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Are you annoyed by the number of sites that come up every day purporting to mine Crypto currencies when all they do is to collect deposits and vanish after a few months? You are not alone. In fact, many investors who would like to multiply their coins feel the same, thanks to sites like We have investigated the site carefully and discovered that it is a site that cannot be trusted. They are selling 1 Ghs for $1 and are claiming that when you sign up, you will receive a bonus of 500 Dodgecoin.

The site used to run on an old domain If you visit this domain, you will land on a page that announces to visitors that the site has been moved to due to a DDOS attack. Moreover, the site does not look professional at all. There are a few spelling errors on the homepage which is an indication of how lazy the site admin is. They could have done a good job if they just hired someone to write the text of the site.

Also, there are many red flags that show prove the site is not seriously into mining any coins. For example, they are claiming to own the latest mining equipment. But where is the evidence? Where are their data centers? This is a question that the site has not addressed well. We need more explanation to even consider purchasing hash power from the site. Otherwise, we think it’s not worth investing with the site. If you need reliable Crypto currency cloud mining sites that can generate realistic profits for your investment, click here. 

Cripto Miner Review

The first red flag that you will find on this site is the announcement that members earn a daily bonus o0.00199 BitCoin. These claims are hard to believe if there is no explanation to back the idea that the site is generating revenue from Crypto mining. The site also claims that many of their members have been able to double their investments within the first 2-4 months. If this was true, Cripto Miner would have been the most popular cloud mining site on the internet. By now, it would be making headlines in the Crypto currency cloud mining industry. The reason why this is a lie is because the figures they are giving us here are simply not true. They are too good to be true. And when it is too good to be true, it simply means that the opportunity is a scam.

Cripto Miner

The other red flag is that Cripto Miner is paying 50% returns per month. Our question is what are these numbers based on? Can the site provide some sort of proof to show that some of their users are gaining this much in Crypto currency mining? Apparently, there is no evidence to support these claims. It can’t get any worse.

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Background of the site Cripto Miner

Usually when a site makes bold statements which involve promises that people are earning big amounts of money, the first thing to look at is their background. Is the site backed by a corporation and is it credible? Apparently, Cripto Miner is embracing 100% anonymity. The site does not talk about their history or whether or not they are backed by a corporation. They just want us to believe that they will mine for us even if they are faceless. Again, this should be considered a serious red flag. Otherwise, if we ignore these details, then the worst is likely to happen.

Any evidence of mining?

Let’s agree on this. For mining to take place, we need to set up mining rigs that generate Bitcoins. It is not enough to claim that you will mine Bitcoins when no mining rigs have been set up. In the case of Cripto Miner, there is zero proof that they have mining rigs. We therefore cannot trust that the site will mine any Bitcoins.

Their FAQ also fails to satisfy our curiosity with regards to the operation of the site. They are not addressing the questions that we need answers to. Instead, it only contains generic text which no serious investor will waste their time reading. Again, this proves that Cripto Miner is a scam.

Should we trust Cripto Miner?

To trust Cripto Miner with a huge investment would be a blander. To waste your time and mental energy on this site would only result in the loss of your funds as you suffer disappointments. As we browse the site, we realize that there is lack of consistency in the sales pitch. At one point, they claim that they will reward new users with 500 Dodgecoin. In the footer of the site, they claim that they will reward new users with 500 Dodgecoin bonus. So which is true between the two statements? That’s the main question here.

Due to lack of transparency and 100% anonymity, the site comes across as a classic scam job where the scammer is too lazy to set up a convincing site. If you still believe that Cripto Miner has mining rigs running in the background, then you probably deserve to be scammed. Otherwise, if you are the careful one, our advice is that you should avoid these kinds of sites. We have reviewed many of them here and by now, you should know what signs to look for.

Things to remember before parting with any money

The site has a faceless owner who wants you to send them some money in exchange for hash power. Do you think they will deliver the product? The answer is no.

The site does not provide any evidence to support the claim that they have the latest mining rigs. So, do you believe that mining rigs are running in the background waiting for you to sign up? Again, no is the answer.

Our best advice for you

Start thinking about the alternatives that you can trust but not this site. Cripto Miner is basically a cheap scam. If you want those alternatives, we have listed them here for your reference. 

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