Computta Review: Scam Bitcoin Operation by Hackers!

Computta Review: Scam Bitcoin Operation by Hackers!

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The site Computta, which can be found hosted at is quite suspicious. It’s a mining application that promises free BTC.

How exactly is this Bitcoin generated? Through your PC’s processor. But we already know that mining through your PC’s processor is something you cannot do successfully. It’s an exercise in futility. Costs will quickly swallow all your profits, thus rendering it impossible to mine any Bitcoin at home.

You see, mining through a home computer is something that has been there for years. If someone told you that you could make some Bitcoin with your computer 7 years ago, you could believe him because that its how it used to be.

Today, if you try to mine with that same computer or even a new one, it’s guaranteed that this activity will turn your computer into an oven and eventually a stove that burns up everything.

That is the reason why we have these Cryptocurrency cloud mining sites. Mining at home is no longer viable due to the high cost of electricity and hardware maintenance. You won’t generate any profit out of your mining activities.

Therefore, to be able to mine Bitcoins and other altcoins profitably, Computta would have talked about special ASICs which are optimized to do this job using massive heat sinks and cooling fans.

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You would need to dream in this path in order to make a coin. Therefore, the bottom line is that Computta is only taking you for a ride because what they are promising is a total waste of your time and resources.

Computta Review: what exactly is the purpose of this site?

The way we see it is that Computta is most probably a scam where the perpetrators will lead innocent victims to unknowingly lend them computing power for free.

Remember that when you do this, the criminal will also consume your electricity for free, and thus the cost of your electricity bill will go up.

computta review

In addition to this, Computta is also a pyramid scheme where users are required to sign up under older members and also download and install the software in question as a requirement.

That is exactly the way this site builds up its ponzi scheme setup.

But one might say that all this is free, and doesn’t cost anything. What are you really going to lose?

To know the extent of damage that you’ll most likely incur, you’ll need to think about this in terms of malicious software that people install only for those apps to start mining utilizing your machine’s processor to mine Cryptocurrencies in the background.

This kind of action will surely slow down your machine and even render it impossible to use at some point in time.

But how exactly does this hacker manage to generate some Bitcoins if mining at home is no longer a feasible activity?

Well, think about it this way. If they infect millions of PCs across the world, the computing capabilities of those machines, when collected together, can actually make enough Bitcoins for the criminals to feel happy about their efforts.

Now, just in case you didn’t know, this is the true definition of Computta and any other site that is operating based on this business model.

When you accept to download and install that application, you will be essentially giving the hackers the permission to use your resources for mining activities, voluntarily.

We are not just making empty claims here. These are based on facts. You see, we have seen a number of user feedback out there where some people claimed that it was impossible to make money with this site.

Based on the reasoning above, we now see why these people have claimed that Computta is not a money generating website.

Also, we don’t want you to fall for their cheap gimmick where they tell you that the software in question will not take up your computing resources. Do not believe this for a second because they are clearly lying to you.

Most users say that this Computta scheme actually cripples your PC’s processing power. Even high end gaming rigs do suffer a lot to the extent that they can no longer function optimally.

Should you trust this site?

The answer is a big fat No. You shouldn’t because the site acts and feels like an established ponzi scheme with no grain of truth.

The other thing is that the origin of the owner of this site can never be traced. So when you accept to download and install the so called Bitcoin mining application in your PC, you will essentially install a virus that will end up wrecking havoc by crippling the operations of your machine.

Finally, you should also remember that Bitcoin mining at home has not been any profitable for a number of years now.

The features and promises made by Computta

You can expect scammers to be nice when it comes to promises which they are making.

Therefore, it is expected when they say that this software is very convenient, easy to install as it takes only two clicks to get started with etc.


They also claim that it is fully automated, which is the same exact thing that newbies who don’t want to spend money on legitimate Cryptocurrency cloud mining sites want to hear.

And most importantly, the software is free. That’s expected anyway.

The problem is that you are donating your computing resources to someone else, and you are performing that action without any compensation. You could have rented your computer to earn some pennies if you looked at it from another angle, right?

The question marks that we are having

You must be thinking that only Cryptocurrency buffs like us have the real ability to perceive what is a scam and what is legitimate.

But that’s not the case. It is just pure common sense. Look at the premise that this idea is based on — PC mining at home.

Do you see that Bitcoin mining at home is no longer a feasible operation? It’s a ludicrous proposition. The best thing to do is avoid people who try to sell such ideas to you. These people deserve to be dismissed as quickly as possible.

Also, the referral program which the homepage of Computta website is dedicated to tells us that this is pure pyramid scheming.

The scammers don’t just need one or two computers. They need hundreds if not millions. And the best way to go about it is to encourage victims to share widely to the advantage of the scammers themselves.

That way, they can build a ”smart miner” which will end up generating a significant amount of Bitcoin. Ultimately, they can choose to walk away when the whole thing has been discontinued.

Our best advice for you

This scam is aimed at people who have very little knowledge on Cryptocurrencies — as evidently seen on the unconvincing YouTube videos on their homepage.

When you scroll down the homepage of Computta, you will see testimonials from someone called “Vijay Ramani”. The photo has been recycled hundreds of scams across the internet, right from the real estate scam business down to furniture and even pet websites. It’s just a stock photo, not someone who has mined Bitcoin with any site on the internet. Our best advice is this: stop imagining that Computta is a legit site.

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