Crescent Crypto Asset Review: A Scam Crypto Fund?

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Crescent Crypto Asset Review: A Scam Crypto Fund?

After looking at their services, we had to post the Crescent Crypto ( review for our readers. The platform seems professional, and their expected ROI is realistic. We also found out that a serious team operates the platform. With an expert team behind the platform, quality service is to be expected with this platform. From their homepage to the information provided, the platform looks to be an ideal Crypto fund platform. Read this entire post and get the full details of CrescentCrypto.

Crescent Crypto Review

About Crescent Crypto

The platform is a financial services firm dedicated to offering Crypto asset investment opportunities. It manages a suite of high-quality customized investment programs and indices. Their complexity-free offerings include programs for high net worth individuals and institutions. Users can be able to track their index thanks to a stringent selection of criteria. The platform hunts down the performance of the most secure crypto assets.

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Crescent Crypto is by far one of the most attractive crypto fund investment platforms we have seen in a while. The only problem that is huge with the platform is licensing issues. It appears that any entity does not regulate the platform. They are not under any company or entity that is regulated anywhere in the world. Apart from this, the platform has an engaging website that is easy to navigate. And this is the reason why we have to insist that users should be extra careful.

Assets available on the platform

The platform has made it possible for users to go for four different types of Crypto indices. One of its biggest selling points is the Market index, which was launched in 2016. It has a market capitalization of $277,495,121,519. The second crypto index available is Anonymity Index. It was launched in 2017, and re-balancing is done monthly. The Contract Platform Index is the third asset and is also subject to monthly re-balancing. ATL index is the last asset available and was launched in 2016, and information is found on a PDF guide.

Business owner

Crescent Crypto Founders

They have a team page that has the names of all players involved with the platform. Ali Hassan is the co-founder and was a VC at Granger Management and Fairview Capital. Josh Stinson is the CISO, while Michael Kazley is the co-founder and manager. The last team member is Christopher Matta, who is the co-founder and manager of the firm. These four gentlemen all have a taste for portfolio management. There are no details to show that they have the experience needed with Crypto assets, which are noteworthy.

Comments and feedback from clients

The problem with Crypto fund investment platforms, which target high end, is feedback. We could not find any feedback from current or previous users of the platform. And this poses a huge problem to anyone who signs up with the platform. It could mean that there is no valid confirmation that their strategy works. And this is a massive problem for anyone who tries to sign up. Without any feedback from social media platforms, the entire platform is lacking on evidence.

Compliance, License, and Registration of Crescent Crypto

Crescent Crypto Available Terms and Conditions

Crescent Crypto is NOT LICENSED or registered by any regulatory body. And this deals the platform a massive blow as investors will most likely shy away. The best thing about a regulated entity is the security they offer to investors. With the high deposit required with this platform, the security of funds is of high importance. Without regulation from authorities, the platform is unable to prove they offer insurance cover. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, members face the risk of losing their funds.

The platform is also failing to give users compliance information. It means that the platform fails in its obligation to offer transparency. A real crypto fund will be upfront on where they stand with regulation. They even fail to disclose whether they have applied for a license with regulators. And it points to the lack of seriousness a Crypto platform deserves. With nearly three years of online experience, they ought to have a permit. It is this reason that we withhold recommending this Crypto fund platform.

Domain information

A check using a domain checker took reveals the platform is barely three years old. The exact time the website went live was 30th September 2017. By now, the platform should have garnered some reviews from members. Without these ratings, we are not sure whether the team is entirely upfront with their expected ROI. And this is what makes this platform a risky crypto fund. Although it has some well-groomed management experts, the results remain to be seen by anyone.

Features of Crescent Crypto

According to their terms, Crescent Crypto is treated as a pass-through partnership for tax purposes. The custodian of the platform is Coinbase custody, and the redemptions are weekly. There are no lock-ups. Investor qualification is what shuns investors outside the United States. To qualify for this Crypto fund, one must be a U.S. accredited investor and qualified purchaser only. It means that the platform is only targeting U.S. investors. The expense ratio quoted on this platform is 2.00 percent.

Deposits and fees

Crescent Crypto Account Tiers Fees and Pricing

Crescent Crypto is furnishing users with three tiers to choose from. The first tier users must deposit $50,000 and has an annual expense ratio of 2.00 percent. Investors who want the second tier must deposit $250,000 and comes with an expense ratio of 1.50 percent. The last level attracts a minimum deposit of $1,000,000, with an annual expense fee of 0.95 percent. Some of the alleged benefits that come include having the best execution price. These are the available account types with this platform.

Performance and results

When it comes to the things that matter, it is what makes us shun this platform. Apart from using charts, there is no way of verifying these results. And this is what makes trading with this platform risky. All they do is provide a winning mentality with no proof of concept. Users should note that the platform does not offer any valid information on their transactions. All these are hypotheticals with no verified results. And this is the main reason why we have to fold our hands with this Crypto fund investment platform.

Support from staff

Disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has a contact us link. Once you click on it, visitors are directed to a mail address. The problem with emails is that they are a one-way communication process. An investor might send a mail hoping for a quick response only to get one three weeks late. They should have done better with their communication channels. We fail to see why the platform fails to offer live chat support or post a phone number. It goes to show their lack of customer relations services.

Scam or Legit Crescent Crypto

Crescent Crypto is a platform that has exciting Crypto fund options. The only problem with the platform is compliance and results. By now, the founders should have completed their license forms and already has a working permit. There is no trader in their right mind will deposit $250,000 to a platform with no success record.

Final thought

The problem with this platform is apparent for all to see. Security of funds is a huge problem since there is no money-back guarantee. They even fail to disclose whether the platform offers any money-back guarantees. And this is why we have to insist on using other products.

Stay safe in the Crypto trading world by using relevant tools backed by the trading community. These tools have the best set up and have been proven to work. Go for robust crypto robots that offer a realistic chance of winning with Crypto investment. It is what successful traders use to get ahead of the trading world.

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