Commodity Profits App Review: Real Profits or Scam?

Commodity Profits App Review: Real Profits or Scam?

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It’s easy to spot a shady investment product since their owners often leave clues behind. Until now, phony developers have not been able to conceal their tracks completely, and that’s a good thing because it saves the wise from throwing their monies into the trash can.

Actually, you don’t have to scratch your head too hard to realize that Commodity Profits app is an attempt to manipulate your psychology or insult your intellect.

We checked the app and contacted the owner on several occasions just to have them clarifying a number of things concerning the Commodity Profits app.

They got agitated when we insisted on certain critical things like proof of performance.

The owner of Commodity Profits app was obviously afraid of their name being tarnished over here. They would go a great length to prevent this exposing review from being written.

Now, the bad news is that we were going to write a negative review on this product anyway. They’d failed their part, so why not expose them?

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Overview of the Commodity Profits App

The first time we landed on this domain, we realized that indeed someone was willing to invest money in a decent website with polished content.

It seems the writer who did that landing page is a smooth operator, a charmer and probably a charlatan with only a tiny fraction of knowledge in trading.

We loved the choice of words and the mumbo jumbo which made them come across as experienced in Forex and commodity trading.

But in the real sense, this website is just playing around with your psychology and sometimes instilling fear on the reader so that they can take action.

While at it, we ”learned” that silver was God’s money and that coffee could be consumed as food and traded for abnormal profits.

We were also lectured on why oil was getting scarce and how the world population was growing so fast to the extent that it was putting pressure on available resources.

The Commodity Profits app is portrayed as a super-human app that wins trades with a remarkable strike rate.

Apparently, it’s the only app you need to make money while others are failing at it.

The Commodity Profits app promises to put you at par with the big sharks. While others struggle to beat the banks, the Commodity Profits app promises to place you on the side of the big boys — which in this case is the banks and other financial institution of Wall Street.

The Commodity Profits app consists of 7-in-1 package. These packages have been sorted in terms of Gold Module, Silver Module, Oil Module, Copper, Palladium, Bitcoin and Coffee modules.

Each module was apparently tested like 20,000 times on a live account with real money.

The Gold module is said to be the most ”profitable” since it has a remarkable win rate of 916%.

When they ”invested” 100k into this module, it ”yielded” a return of $916,000 in just a couple of months.

Not only is this an abnormal win rate, but it’s also an insult to our intelligence.

These flashy profits cannot be verified even though the owner of this website left behind ”links” to their respective verification pages on

Sadly, these links have never functioned. We clicked on them and landed on an empty page.While still at it, the writer continued with his blubbering on how Commodity Profits app was the best auto-trader with verified results.

 Commodity Profits App
All links of verified performance record pointing to a blank page

But where are these results now that they are still boasting?

We click to verify and end up on an empty page. This happened in all the 7 modules which they claim have performed really well, and that verified results can be seen by everyone since they are a ”transparent” developer.

That’s not a coincidence or a surprise. We expected them to make promises and deliver nothing in terms of historical performance. That’s red flag number 1.

Commodity Profits app: a hoax being peddled as a genuine robot

By now, you should be very scared of this developer. They talk a lot and deliver nothing.

Even though they claim to have made over $10m in hard cash and that these profits are verified, users can’t actually verify these claims.

Please take note that it is also impossible to verify their track record of success since the website doesn’t present any form of document or links back to their verification source.

Exaggeration is the hallmark of this project. The use of words such as unhackable or sophisticated AI with 4,000 lines of code is a tactic used to convince you on the seriousness of the matter.

Ask them to explain how Commodity Profits app works, and you will be disappointed.

We were willing to go this extra mile anyway. For the first time, they made it clear that this was a binary options product as opposed to a Forex trading software.

It was a surprise because no one mentioned this throughout the 2000+ words that were used to describe the Commodity Profits app.

We learned that the Commodity Profits app was programmed by some 2 experienced ”Russian engineers” — and there is no truth in this.

The word Russia was dragged into this statement because the best software developers apparently come from Russia.

It would therefore make sense to associate Commodity Profits app with Russian software engineers. That’s a great idea in terms of marketing, don’t you think?

They literally assembled thousands of scripts into this app. They also did a little bit of ”reverse engineering” so that we may never copy this Expert Advisor no matter what we do.

In fact, the Commodity Profits app is described as a priceless app. They intend to sell for an unknown amount of money to the first 50 subscribers.

At this point, we wanted to know the price tag on this ”revolutionary” trading bot.

To our surprise, the website announced that Commodity Profits app was to be obtained for free provided you sign up with one of their brokers.

We laughed and decided to give them a chance to talk some more because that’s what they know best, not trading commodities.

More absurd claims on Commodity Profits app

A bunch of testimonials have been published at the bottom of the site, forgetting that they had initially announced that only 5 individuals were using this app at the moment 😛 .

Now they are opening the app to every Tom, Dick and Harry, including your grandma for free. Remember the claim that it took them 26 years of hard testing to create Commodity Profits app.

It also took a lot of begging for Antony and Ronald — the Russian engineers to offer this product to the public. Now it’s being distributed for cents or literally for free. This is certainly an irony and the subject of ridicule for those who have visited this domain before.

Our Best Advice for You

We were not able to find the track record for the so-called Russian engineers. They also lied of having sought independent auditing from a German notary firm called Notariat Schmidt. This firm’s contact number is 03501-5640-0 as opposed to +36 21 2620 996. What a coincidence?

commodity profits app
fake phone number

On the other hand, the website portrayed them as very successful individuals who have participated in several trade expos before.

When asked how this system works, we were given a very shallow explanation. They even blacked out certain words in their sentences claiming that they didn’t want to leak the secret.

The bottom line is that Commodity Profits app is a cheaply assembled EA with good words to promote it. Use our top-rated expert advisors and mentoring programs instead of wasting your trading capital on this app.

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  1. First of all, I would like to start off by saying just how well written this article is, as it is clear that time and effort was spent on researching this and gathering all of the information. Also, the information was presented in a clear and concise way that was very easy to follow and understand.Overall, this was a greatly written, very informative article. 10/10!

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