Crypto All Day Review – Is It A Scam Crypto Brokerage?

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It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

Crypto All Day Review – Is It A Scam Crypto Brokerage?

The recent boom in Cryptocurrencies has inevitably contributed to the rise of Cryptocurrency-related scams on the internet. It almost feels like for every 1 legit altcoin mining or trading business, 5 or 6 will always be fake. We need to debunk certain myths about Cryptocurrency investing so that we can put an end to this madness. Crypto All Day is the focus of this review today.

In the case of Crypto All Day, we do not have a mining or a ponzi scheme at hand. What we have is an online investment program whose appearance resembles that of a legit broker even when that is not the case.

However, when we conducted further research by peeling layers of the mask to expose the inside of this project, we began to uncover a number of deceptions which Crypto All Day has employed to enrich the pockets of the owner and not the innocent investor.

So what we have here is a phony investment brokerage whose intention is to make you lose money. We highly suspect that anybody who does business with Crypto All Day will be risking their money for nothing.

But just in case you don’t believe us, you should read this review to the end because we will be discussing facts which will make you see why we are against this platform.

Note: Pick IQ Option from this brokerage list.

Crypto All Day Review

We have read the ”About us” page of the website. We must say that this section of the site is doing a rather poor job at describing what this platform does.

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What we have learned so far is that Crypto All Day is claiming that they are a safe personal internet wallet where Bitcoin holders are encouraged to deposit their funds so that they can be stored safely on the site.

The amount of Bitcoins that you will end up depositing will dictate which plan you get enrolled in as well as which trading features you will access.

crypto all day review

Therefore, it’s like saying that the higher the amount of Bitcoins deposited, the higher the likelihood that you will ”unlock more features”.

Basically, this platform functions as an online wallet where investors are encouraged to deposit their Bitcoins. Once that is done, funds can be pooled with those of other investors for purposes of investing them in a number of high yield investment programs.

Crypto All day claims that they have employed a number of financial experts who do this job on your behalf. However, no trading assets have been mentioned yet. But they also claim that they will use hedging approaches and also insurance to ensure that your deposits are always safe in their hands.

These folks are claiming that they offer hedging insurance, yet when we conduct further research about them, we realize that they are not even regulated by any entity.

What this means is that Crypto All Day is not a safe place to put your money in. How could it be safe when no regulatory agency is overseeing their activities? It’s impossible and quite misleading, right?

Nevertheless, if you wish to ignore these red flags by proceeding to explore this too good to be true offer, you will be entitled to choosing between 4 plans (according to what you’re willing to deposit).These are as follows:

(a) Light Trading account

This account requires a minimum deposit of $250 and is supposed to be suitable for those who want to keep their risks low. Crypto All Day claims that if you sign up for this account, you will be entitled to a welcome bonus of 20% the amount deposited. Subsequent deposits will also attract a bonus of 10% every time you make a deposit.

You should be careful of deposit bonuses because they tend to lock your withdrawals until a certain trading volume can be achieved. This is a way of encouraging you to abandon the funds on the site for the benefit of the site admin.

(b) Standard trading account

This account is allegedly designed for those who are new to this business and want to start a trading career in Cryptocurrencies. If you choose this service, they claim that you will be able to access all basic features of the website. These include daily analysis, market news and so on.

As usual, this account will attract a welcome bonus of 30%. Subsequent deposits will always attract a deposit bonus of 20%.

Furthermore, these guys claim that you will be given special access to their trade analysts through live chat feature. The site also claims that you will be entitled to up to 3 trading tips each day.

(c)Premium Trading account

This plan is for those who want to trade based on skills that they have already acquired. We wonder how conflicting this can be because this site initially claimed that you are depositing Bitcoins so that they can trade on your behalf. But now they are suggesting that all trading activities will be delegated to you.

This account is supposed to give all the benefits of the first two accounts while at the same time insuring your trades once a month.

You will also have access to personal coaching with their so-called trading experts.

(d)VIP super account

Now, this is nothing but a combination of standard and premium account features. The only outstanding feature here would be the fat bonus which is 100%.

So far, these features have made Crypto All Day sound like a genuine brokerage. We are afraid that this may not be the case.

You have to take note that if deposit bonus is accepted, there is no way you will ever withdraw your funds sooner. Even if you file for withdrawals, they will remind you of their repressive terms and conditions which say that you should trade a minimum volume equivalent to 40x the accepted bonus in order to qualify for withdrawal.

Get to know these misconceptions

While Crypto All Day brokerage is claiming to be an entity of a company known as Petrasol Ltd, we are not able to establish the existence of this company anywhere in the Republic of Seychelles business registers. So the issue of whether or not it is a verified business should not even arise.

While they claim that they are offering hedging insurance, the fact of the matter remains that this platform’s activities aren’t regulated by any body. That means it’s illegal for this brokerage platform to conduct business.

The other concern that should probably make you worried is the anonymous nature of this site. The only contact information we can see on the site is the telephone and email contacts.

The site has deliberately opted not to disclose information about the owner or the creators. In addition to this, the site is claiming that they launched operations in 2015 when data reveals that they actually launched the site in August 2017. So this clearly proves that Crypto All Day is a deceptive website.

Our best advice for you

In short, these guys are not transparent with their operation. Not only are they operating an illegal brokerage business, but they are also blatantly lying that they have financial experts who are licensed to do this job. They are even lying of their date of registration. Avoid Crypto All Day. We want you to select IQ Option in this list because they’ve proved to be professional and excelling in this category.

10 Replies to “Crypto All Day Review – Is It A Scam Crypto Brokerage?”

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Erik Clément
    I came across this website, I can see a lot of people here working with this firm, I don’t know what are you talking about.
    I’m working with Michael for over 6 month now.
    I was skeptical at the beginning, because it was my first time.
    I invested only in Bitcoin, I don’t believe the trading is good.
    I think that you need to have patience if you want to make money with crypto.
    Michael was very honest with me and told me about the risk in trading, and told me that if I’ll choose doing it, I must not trade by myself.
    So ,I decided to buy 5 bitcoins with Michael in the rate of €3547 and waited.
    I sold my BTC’s at the rate of €14743, took out my investment with a profits of €4000, and now I’m still waiting for the next time the Bitcoin will go up and I will sell some more.
    Michael taught me what is the Buy and Sell strategy and I’m very happy with him.
    I don’t know about the other people working there, I know only Michael, and I will recommend you to ask about him if you start working with them.

    1. Ze bellen je op en willen dat je zo vlug mogelijk registreert;( in mijn geval deden ze het al zelf, alles moest vliegensvlug gaan om te kunnen handelen) hoe ze aan mijn telefoon en email geraakt zijn weet ik niet. Heb 250 euro gestort; ze moesten via mail al mijn gegevens weten voor verificatie. Ze laten je niet met rust. Beginnen uitleg te geven en je staat met hun doen hoe je moet traden al onmiddellijk in de winst. Die kerel vroeg me alles van mijn andere brokers om te zetten in bitcoin en naar hun platform te sturen. Toen ik dat weigerde werd die kerel zo kwaad en haakte de telefoon af.Van beleefdheid gesproken.

    2. ik werk samen met thomas en h3b na 1 maand al 3000 euro winst. ik volg het nu wel dzgelijks op en comminiceer met whatsapp voor vragen of opmetkingen en dat gaat tot hiertoe heel goed. Dit is natuurlijk een investering voor de toekomst en mensen denken dat je op een maand ineens rijk gaat worden. Dat heeft Thomas ook allemaal heel goed duidelijk gemaakt.

  3. just finished 5 months with the company, didn’t make much, however, I finished with profits.
    i took my initial investment back to my FNB debit card and the profits to my bank account, it took 8 days to get the profits to my bank account.

    the service was very good I must say.
    and Michael told me that if I will invest small amount the profits will be small as well, so I feel like everything was very clear and professional from the company side.


  4. I just got a phone call from them. I’ve given my phone to too many trading platforms and get so many calls that I often don’t answer the phone anymore. Thank you for this review.

  5. Cryptoallday is a massive SCAM!

    Beware this is a SCAM!!! I invested £30,000 in 2019 over the course of 4 months with these crooks. A few days before I was due to make my first large withdrawal they claimed to have lost my entire account in one losing trade! This has happened to 15 other friends of mine too, these scammers have stolen over £750,000 from us as a group. BEWARE and whatever you do, do NOT invest unless you want to loose all your money!

  6. CryptoAllDay is a SCAM – My experience
    I have been training as FX currency trader at Learn to trade in Chelsea. A lady who is also training, introduced me and a number of trainees in our group to a man called Michael Green from He works as a professional crypto currency trader.

    She introduced him as an excellent Crypto trader. She used her phone to call Michael and asked him talk to me about his company. He explained to me how he would be able to help me make quick and massive profit on investing in crypto through their company. After having spoken to the trainees who have already invested in Michael’s company, I have decided to invest into his company without making any checks on his company. I lost my guards because he was introduced to me by one of us on the course.
    All these started on 30th December 2018, when I got registered with my personal details and a copy of my ID. Michael Green sent me a reference number to transfer money into their wallet. I did it but I transferred only £2.00 into the wallet from my Santander account.

    Later on, Michael called me to advise me to invest a minimum of £5000.00. Then on 4th February 2019, I made an investment of £5000.00 into their account through another bank transfer from my Santander account. The investment had a profit of more than £2000.00 from the date of investment to the end of February.

    Michael Green called me and informed me about the profit made and asked to invest more in order to gain more and rapid profit. I told him that I didn’t have any money to invest. He said he would help me get the money. Firstly, he asked me if I had any savings or pension. I replied no. He then said that we can borrow money from my bank and I will be able to pay it that back in less than a year.

    He then asked me to go into my account, which I did and he asked me to download an application called Any Desk, which I also did. He then had access to my HSBC account and literally used my screen to apply for £15000.00 loan, which I transferred into my Santander account. He provided me again with a new Ref code that I used to transfer the money into their wallet on 26th March 2019. I questioned him about the risk management of my investment. He ensured me that he is a professional and their company has an excellent risk management policy and cannot blow up an account.

    On 26th June, to my surprised, I realised that the balance on my account dropped down to £0.50. I called Michael Green to explain to me what was going on but he didn’t reply. I sent him an email, he still didn’t reply. However, he called me the following day with a hidden number and told me that he traded with a high exposure and he lost all my money.
    All my friends including the lady who introduced Michael to us also lost all their money at the same time.

    He told me that I should forget about what happened and re invest for him to recover the loss. He promised that the company will match any amount invested so as to recover the loss quickly.

    I told him that I could invest £2500.00 and see his company match it so as to restart trading for me. He refused and told me that the minimum amount of money I could invest is £5000.00.
    From that time, he uses whatsApp and hidden number to call me. He forgot to hide the number once and called me with this number: 020 38078563 and then this one: +41 225000866.

    I asked him if we could meet him but he said no. He explained that it was their company policy not to meet clients physically. He confirmed that their office is in London.

    He ensured me that he would help me borrow money from my bank again. He once again used the Application: AnyDesk to apply for £9900.00 from my HSBC account. Unfortunately, the bank declined. He asked me to use another bank account or my credit cards. At this point I was convinced that the company was a scam.

  7. From the outset Michael seemed very knowledgeable but led me and many others in a long scam. I invested over £130,,000 and Cryptoallday pressed the button and blew up my account and many others I know about. They will seem very professional and say all the right things. They will ask you about your investments and then try to get you to sell and put it into thier company to trade for you. They even let you withdraw large sums so you trust them. Months later wait for the panic margin call when they tell you they have lost all your money, and blame you for putting them under pressure to trade for large profits. I don’t believe they actually place any trades at all and just B book your funds until they have enough to make it worthwhile blowing your account. This all happened in June 2019. Do not use them Scammers of the highest order.

    Cryptoallday run a scam service, where they take your money, whilst deliberately planning to disappear after a set period.
    Myself and a group of colleagues have suffered at their hands..These people have no remorse. They took a large amount of money from me over a period of time, and when the time came for me to withdraw they gave a feeble excuse about some trade going wrong that resulted in the loss of all their client’s funds. Then they make themselves uncontactable. They are still trying to do the same with new customers, so PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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