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Crypnode is a company that claims they are involved in digital currency investment services. The company states that they are offering their clients an opportunity to gain from Master node Technology.

The platform admits that cryptocurrency mining is no longer as profitable as it used to be. There is much competition, hefty initial capital involved, and other factors required. The master nodes that the company uses to mine is the way to go if you want to make a great earning in this niche.

Crypnode has an A-game marketing strategy. We have to give them that. The company claims that they are the forerunner firms that have embraced the Master nodes in the market.

Crypnode was launched in May 2018. So basically, they have been in the market for less than a year. The company offers its services in French, English, Russian, and Spanish. This is their target audience as well.

The company state that the traditional mining method is no longer profitable and that Master node technology is way better. The advantage of using this technology is that it cut down on costs.

It beyond imaginable doubt that this company is not the first to use Master node technology. There have been other mining companies that have used the technology before them.

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Crypnode falsely claims that they are the first to use it, which is misleading. As per the time of this writing, Crypnode Master node will turn into something big after years if at all their system will work.

We cannot recommend this company yet to investors as they have numerous loopholes. Before you cash in your money in any system, you need to determine it is indeed profitable or else you risk losing your money. allegedly has been in the market for a long duration; however, there is no data to back up their story as the company is less than a year old. Despite the mining sector being flooded with numerous scammers, investors are still making money in the same niche.

If you invest with the top crypto mining companies in the market, you will make a decent earning. However, you will need to be patient and take your time before trusting blindly.

Crypnode Review

The company features a video that explains how the Master node works and the benefits that come along. The company brags on their web page that they are providing their clients with Master node experience in for languages; all you have to do is join their Telegram group.

Master node eliminates the huge electricity bills, maintenance costs on hardware as well as it does not need an operation space. Hence, the profit that the client will receive in this company will be higher than in other firms. Review, Crypnode Platform

Crypnode allegedly states that setting up the master nodes was very costly. However, due to their experience in the market, they were able to fund the whole activity by themselves, which raises red flags if the company is as profitable as they claim why do they need investors’ money while they can finance the whole project.

The platform offers its users enticing ROI. The most profitable day of Crypnode is on Monday, where investors receive a daily profit of 5%. The contract of this shady firm expires when you have attained a total of 150% returns.

The firm ironically states that its main target is to maintain reliability and sustainability while they offer the best services. It raises a question as Master node technology cannot expire.

Crypnode has negative reviews from those that have already invested with them. It shows that the company is not to be trusted, and it is another Ponzi scheme in the market.

Crypnode Founder

The founder of Crypnode is operating it anonymously. There is no available info on who they are or the qualification they have on the mining sector. There is a high likelihood that this platform owner lack mining knowledge and they are only after clients’ money.

The company boasts of having a very capable team, but in reality, there is no team. If they were, they would showcase them to the public. Without having a sense of transparency, we cannot believe a word that this fraudulent entity promises.

Contact Details

The company indicates on their website that they have offices in both Hong Kong and in the UK. Their Hong Kong address in Hong Kong is 1, Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, and the UK location is 23 Mattock Lane, Ealing, Landon, W5 5BG, UK.

It is the custom of pyramid schemes to display random locations for them to appear credible to their clients. Crypnode is not left behind. We checked and found that there is no company by this name that is located in this area.

The platform is trying its level best to be relevant even if it means displays the wrong data. Moreover, the company does not offer customer support services to its clients, which raises questions.

Regulation Status

Cryptnode regulation status is that they are not permitted by any government to perform their investment services. The platform is operating illegally, and you should not invest with such entities.

However, the company does feature a registration document on its website. It indicates that the company is registered under the number 11772425. The number seems generic, and a registration document does not mean much.

The documents are easily accessible and cheap in the UK. What you need to look for to ascertain if an investment company is legit is to look for a licensing certificate. The company accepts investors from all over the world, but the FCA, which is the regulatory body in the UK, does not authorize their activities.

Funds safety

Crypnode is not a safe investment company that you can trust with your saving. The firm accepts funds via digital currencies only. You can make deposits via Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others.

Through crypto payment, you cannot track who is dealing with your money neither can you reverse the transaction. On  top of it, the platform does not provide any banking information.

The company has no traces in the market, and this raises more red flags regarding their legitimacy. Crypnode was launched in May and by their domain registration, which only goes for one year. They have no intention of being in the market after this expiry.

The platform allegedly uses Master node technology in their mining activities. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up these claims. We do not believe there are mining services taking place in the firm.

The only reason the platform proclaims to use this technology is to eliminate the questions that may arise when their business is questioned. The technology is costly, and from the way the website is cheaply developed, we highly doubt Crypnode can afford it.

The company uses a top-notch marketing strategy as every time you are vising their website; a pop up will come out, indicating a new investor has just joined their venture. The strategy is being optimized by numerous Ponzi schemes in the market.

They want you to deposit based on the information they provide. Without performing research on a company, you will only lose funds.

Final Verdict

Crypnode is a Pyramid scheme that investors should stay away from them. The company has received numerous complaints from those that had already invested in the platform.

The Ponzi scheme is no longer paying its clients, and to receive your money back, they are asking clients to send a fee. Invest only with legit cryptocurrency mining companies that will give you reasonable earnings.

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