Cryp Trade Capital Review: Avoid a Hedge Fund Scam

Cryp Trade Capital Review: Avoid a Hedge Fund Scam

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Cryp Trade Capital is definitely the oddest thing we’ve seen on the internet lately. You see, Cryptocurrency trading platforms are a popular thing today. So it would have definitely made great sense if Cryp Trade Capital website was a trading software for example. But the problem is that it isn’t.

The reason why we are baffled by Cryp Trade Capital is that it is no ordinary trading service since we are required to fund these guys so they can multiply our investments.

Cryp Trade Capital is simply one of those convoluted websites where the operators claim that if we invest a certain amount, there will be daily profits forever. The alleged return on investment is so high that we can only continue pondering about it to see how possible to earn these figures are.

Cryp Trade Capital is definitely promising insane interest rates for their plans. For that and many other reasons, we have decided to write a review of the Cryp Trade Capital website. Once you’re done with reading this, we promise you that things will never be the same again. You will not want to go anywhere near the site again.

Cryp Trade Capital review

You can even call it ”Creep Trade Capital” if you want. Things are not as good as you thought. Many people want to know what Cryp Trade Capital really is.

But on the other hand, we are thinking that this is a funny question, and we don’t think we have a comprehensive answer yet.

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It’s weird because this website does not have any product or service which they are offering to their investors. But they are indicating that business operations will be running as usual, and that investors only need to purchase a plan in order to start seeing profits trickling into their accounts.

Most of the time, Cryptocurrency trading scams will tell us that they are selling a trading product, service or at the very least — trading educating which can help the average investor earn money with Bitcoin.

But now this is not the case with Cryp Trade Capital website.

cryp trade capital review

Thankfully, our investigations have unearthed massive evidence suggesting that Cryp Trade Capital is a big hedge fund scam. In this setup, people are asked to invest a certain amount of money so that the crooks who run the show can trade or multiply it through some other means. From here, the operators of the website are supposed to turn in profits for the investor whose job will be to sit back and wait for their daily payouts.

The reason why we find this creepy is because Cryptocurrencies work in a different way. Altcoins can only be accessed by owners who have the private keys of their wallets. If you are not the owner of that wallet, you can’t have the keys. That should be simple, right?

But now the crooks who run the show at Cryp Trade Capital can somehow trade with our money.

Now, this setup doesn’t make sense at all. Either investors will have to surrender their respective wallet keys so that the money can become the property of the crooks or simply give them special access to their money in such a way that the crooks can trade altcoins on the behalf of the victim.

If the first option is the case, rest assured that you will never get any penny back. If the second option is the case (i.e. where these crooks take your money to buy or sell altcoins on your behalf), this will end up being disastrous as well.

Look at the bigger picture here. Cryp Trade Capital is supposed to be a genuine hedge fund. But as you can see, it’s nothing more than a fat hedge fund scam where victims willingly hand over their wallets to crooks only to discover later on that these hedge fund managers are thieves.

We could also say that Cryp Trade Capital is a big fat ponzi scheme where money is collected from new members and part of it used to pay out ROIs. Of course the problem with this setup is that it will never last. Ponzi scheme always collapse at some point in time.

How Cryp Trade Capital is supposed to work

We’ve already established that there is no trading platform to help us make money here. Instead, we are just told to purchase a plan or better still, hand over our hard earned cash on the promise that we will get a daily return.

The reason why all this is weird is because the crooks never tell us what they do with their money in order to generate a return on investment.

Or we could say that there is no evidence of any trading on this site.

Now, remember that if we are to give someone our money so they can use it to generate ”profits” on our behalf, it is in our best interest to find out how this money will be invested and whether or not the ”expert analyst and trader” has experience in the field.

So far, we have only established that we are dealing with a hedge fund setup. That means our funds are supposed to be pooled together and managed by a team of ”professional Cryptocurrency traders”.

But something seems shady here. For the most part, Cryp Trade Capital looks and feels like a huge rip off. The best thing to do now is to try and discover what these people are doing behind the curtain with our money.

It isn’t sufficient enough to tell us that if we can hand over our money to them, they will trade it for profit. That is simply not a good enough explanation. We have to become suspicious.

At this point in time, we need to know what they do, the strategies they use and how they multiply funds in order to end up with crazy daily interest rates for profits.

So far, the information that we have gathered and published here was acquired through investigations and not because the crooks were so good enough to tell us anything.

Simply put, this site and its owner is secretive. We can’t get the information that we want. So that leaves us with one possibility. That Cryp Trade Capital is a big fat ponzi scheme.

In this setup, they will rob Peter to pay Paul while stealing most of the money that members shall contribute into the pool.

The problem with this arrangement is that you can never get consistent returns. If they are willing to pay back a small percentage of the money gathered, the well will eventually dry up so that no money shall be paid out at all.

Our best advice for you

Cryp Trade Capital is operated by someone who cannot be traced. That is a very weird thing to think about. They are suspicious because already they are asking for money yet they are not doing anything to reveal who they are. This is very suspicious indeed.

They fear that if they expose their evils, they will probably make it easier for authorities to crack them down and send them to prison for conducting fraudulent activities on the internet. You can only make money by trading or mining Cryptos through the links given here. There is no other shortcut.

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