Counter Punch Trader Scam: Up-to-Date Review

Counter Punch Trader Scam: Up-to-Date Review

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Most retail traders jump into the gravy train that the Counter Punch Trader is without giving it a second thought.

They are quickly overwhelmed by hype and carefully-executed marketing campaigns which appeal to the deepest parts of a soul that desires to make quick Forex dollars.

In the end, they lose trades, grow frustrated so that indiscipline trading can set in. When this happens, they lose again and again.

Eventually, they look for another snake oil system which, apparently works like Counter Punch Trader, hoping that things will change.

Well, at this point, you know where this retail trader is ending at. They are definitely going to be left as broke as a church mouse because trusting these trading systems is damn expensive, yet they are crappy.

The Counter Punch Trader is aggressively being pushed to the masses through whatever means possible.

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These obscure promotional tactics range from the use of fake testimonials to dubious trade rooms which they claim is exclusive to members only. Secret stuff here.

Counter Punch Trader trading room
Exclusive video of a trading room where Counter Punch Trader was used

The Counter Punch Trader system is described as the only trading system that you’d need to sail the choppy Forex markets because it precisely identifies entries, stops and targets.

The promotion is carefully crafted to make the system look as if it is going to address a major concern that all struggling retail traders suffer.

We all know — (and even rookies will know) that markets sometimes become choppy, and it’s painful to trade such a market.

NetPicks Counter Punch Trader promises to address this problem by countering it. I wonder why an experienced trader would want to trade a choppy market in the first place. It’s not worth gambling your money on a choppy market regardless of the system you are using.

I have been digging out for the truth to reveal why Counter Punch Trader sucks. I will get personal and dirty with this product as I reveal my opinion and observation — backed by some credible evidence that this is a shit-show of fraud at its best.


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The Counter Punch Trader – what it is

It is claimed that Counter Punch Trader tells you how to trade while also giving you all the crucial market readings needed to enter and exit trades profitably.

Consequently, this would help you catch ”assured” trades as or when they form. The Counter Punch Trader is supposed to eliminate guesswork and help you tackle the choppy market in the most profitable way.

Well, you must be thinking that this is a great trading system to take advantage of. But wait, how do you know that it is a great trading system if the creator doesn’t even have a track record of ever trading successfully with his so-called magical Counter Punch Trader?

Let me make one thing clear: the Counter Punch Trader is nothing more than just a mere Forex indicator that has been sugar-coated to look as if it’s some sort of a revolutionary, never-heard before system that can make money for any Forex trader.

You must be asking yourself why only 5% of Forex traders are actually successful while the rest fail — even when ‘magical systems’ exist.

In a market that readily lets you access miracle-performing systems like Counter Punch Trader, don’t you think it would be sensible to see everyone quitting their 9-5 daily grind so that they can enter a business that has suddenly become profitable, thanks to systems like the Counter Punch Trader?

I will repeat my statement again … this is a Forex indicator. It does not do anything more than what other Forex indicators are already doing.

But the reason why it sounds so sophisticated is that NetPicks (the face behind it) has been promoting it aggressively while telling people that it’s the real deal.

Then, where is the success record for this trading system?

Who are NetPicks by the way?

NetPicks is a stock-picking service where Forex and stock investment ‘gurus’ pitch all kinds of free and premium offers.

They first tell you as their victim that they can help you eliminate guesswork so that you can only enter ”sure” trades.

These charlatans announce on top of the roof that they know how to take advantage of market volume. They also claim that they have a few markets which they consider very profitable. You will soon make them your ‘favorite’ market when you subscribe to their free hot list and tutorial.

NetPicks has a landing page whose role is purposely to collect email identities of their visitors. The victim would then be nurtured with what seems like authentic market updates.

netpicks landingpage
Netpicks sales page

Of course those who will not benefit from their market forecast will opt out. But remember that this is a game where NetPicks will focus on one market and tell half of their subscribers that the stock will climb will the rest will be informed that the market will take a downturn.

In this scenario, half of their subscribers will emerge winners and the other half will emerge losers.

Now, this is the perfect scamming setup that’s needed to pitch the so-called Counter Punch Trader and other bogus trading products and services.

You will also be hustled into joining a trading room to watch how experts are putting Counter Punch Trader to task.

Well, this is just a show piece of credibility. Believe me, a business that has been at it for 20 years knows how to manipulate rookie traders. The tricks can never be discovered by the average Joe who believes everything they are told about the Counter Punch Trader.

A false case study

This link ( spreads propaganda, and is nothing short of a fabricated testimonial.

It’s make-believe stuff that investors are supposed to believe is the real thing.

That story is just a fairy tale — it does not have any credibility. Rest assured Joe is not even a trader or a user of this trading system.

To add credibility to a story piece, one has to include verifiable sources by the way. Screenshots of an MT4 account doesn’t do it as these pictures can be taken from a demo account or a live account belonging to someone else. This is outright forgery. It’s the kind of work that people with no track record specialize in.

Our Best Advice for you

I can’t form a positive opinion on a product just because I was invited through some landing sales page to watch a video of how the trading system works.

The so-called live webinars where the Counter Punch Trader is promoted is a waste of time. You will never find any track record here — only unverified claims of success with a system that is hyped and sold through various domains that are associated with NetPicks.

Such domains include,, and many more.

These links are promoted by charlatans who sell snake oil in the trading scenes. Having done this for 20 years means nothing if you can’t make profit with this product.

Also, a company that has existed for 20 years should have a track record or at least be proud to display broker statements indicating how successful they’ve been in trading the Forex market. Apparently, this is the topic they hate most. Avoid Counter Punch Trader at all cost. It’s not productive. You should use these Forex systems if you really mean to trade.

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  1. The poster makes a great point! Systems that don’t include a track record are hard to trust. The reason the system creator would not want to show a track record is if the track record isn’t very good.

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