Crest Coin Options Review: It’s Hard to Believe a Scam

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Crest Coin Options Review: It’s Hard to Believe a Scam

How will you know that Crest Coin Options is legit or scam? That’s one question that so many people who are interested in this platform have asked us. And the answer is simple. We are going to run a quick scam check to determine the authenticity of the program. Are you ready? Read this review till the end.

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Crest Coin Options Review

What exactly is Crest Coin Options? It is a website that claims to manage assets on behalf of investors. It claims that it has employed a number of trade analysts and experts to trade Binary options and also mine Bitcoin as a method of generating more revenue for its members.

Unfortunately, these specialists and experts cannot be verified. This promotional information is not verifiable, which makes us believe that Crest Coin Options is just taking us for a ride.

Crest Coin Options is also promising monthly returns that can reach 50% per month. That’s half of what you invested. Let’s say you invested $500 for example, you’d make $250 profit at the end of the month.

The question is this: can you make half what you just invested in such a short period of time? Experience tells us that even though this is a possibility, this platform does not have what it takes to make these returns.

To know whether Crest Coin Options is an investment scam, just take a look at the numbers and think long and hard. Nobody has ever made 50% ROI by just mining or trading Bitcoins. It is a lie. Those numbers just give them away because nobody can believe that this program really mines or trades Cryptocurrencies on behalf of its investors.

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Crest Coin Options is also claiming affiliation with Bitfury. This claim could be false because there is no evidence that Bitfury is linked to Crest Coin Options. If they were truly connected, Crest Coin Options would have known that Bitfury is currently not the largest Bitcoin miner in the world. Did they do their research before trying to claim this false affiliation? We wonder.

It is quite embarrassing to claim such an affiliation while disregarding the fact that curious people will investigate to find out if its true.

In this case, we have investigated and discovered that this affiliation is not true. They are just using the name of Bitfury to gain fame. That could be treated as a crime.

Crest Coin Options is an illegal service

For one to legally provide investment advice, they must seek licensing. Even sites that claim to offer investment advice but with no license will publish a disclaimer as a way of alerting visitors that their content must never be treated as investment advice.

The point is, investment service are regulated. You need a license in order to offer the kind of plans that Crest Coin Options is offering. If you don’t have a license, you are committing a crime.

If they claim that Crest Coin Options is based out of the UK, they should be having this license by now. There is no question about it.

However, it seems that these guys are playing ignorant or are simply disregarding the fact that UK is regulating this industry.

That should be treated as a red flag because we don’t see how this service can disobey regulations and still honor your rights. This is not going to be possible.

Crest Coin Options review

The company claims that it is based out of the UK. But there are no traces of this company in the said jurisdiction. The same applies to claims that it has offices in the US. This is not possible because US is heavily regulating brokers and those who purport to offer investment advice. This has contributed to a situation where most investment hustlers are opting to operate out of the US to avoid hefty penalties and possible jail terms.

Therefore, it is not true that Crest Coin Options has offices in the US. It is just not possible. Another thing is that this website isn’t registered in the UK as a company. We have failed to find any records that would insinuate otherwise.

Most of the time, an investment scam will speak for itself. Look at how Crest Coin Options is presenting this fake opportunity, thereby embarrassing themselves.

They are anonymous and unlicensed. That fact is disregarded though because their main target is ignorant people who have money to throw away.

How can you send money to anonymous people who are asking for payment in Cryptocurrencies? It is dangerous since you’re taking a big risk.

See, cryptocurrency payments are not reversible. And the reason why they want to remain anonymous is because they are committing a fraud in the name of Cryptocurrency investing. The victim will always lose money in the end. We have no doubt about this.

Crest Coin Options: a ponzi scheme

We are forced to believe that this is an illegal financial game. A ponzi scheme is never a sustainable business model.

A ponzi scheme will always keep the site admin anonymous, yet go ahead and ask for money in order to join the program.

They will have a referral program in place because new investors are the ”fresh blood” of the ecosystem. They make payments which are then used to pay older members.

Just a small fraction of the total deposit will go towards these payments. The rest of the payment is the property of the site owner. That’s the truth behind the curtains.

But for them to convince you into joining this fake money making opportunity, they have to use all sorts of tricks such as ”We will mine for you, trade for you” etc. The reality is that these guys never own any mining hardware. That is the reason why they don’t show the exact location where mining rigs have been installed. They just mention it in the passing because there are no details to dwell on. When a person tells lies, it is easy to detect it.

We are not surprised that even trading results are missing in this website. If Crest Coin Options is able to trade and make consistent profits, where are the redacted broker statements to prove this point? And which brokers are they trading with? We want to know this information in advance so that we can at least confirm if Crest Coin Options is one of their clients.

Now, since a lot of questions have arose out of their presentation, we can only wait and wait for more answers. These guys are surely smart because they are operating a ponzi scheme that will collapse with people’s money. At present, it is just a cash cow. Nothing more. Nobody knows when it shall collapse though.

Our best advice for you

Crest Coin Options does not convince us that they are truly trading and mining Cryptos. If there was trading, they would have shown us their past results. If there was mining, they would have posted pictures of their mining rigs which can easily be verified by Google maps. These guys are simply taking their audience for a ride, and we won’t allow it. To be safe, we are pleading with you to invest in CRYPTO TRADING using these companies. That’s it.

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