Cryptic Max Scam Review: 7-15% Per Day Isn’t Reasonable

Cryptic Max Scam Review: 7-15% Per Day Isn’t Reasonable

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We are focusing on Cryptic Max because everything about this entity is a lie, and they are still soliciting funds from investors across the globe. Cryptic Max does everything to convince you that they are the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading and mining. They also add that they are dynamic and are using the latest cutting edge technology to enhance their services and profits to their members.

To us, these things sound like financial fairy tales because there is no way you can earn 7-15% daily returns. That cannot happen in the current economic setup. That is why we are 100% convinced that Cryptic Max is yet another scam that is up to snatch your digital coins if you let them do that.

Just in case you are not aware that Cryptic Max has exhibited certain signs that show their fraudulent nature, this review will enlighten you  in relation to that.

Cryptic Max Review

We are talking of a company that is giving its physical address as 32 Crosby Row, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1YN. The domain is registered to someone called  Albert Bugg, and we are shocked that they were willing to gamble with their identity when they know very well that what they are offering is nothing but a scam.

The company claims that they are actively assessing each Cryptocurrency in the market to determine their profitability. They are allegedly consulting world’s important information resources to conduct research into their trading strategies. The company alleges that this is the reason they have experienced positive growth and stable returns in the last couple of months.


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We can see that the date of registration for this domain is January 2018, yet they are claiming on their website that they have been online for 4 days.

This is contrary to what we have seen on, and we are beginning to think that someone did a critical mistake without realizing it. This shows just how the site admin is not keen with details. Will they manage your assets without making you losses instead? We doubt it.

But let’s say the rest of the statistics can’t be verified. They have given figures representing the amount of BTC that users have deposited and cashed out of the system. They are also giving us the total number of members who have joined them so far.

According to their claims, there are over 1400 active investors on this site. How can that be possible if the site claims to have existed for 4 days only? And even if we decided to consider the registration date of this site on January 2018, there is no way they can have such a big number of clients who are actively participating in their investment plans.

The point is, these numbers cannot be verified. We treat them as mere claims. For us to invest, we must see proof or third party verification of these number. So Cryptic Max is clearly a scam.

Guaranteed income

Cryptic Max sells its offers by misleading potential clients, claiming that they are offering permanent and stable income. We cannot believe these claims if there is no evidence yet. And if they are really good and what they are doing, we should be seeing their track record which should give us a good clue of how this company has been performing so far. But that information is not available, meaning that Cryptic Max is not safe and transparent.

The other thing is that no one can guarantee stable or consistent income when trading or mining Cryptocurrencies. Cryptic Max says that they have bots that trade Cryptocurrencies across various exchanges. Who are these brokers and why can’t they mention them?

Again, we see an element of dishonesty here because this information cannot be verified either. If they truly have a trading bot, we believe that this software always records every transaction that it has carried out. We demand to see these records in order to believe that Cryptic Max truly trades its clients’ funds. Again, that information is not available.

7%-15% daily returns is an impossible achievement that cannot be proved as well. For them to come up with these figures, we believe that they must have done their research to determine the average numbers that they can generate on a daily basis.

7% is 210% per month. We do not believe that this is a realistic achievement. 15% on the other hand is a whooping 450% per month. Things are going overboard now. Cryptic Max is making ridiculous claims which they are not able to prove. So that means we are engaging with a scam here. Unless they prove these numbers with their past trading results, we won’t believe this utter nonsense.

No mining farms

Cryptic Max has also told us that they own mining farms and that they are dynamic when it comes to investing their client funds.

Well, you can take this to the bank when we say that this company does not own or rent any mining hardware. They cannot mine Cryptocurrencies if they do not possess these equipment.

So this is clearly a lie. The most popular Cryptocurency mining companies can be found here, and Cryptic Max is not one of them.

At this point, we are beginning to see the dishonest nature of this website. It can’t be trusted. Even though the owner did not hide their details on, that does not mean that what they are offering in terms of daily returns is realistic. So you will definitely lose money to this website. It’s crystal clear.

Our best advice for you

Cryptic Max looked like a scam from the word go. Then we confirmed and discovered that indeed it is a scam. With a little bit of rational thinking and common sense, you can see why this website can never generate money for anyone. It is there to rob you of your hard earned money. That is why payment is only accepted in Cryptocurrencies. No chargebacks in this case. You are disadvantaged.

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  1. Hasta ahora retire dos veces mis ganancias de bitcoin de esta plataforma de inversion,las dos veces llego al mi e-Walter y al instante

  2. Yo entre y puede hacer 4 retiros y ahora me salen con el cuento que no puedo tener varias en esta difícil situación estamos más de 20 amigos inversores y a Todos nos salen con distintas excusas cryptic max es una estafa .

  3. Estafa a mi a 20 amigos nos estafo nos salen con el cuento que no se pueden crear cuentas múltiples y un monton te excusas ya tenemos una semana que no se puede retirar nos tienen los accesos bloqueados y las respuestas son poco profecinales

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