth is that even if they combined the 3 investment categories, they would never achieve 20% per month, let alone 10,800%.

This site is clearly manipulative and we don’t like it. Many investors in the industry have lost money to these kinds of sites simply because they are promising returns that cannot be generated. New investors trust them with their monies only to find that they have made a deposit into a scam website.

Anonymous owner and lack of proper reputation

You might say that $5 is not much. But think about it. If you keep feeding the anonymous scammer and owner of CoinZinc, he will ultimately get rich while leaving your pockets with less $5. If he collected $5 from 500 people on the internet, he would be $2500 richer. It’s like donating to charity except that the scammer is benefiting by manipulating contributors with the promise that they will make overnight wealth.

Because they are anonymous and the site is very new, no one can trust them at all. Trust rating is actually zero. The site has not been around long enough to prove that it can be trusted. It is a high risk domain because it has been registered for a short duration of 1 year , meaning that the owner could be planning to do a runner sometimes this year. We bet that CoinZinc will not stay 6 month from now. It will have scammed so many people. And since these con artists and always closing and opening new domains, rest assured that as time goes, we will continue to review different domains by the same anonymous scammer.

Fake testimonials

On this site, we see some fake testimonials which are allegedly from people who have been making good money with CoinZinc. Can you trust these testimonials when proof has not been given to support their alleged authenticity? Of course No is the answer. These people are even using stock photos and editing texts on that site on their own. You can rest assured that these are definitely not legit client feedback. Such a corny website can only get negative testimonials because it robs people of their money. Check on popular forums to confirm what we are saying.

A fake company that robs you despite being registered in UK

They claim that CoinZinc is registered in the UK. The certificate even looks fake as they just provided us with a tiny and ineligible reg document for a certificate. We are not able to confirm whether CoinZinc is an authentic company in the UK. Besides, if this is a company,it must have real employees working for them. However, these employees are anonymous just like the owner of the domain. This is a huge red flag because we are not about to trust an anonymous site admin hustling for our money and giving zero proof of their activities and identities.

This site also claims that they are participating in mining of Crypto currencies. They ought to have provided some proof which can be acknowledged by their audience. Just claiming that CoinZinc mines Bitcoins and other altcoins isn’t enough. Scammers too make these claims even without providing some sort of evidence.

So far, we have not encountered any form of evidence to suggest that they mine, trade or invest in ICOs. That is in fact the main reason you must stay away from this website at all cost. We do not feel that it is inspiring any trust from its visitors.

Our best advice for you

If you have read this CoinZinc review up to this end, it means you are yearning to see if we will provide any solution after this. Please understand that we never endorse scam sites or platforms that operate like CoinZinc. If you want to trade or make trading a part of your investment portfolio, make use of these Crypto trading robots. Don’t use a ponzi scam that claims to invest client funds without any license from the UK regulators.

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