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Super Commando Forex System is marketed as a Forex indicator that will grab pips with force. However, the site appears to have been built in the early 2000s but at the top of the homepage, they announce that Super Commando Forex System is scooping hundreds of pips every week. Today we are in 2019, and the page still maintains that this Forex indicator makes hundreds of pips in 2018. It simply means that they have not bothered to update this promotion statement. Based on this observation, we suspect that the vendor has poor quality of customer support and is also not taking very good care of their website and product as well.

Super Commando Forex System was allegedly created by a team consisting of William Talbert. This guy is not a popular in the Forex market place. So it is very likely that the developer is using an alias name to represent their product. We have no idea who owns and sells this product. We have no idea what their development and trading experience is due to the use of an alias name. This also suggests that this product won’t be as reliable if you end up investing in it.

Support can be reached through email. We recommend that traders who have found this product to be of interest should email support first before making any purchase. The intention should to find out more about the Forex indicator and also to discover how soon support can reply to your emails. Otherwise, if you are not willing to subject yourself to this hustle, we advice that you sign up with these Forex trading products because we have already verified them and found them to be extremely reliable and profitable. Most of our readers have liked those products and approved them as some of the best trading tools that are available to Forex traders on the internet.

Super Commando Forex System Review

Super Commando Forex System was allegedly developed after 10 years of research and testing. This is according to the developer and not our opinion. They believe that this amount of effort has resulted in a product that is both easy to use and profitable as well. On top of this, they claim that this Forex indicator is also compatible with a number of assets for trading. These include Forex, binary options, stocks, metals, shares and futures.

Super Commando Forex System provides trade alerts through audio pop ups in the MT4 platform, on the charts and through email. The developer reassures their clients that the reason they are providing buy and sell signals in form of pop up alerts and on email and chart is because they do not want their clients to miss out on a pip. They also tell their clients that they should enter the trades as soon as they receive a signal because if they delay, the trade is likely to result in a loss.

This simply means that the tool is optimized for scalping and not swing trading. In scalping, one has to enter the trade as soon as it has been called. If they delay even for a minute, they will most likely lose the opportunity. However, this is not the case with swing trading because here, traders are looking for long term trading opportunities which means that even if traders get in an hour later, they’ll still be able to make reasonable profits. Also, there is no trading strategy which has been discussed on the sales page. This means that the developer is possibly reluctant to tell us the their strategy. We cannot include this product in our list of the best trading products in 2019 since they are not transparent with the kind of strategy they use. If there was some kind of transparency, we would be able to gauge and establish whether the product would be profitable or not.

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Super Commando Forex System

Given that this developer is claiming to have spent 10 years working on this project, it makes sense for them to give a thorough explanation of what they have been doing in the past decade. If that information isn’t available, then it only makes sense to state that this is just a marketing trick and that this developer has not really spent time creating this indicator. That is why they also do not have any explanation as to what they have done and why they believe Super Commando Forex System is the best trading product.


Super Commando Forex System is sold at $97 per license but the developer wants us to believe that the trading indicator is usually sold for $375. So the current price is for a limited time. This product was released in the summer of 2018. So it is not true that this price is for a limited offer. It is the actual price that Super Commando Forex System is selling for. In short, the vendor is trying to make people buy the product quickly without a second thought because in their psychology, they’ll believe that price is going to be raised and this is likely to make the product quite expensive for them.

This is a marketing trick and you should learn to spot vendors who leverage on this trick to lure unsuspecting buyers.

Trading results

We are definitely disappointed by these people because they have not provided their past performance or trading results in a satisfactory way. They are labeling diagrams with random pip gains while we know that this information has not been verified. These screenshots cannot be used as proof of successful trading. In fact, if this product has been tested for 10 years, it simply means that the vendor should be in a position to produce proven results for the tests which they have conducted on this product. Unfortunately this information is not available which means that the product has no verified trading results.

Our best advice for you

We wouldn’t invest in this product even if the cost of a license was only $20. Don’t waste a second, invest in a proper trading tool here. 

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