Crown Managers Review: Dangerous Scam

Crown Managers Review: Dangerous Scam

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This review proves that Crown Managers at is owned and managed by stubborn scammers. Having been banned by their previous hosting company, these internet criminals decided to register Crowd Managers with a totally different host, and now they have even revamped their look completely. This makes it difficult for anyone searching to identify this site in relation to its current look

Thankfully, we are here to blow the whistle again. Crown Managers was designed to steal Bitcoin from depositors from day one. They have a very bad reputation which got them in trouble with their host in the first place. This happened as a result of many complaints being thrown back and forth on the internet, thus painting this website with a negative picture. Investors were lamenting how they lost money to this scam and how authorities are doing nothing to stop these criminals from having so much leeway.

We want to make it clear that the safety of your money on the internet is with you. It’s your responsibility to carry out due diligence before throwing your money at scams like Crown Managers. Once money has exchanged hands and has reached their pockets, there are not so many things you can do to get it back.

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Crown Managers Review

To start with, what exactly is Crown Managers? Crown Managers is a website that is purporting to trade crypto-currencies on behalf of investors.

They claim that they do have the highest return on investment for anyone who wants to make quick wealth. The website claims that this business is managed by four veteran traders namely David Wobbes (CEO), Marcus Alexander Mann (COO), Manuel Zeche (CFO) and Mikhail G. Porta (Head of Business Development).

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The website also claims that they are alleviating people from their financial burdens and that they are offering investors across the world the opportunity to make money work for them and not vice versa.

The website has a business address on the footer which is stated as 5 Maison de Soins de l’Etat, 9440 Vianden Luxembourg. A phone number has also been provided for those who want to make inquires through phone calls. With a phone number placed on their website, these scammers are hoping that they will be building trust and credibility since some investors think that credible websites often allow prospects to call their operators.

But this is not always the case. There are some instances where people got conned through websites that had published their phone contacts. Basically, a phone contact number is not rubber stamp proof that you will not lose money.


This is not the cheapest scam out there. So far, there are 3 expensive plans which this website is allegedly offering to investors.

crown managers plans

The starter plan requires a minimum investment of $10,000 to get started with. The basic plan is asking for $25,000 and then the ultimate plan is being offered for $50,000.

Most crypto-currency scams don’t ask this much for their starter plans. Starter plans are meant to be affordable to all people. Even scammers know this very well, which is why their starter plans are often priced as low as $20. When you subscribe to that particular plan, you will make some profit which will then encourage you to deposit more money into the scammer’s bank account. At this point, you will end up losing everything. That’s how they operate this business, and Crown Managers is no exception.

That being said, we should move to the next critical description of how this scam intends to work in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

How Crown Managers works

Going by the values which they are requesting as minimum deposit, we can say that this scam is basically targeting well-off investors who are only looking to add more portfolio to their investments.

crown managers scam project plan

The first thing we need to realize is that Crown Managers is only accepting money that can be deposited in Bitcoin or through wire transfer. That’s the first red flag which you should be suspicious about.

You see, any fund manager who is operating a big company where thousands or even millions of dollars are traded is always accept a number of deposit methods. They will accept Visa and MasterCard for instance. This is because these people generally don’t have to worry about charge-backs or getting sued by their customers due to misconduct or fraudulent activities.

However, with Bitcoin payment, it is impossible for the client to know where their money went to. Once money is sent, it cannot be recovered. That also means that you can never identify the person you sent money to.

Secondly, scammers also tend to show preference towards wire transfers. It’s somehow convenient for them. But Bitcoin deposits are even more convenient and secretive than wire transfers.

Therefore, this provides a safe haven for Crown Managers scammers to operate from.

The ultimate evidence that Crown Managers is intended to steal Bitcoin

This website is even more dangerous that a Ponzi scheme. While they make it look genuine by promising a huge return on investment coupled with a reliable customer support operating 24/7, the truth is that Crown Managers is looking to steal money in the most unprofessional ways.

By simply reading the website, you will never know which brokers they are working with. There is no mention of LPOA document which suggests that someone will be trading with your account. Besides, they don’t make it clear enough whether or not they are looking to pool funds together so that they can trade them in one account.

When we conducted a thorough investigation to try establishing whether this business was located in the said address, we found evidence suggesting that no such business by the name Crown Managers was being operated in that address.

When we called the phone number on their site, our calls went answers. It prompted us to send them an email playing the role of a naive investor with money to waste. They responded immediately and even offered us a way to send the cash using a Bitcoin address.

On a separate occasion, we sent them an email inquiring about their service. We made it clear that we were looking for proof of performance and payouts (according to the alleged return on investment). Things got murky because the person who handling this conversation was not willing to reveal details of their trading records. They were not willing to show us proof of payment too.

When we pushed them further, they reminded us that it was written on their site that anyone seeking to use their service ought to have known that any form of trading was risky and could result in losses.

So then, does this mean that Crown Managers has never traded and made profits even for a single day? The reply above suggests so. Have they made payments to members before? Well, it is not clear as to whether this website has investors or not.

Our best advice for you

The ball is resting in your court now. Having presented such massive evidence that directly incriminates this company and whoever is running it, we can conclude that Crown Managers is a big time scam. Send them money at your own risk.

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5 Replies to “Crown Managers Review: Dangerous Scam”

  1. Ik ben weldegelijk door Crown Managers gescammed. Heb er 12K in geinvesteerd. Heb 2x een betaling gehad, daarna begonnen ze met allerlei verzonnen reguleringen je meer geld uit je wallet te beroven.

  2. Crown Managers is inderdaad een scam! Ik heb 2x kunnen afhalen, vervolgens vroegen ze om ‘belastingen’ aan hen te betalen en hebben ze niets meer uitgekeerd.

  3. Crown Managers is een grote scam! Ze werken heel geraffineerd. Ze hebben diverse Facebook profielen die je vertrouwen wekken. Zoals David Hollenbach, Kader Roged, Manuel Zeche , Endy Biller en Rebecca Simmons. Allemaal nep! Trap er niet in! Ik ben zelf het adres wezen checken. En vond er uitsluitend het huis van de boswachter. WEES GEWAARSCHUWD!!!!!!

      1. They scammed me. I made an appointment to visit them in their so called office in Vianden, Luxemburg. But there was no one and they also stopped paying. All are gone. Be aware of a so called Manuel Zeche, Kader Roged, David Hollenbach and Endy Biller. All scammers!

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