Crypto Advantage Review: Old Scam Re-branded!

Crypto Advantage Review: Old Scam Re-branded!

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Crypto Advantage is a get rich quick scam. This review confirms it with concrete evidence. So if you were contemplating to use it because you came across many reviews promoting it on the internet, think twice. It is not what it looks like. You cannot make $100 per hour on autopilot unless you are a god or a magician.

The main selling point for Crypto Advantage is their ”free e-Book that teaches and guides users on everything related to Crypto currencies. It is alleged that once you have this e-book with you, it is an equivalent of having your ticket to financial freedom.

Unfortunately, due to many reviews that are speaking positively about this cony program, a lot of people have began to believe that Crypto Advantage is the big deal. However, that is far from being the case. And we will prove it in this review.

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Crypto Advantage Review

Crypto Advantage is supposed to solve the problems of those who are looking to make lots of money from Crypto currency trading and have never been able to make that money.

It is written with big letters on the homepage that you can start earning $100 per hour with this program. If you do the math, you will come to the realization that this is an equivalent of $2400 in 24 hours. Calculate $2,400 by one week or one month for example. That can be a lot of money indeed. We are not so sure if investors are earning this money with any program on the internet. It is impossible.

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Crypto Advantage website claims that if you will download their free e-book, you will gain your ticket to financial freedom. It’s literally free to become rich overnight because this program is not charging any money to get started with.

Crypto Advantage is allegedly giving access to a trading platform where those who have signed up can copy sure trades from professional traders who created the formula. They claim that their Crypto Advantage technology was designed to monitor the financial markets 24/7 so that opportunities can be spotted right on time.

They also claim that this technology is able to massively crunch data on the mainframes spot patterns in the world’s financial market to give users an edge over others who are not using Crypto Advantage technology.

Crypto Advantage promises

Other claims that this website is making is that everyday people like you and me can now get rich by using this software. You can allegedly get a piece of the pie from the 7.8 trillion dollar market that is traded everyday.

So far, the website claims that the above reasons are why you should be trading with them instead of considering other programs. But our question is this: what exactly is so unique in those ”advantages”? Nearly all crypto-currency trading programs make these claims when pitching to their audience. We have never seen any new crypto-currency trading website not making any of these claims. Furthermore, if claims cannot be backed by proof or some kind of evidence, then they only remain as claims or allegations.

Moreover, the website claims that to use Crypto Advantage, you pay nothing. That means making your first coin is free of charge. Unfortunately, this is an unbelievable promise. It is just too good to be true, and that is where the red flag is emerging from.

Impossible returns

It is easy to spot a scam a mile away. Scams will promise impossible to achieve figures. This particular one is not an exception either.

The truth of the matter is that no legitimate trading business has ever yield that kind of return. It is not possible. And unless we are looking at a possibility of robbing a bank here, we do not see how earning $100 every hour is going to be possible.

And the reason why this scam is promising such amount of money is that they are only targeting the ignorant. Not many people are familiar with Crypto investment. So this is their bread and butter. This category of people can easily be convinced that Crypto Advantage is like no other deal on the internet.

The so-called free e-book will ultimately lead to spending money in the name of funding a trading account to activate the software. If not, their so-called free signals will restrict you to their rogue brokers. This means that the scammer will get paid while you lose money with their random signals.

The truth that you probably didn’t know

Fact of the matter is that Crypto Advantage is a scam that is designed to abuse crypto-currencies. There are no analysts or professionals involved in this dirty scam. Instead, this project is owned by charlatans who are ready to fleece you of your hard earned money. They will not hesitate to steal your money.

The problem is that they are using the word ”Free” to mislead opportunity seekers who want to trade cryptos to become rich overnight.

The big question is: can you trade for free? Who funds your trading account? And what do they have to gain (the team of analysts or the so called trading professionals)? It is not logical to say that people can get started with this program for free. There has to be a catching point somewhere.

We managed to watch the video just to learn a few things about this fake money making opportunity. The video talked about their ”professional traders and analysts” and how they can help anyone make money by joining their network.

Then we quickly realized that these people were actors. They were paid to participate or create a video on behalf of the real owner of Crypto Advantage website. They were paid to act and not as a result of using this program. Let us get this fact clear.

As you can see, the testimonials in support for this program are also very fake. The people who allegedly claimed that they made lots of money within hours of using this program did not say so. Instead, the scammers who own this website stole photos of these people elsewhere on the internet to create the illusion that real people were using this program and were making riches fast.

Crypto Advantage fake testimonials

The people whose photos can be seen on this website have no idea that their photos are used by scammers to commit crime on the internet. They have nothing to do with this.

The bottom line is that there are no traders or analysts behind the Crypto Advantage scam. You just have to understand that this is the fact.

This software is similar to other binary options software on the internet

The algorithm of this software is based on a popular software that scammers have been circulating on the internet. Believe it or not, many people have used this software without knowing it. Let’s just say that those who got scammed through binary options software used it. The reason why Crypto Advantage sounds unique is because it has been branded or customized to fit the presentation. They’ve come up with a new website, new logo and promises. This make it come across as a unique opportunity that everyone should be participating in.

Our best advice for you

To be honest with you, this software was used in the 1K in 1Day. We reviewed it here some time ago.

This is basically a recycled scam. It has been used by all those who lost money when they thought that this program was a legitimate binary options software.Keep off.

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  1. I lost a lot of money to CToptions, tried hiring a lawyer but ended up loosing even more money . Anyway I was able to recover my funds using other means. I do hope my experience will give folks more insight to getting their funds back .

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