Crypt 2 Coins Review: Domain is Scam

Crypt 2 Coins Review: Domain is Scam

Share This! which redirects to is an illiterate investment scam which deserves a thumbs down. Their presentation is basic and not convincing. Their website does not inspire trust at all. Minimum investment is 10 Euros only. We even wonder how 10 Euros can be traded to make any profit. It seems to us that this is just a money grab wanting to collect any amount of coin that comes their way.

Surprisingly, they are even saying on their copied FAQ section that they will be accepting a maximum of Euro 10,000. This is to say that scammers already know that no investor will be depositing the said amount. Therefore, to look legit, it is only expedient for them to have a maximum deposit amount because it sounds convincing.

For the sake of this review, we will call them Crypt2coins or Crypt 2 Coins because that is currently the domain of the website in question. We’ve noticed that Coin Tradder is redirecting to Crypt 2 Coins, and it’s no surprise that the original domain was once a money grab that damaged its reputation and decided to redirect to the new domain, Crypt 2 Coins where they can continue with their illegal agendas.

But investors are no longer stupid. Crypt 2 Coins will not have its way because investors are nowadays doing due diligence before sending Cryptocurrencies to anyone on the internet.

Crypt 2 Coins Review: What a scam?

They claim that Crypt 2 Coins is a registered under a company known as CoinTradder OOD. CoinTradder is supposed to be a registered trading company with a global reach, thanks to their generous marketing budget.

The company is allegedly participating in a number of dynamic business activities which include trading of Cryptos and Forex pairs and investing in Fin-techs.

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Crypt 2 Coins is essentially a branch of Coin Tradder which seeks to spread the agenda of the original entity. They all do the same thing. All claims that have been mentioned here cannot be verified. For example, the alleged experience that their professional traders have cannot be verified. The other problem is that they are completely anonymous, hence their years of experience cannot be confirmed.


Also, in as much as Crypt 2 Coins is claiming that they are investors in fin techs, there is not a single fin tech that was mentioned on their site. This partnership is also anonymous and cannot be verified. It is potentially another lie that Crypt 2 Coins is using to gain your trust.

Crypt 2 Coins claims that their aim is to generate the maximum profit for a very small risk. Essentially, what they are offering is a too good to be true investment service that exposes you to limited risk while guaranteeing income. You must think twice when dealing with a website like this.

Basically, we are not convinced by Crypt 2 Coins about us page since most of the things mentioned there are not backed by any fact or evidence.

Daily returns are guaranteed: we smell a lie here

Crypt 2 Coins is promising daily returns of between 0.5% to 1%. That is 30% per month on the higher side. We think that this is too good to be true. These figures cannot be achieved in the real world since trading and any other form of investment does not guarantee any stable income. 30% a month is just too high. Nobody is achieving these returns anyway.

No evidence of trading or any other business activity

It is easy to know whether or not a website is just another scam. In the example of Crypt 2 Coins, there is only a chart from CryptoCompare which is supposed to depict that Crypt 2 Coins is actually trading Cryptos from major exchanges like Kraken Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinroom and many others.

Unfortunately, this should not be considered valid evidence of trading altcoins. If anything, anyone can use that widget on their site to claim that they are trading on those exchanges even when they are not.

Basically, there is no satisfactory explanation on whether or not these guys trade the said altcoins. The same problem applies to the claim that they trade Forex. If it were true, we believe that this is something they would be extremely proud of. They would be showing their trading results with pride.

They also claim to invest in startups and that their ”specialists” have the ability to predict which start ups will do well so they can take advantage of them.

Now, this is a lie because no human being can predict with 100% accuracy on which companies will do well. This is a sign that Crypt 2 Coins is run by scammers who think that you are too ignorant to ask these questions. Perhaps we all need to reason together to see that it is not possible to predict the market with 100% accuracy.

What’s up with their copied FAQ section?

A number of these sites are just recyclingtheir FAQ sections in the sense that this part of their website is always getting copied from other websites offering the same thing in the industry.

These sites are all scams. The only changed the minimum and maximum investment values.

Seeing these unethical signs and  that have characterized every element of this site, we can’t say that Crypt 2 Coins is engaging in legitimate trading and investment activities.

Not regulated

This is the worst of all. The site’s activities are not regulated yet they are operating a trust management service. This service is regulated in Bulgaria and in almost every other part of the world where these services exist.

Crypt 2 Coins does not say anything about regulation. They do not have a license for managing client assets. This is illegal.

Our best advice for you

Crypt 2 Coins is a scam. You do not need any more red flags to be persuaded that this is a money grabbing scheme. We can only generate Cryptocurrencies by mining or trading them. Any fund management platform that is not regulated is definitely a scam. Crypt 2 Coins is a good example of what we are talking about here. Coin Tradder is the same thing.

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