Cryptex Review: is a Crypto Ponzi Scheme

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Cryptex Review: is a Crypto Ponzi Scheme

The crypto industry has the potential to help you make tons of profits. However, you can only do it by investing in a reliable crypto trading platform. Cryptex is one such crypto company that is claiming to be the “future of investing.” The primary marketing point of is that it does not involve any risks and provide you maximum growth.

Since there are a lot of scams in the crypto industry, it is important to thoroughly review Cryptex and determine whether it is a trustable platform. By the end of the article, you will have a clear idea about whether you should invest in or not. So, keep reading!

Overview of Cryptex

Cryptex claims to be a first-of-its-kind company in the crypto industry because of its DeFi Hybrid Contract system. states that the platform was made to mitigate the issues users face in making crypto transactions.

Moreover, the website mentions that there are no risks involved in the company as it is meant to provide you with massive profits with minimal investment. Another major focus of Cryptex’s marketing is its referral program with 20 different levels.

Cryptex Website

Domain Insights is claiming that the company was formed in 2017. However, the website registration and update history show that it went live in 2021. There is no information about the owner of the company or any individual who might be running the website.

Analyzing the web traffic reveals that is getting the highest traffic from Germany. It is also receiving some traffic from El Salvador and Martinique. Considering the web traffic, it is possible that whoever is running Cryptex belongs to Germany.

Another interesting thing to note about is that despite the domain age, the website was almost dead until early 2023. It shows that despite the tall claims of being an experienced name in the crypto industry, it is a new platform.

Registration Fee of Cryptex

As expected from a company like Cryptex, it does not have any solid products or services. Instead, the primary earning opportunity in is directly linked with a minimum investment of $100. You can make this investment in various cryptocurrencies.

Income Structure of Cryptex has taken a very clever approach to get funds from users. It requires users to invest at least $100 in the company. However, the website takes this investment under the name of a handling fee.

The investment amount is linked to investment duration as follows:

  • Invest $100 for 3 years and receive a daily ROI for 36 months.
  • Invest $100 for 5 years and receive a daily ROI for 36 months.
  • Invest $100 for 7 years and receive a daily ROI for 36 months.

Referral Program is promoting its referral program as the best program in the world capable of providing you with immense profits. The referral program has 20 different levels that provide varying referral commissions.

If you are making a 3-year investment contract with Cryptex, then you can qualify for the following referral commissions:

  • 30% at Level 1
  • 5% at Levels 2 to 4
  • 4% at Levels 5 and 6
  • 3% at Levels 7 to 10

If you are making a 5 or 7-year investment contract with, then you can quality for the following referral commissions:

  • 50% at Level 1
  • 10% at Levels 2
  • 5% at Levels 3

Considering all these aspects of Cryptex’s income structure, it is evident that the primary focus of the company is on its referral program. It means that the company is generating money primarily by recruiting people instead of actual crypto investment.

Therefore, you should avoid investing your money in Cryptex because you can end up losing it when it eventually collapses. Instead, you should explore and use reliable crypto trading bots that can help you make profits through effective crypto trading strategies. 

Features of Cryptex makes many different claims to convince users that it is a reliable crypto platform. The company is promoting such claims and features to get as much investment as possible.

Let’s analyze these features of Cryptex in detail to determine whether the company is actually capable of fulfilling its promises:

Risk-Free Investment

A major claim of Cryptex is that investing in its crypto platform does not involve any kind of risk. This is a very tall claim, as there is always a risk involved in any kind of investment, especially in the crypto industry, which can be very volatile.

The company is even claiming to be the world’s first risk-free crypto investment platform. It promises maximum growth with minimum effort. However, there is no proof that it is actually capable of providing you with such kind of significant profits.

Security and Privacy

The importance of security and privacy in crypto investment platforms cannot be understated. However, even some of the most popular platforms often struggle with ensuring maximum security and privacy due to technicalities involved in blockchain.

Yet, Cryptex is promoting itself as a platform that offers 100% privacy and security to its users. The website does not provide any further information about the specific security protocols it is using to ensure such kind of security.

It is important to note that many companies make false claims about having modern security systems to attract users. In reality, there is always a chance that a relatively new company like Cryptex does not have strong security protocols.

Free Mining

Cryptex is claiming to have the world’s first DeFI Hybrid mining contract, as per which the users have to pay a $100 “handling fee” and stake their money for 3,5 or 7 years. The website claims that getting this contract is like getting free mining software and hardware.

Cryptex Contract

However, the truth is that analysis of these hybrid contracts points to the fact that these are more similar to MLM scams than to crypto mining packages. There is no evidence that you’ll be able to make any kind of money from these contracts.

The features of these hybrid contracts also mention “daily returns not guaranteed,” which shows that your money might get stuck in the company and you won’t make any profits. 

100% Transparent

Another tall claim of Cryptex is that it is a fully fair and transparent company without any hidden charges and fees. However, is actually not a transparent company.

Even the $100 it is getting is under the name of “handling fee per contract.” It shows that Cryptex is not fully transparent about its business model and working procedures. 

Referral Program

The referral program of Cryptex has 20 different levels. Users have to keep recruiting more and more people to make more money in referral commissions. There is nothing new in this type of referral program, and yet the company is promoting it as the world’s best referral program. It shows that Cryptex is desperate to get the attention and investment of users by making false claims. 


Analyzing all the features and the overall business model of Cryptex shows that the company is operating like any other smart contract Ponzi scheme. The company is making false claims to be the best in the world and about being one of a kind. 

Yet, the business model of is like any other crypto scam that focuses on getting as much investment as possible before its eventual collapse. Even if you invest $100 in the company, there is no evidence that you will be able to reclaim this money. 

Overall, Cryptex is not a trustworthy platform to invest in. You can end up losing your investment with it. Therefore, you should explore alternatives to Cryptex, such as crypto trading bots. These trading bots can help you make significant profits in the crypto industry.

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