Crypto Arbitrage Review: Beware!

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Crypto Arbitrage Review: Beware! is allegedly the most profitable platform in the world of financial investments. claim they are long term company and their primary interest is customer satisfaction.

However, not everything this company says is believable. If you read this review, you will reconsider indulging in their business. promises its investors an opportunity to trade in bitcoins without risk. The platform grants advanced technologies to use and guarantee maximum profit returns.

Clients are promised the use of best analytical minds involvement. boasts they have extensive experience in trading in banking structures and the use of Artificial intelligence and new financial technologies. brags being the first and the last investment platform that suits their client. The platform claims to have a High-Frequency Arbitrage Bot system that beats market benchmarks and its user friendly. like most Ponzi platforms, features stock images as members and founders of the platform, a common trait by most scam platforms. boasts having 30 times trading speed compared to random trade platforms. The alleged number of professional investors is set at around 3K despite the acclaimed return numbers. The figure should be higher if at all, their dealings were legit.

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Investors with experience in trading will realize the monthly speculated return is not easily attainable due to the enormous growth of the markets. Reasonable trade platforms offer amounts that are realistic and achievable. They offer a guaranteed return of 340% in just 30 days.

CryptoArbitrage states their business transactions involves billions daily earning. The company urges you that your coins will not get stuck for a year, and you earn the interest rate in your investment starting from 3 days, 10 days up to 30 days’ maximum.

CryptoArbitrage claims to be 100% hack free basing this on the fact that you can trade offline hence no connection no hack.

Once you complete the registration, the platform promise that  you get 1.5 BTC in 10 days, having invested 1 BTC, and after 30 days, the same amounts generate 4.4 BTC.

Nothing the platform says or promises adds up, and their numbers are just major red flags that warn you to keep off or risk losing your hard-earned income.

The platform claim they are accessible in every country. The platform boasts that the bots generate BTC and USDT price difference between multiple cryptocurrencies difference.

Crypto Arbitrage Scam Review, Crypro Arbitrage Platform

CryptoArbitrage alleged boasts once they have generated the difference; they start the trade and promised investors 100% in profit returns.

The platform claims their bots can generate up to 1 million trades every single minute; hence the funds they claim come from multiple transactions.

Crypto trading, like every other business has losses, and without proper training, patience, and trade skills, attractive returns don’t happen instantly.

CryptoArbitrage allows investors to deposit 20 BTC as the maximum amount. Clients looking to trade higher figures have to inquire. The minimum amount you can invest is 0.005. Regulation and Support is operating against the law, despite many countries setting laws to protect you from Ponzi schemes they are still numerous you need to be aware and avoid such.

Legal trade platforms boast having regulatory papers, and they will, for sure, earn your trust. Any platform for it to be allowed to generate funds from the public needs to be regulated. may quickly go out of existence as they do not offer any banking information and you risk losing funds to anonymous scam sites. The method you may use to contact them is a section on the platform you fill your query; however, this does not guarantee a reply. lacks email contact and telephone contact which investors can reach them through. You may never be able to reach out or receive assistance. Legal trade platforms provide contact support to clients. They may smoothly go against the law whenever they choose to, and they risk criminal prosecutions.

CryptoArbitrage address is Crypto Arbitrage VIP Office Katrinartun 2/1, Hofoatorg 105 Reykjavik, Iceland. During the research, we discovered that the address was just made up. You may end up dealing with fraudsters as their only concern is the amount you invest, and the withdrawal method is murky.

Various financial watchdogs that regulate and authorize the legitimacy of trade platforms do not recognize Once you deposit your funds, chances of hearing from them ever again are minimal, and the figures projected should not tempt you into any dealing with them. Investment Plan

Like every other Ponzi scheme overestimate figures, and returns to lure you into indulging in their businesses. is not left behind, and they offers 3 investment plans,

Amateur investor is the first plan and offers 10% in returns and accept a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC and 0.04 BTC as the maximum. Review, Plan

Silver investor allows up to 0.1 BTC up to 3 BTC and profit of  50% after 10 days.  The last investment plan, Professional plan, grants you 340% in 30 days.

The Ponzi scheme accepts a  maximum deposits of up to 20 BTC. The figures may seem attractive to every investor, and you may get rich quick.

The method of withdrawal under is still a mystery to investors. The sole purpose of the platform is simply to steal your funds. A fake segment featuring last transactions is posted on the platform despite their trade method still being murky. Affiliate Program, like all other scam platforms, need to generate traffic to their website for them to stay in existence. Most scam platforms use their initiate members to bring in new members for an estimated payment.

Once you bring in a new member, you get paid 50% of each initial investment. Affiliate programs mostly do not regulate the members you can invite into the platform. claim the commission is paid from their pockets and is not out calculated by the invested amount. The payment allegedly is made instantly into your BTC address once the invite deposits.

The platform, however, does not state the method you may use to refer to new investors. Most legit platforms allow the use of customized links or text messages, making alleged returns shady.

Domain Insights during our research under The platform was registered for one year period from April 2020 till the same month 2021.

The platform domain name is Under Alexa Global ranking, they have a high traffic of 122,661. The geographical location that they target their victims from is currently unknown.

The company domain is only registered for one year. The reason they buy a short term domain is to ensure when the public discover they are a pyramid scheme, they will exit the market, and come back with a new name. They have significant traffic which means their plan to scam as many people as they can be working.

Final Verdict is in no doubt a professional Ponzi scheme. The trading platform dealings are shady, and nothing they of or say makes perfect sense to gain your trust with funds.

Regulation is a crucial requirement for any legit trade company. Invest only with trustworthy investment platforms in the industry.

Furthermore, numerous red flags have been outlined in this review failure to produce contact data is among them. You deserve a reply in case of any query or assistance, and any platform that does not provide this information is a no go zone.

Patience and skills are requirements before indulging in trade platforms; hence you risk falling for fraudsters. Lucrative figures is a method that shady companies use to lure you into depositing funds with hopes for a high number as returns to no avail.

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