Crypto Bank Ltd Review: Domain a Lame Scam

Crypto Bank Ltd Review: Domain a Lame Scam

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We are reviewing Crypto Bank Ltd (, a site that believes to be the best partner of your life and is offering up to 5,000% in 100 days. The site claims that it is a registered online investing company with the goal of earning the highest profit potential in Cryptocurrencies. The site also claims that their revenue is usually generated from 4 different sources. Only two sources have been mentioned, specifically Cryptocurrency trading and mining. Crypto Bank Ltd proclaims that their data centers and distributed across Panama and Japan.

When we look at these claims, we can only doubt the site because there is no single proof that has been presented in support for any of the assertions made by the site. And of course the extremely huge returns after 100 days is shocking. These astronomical returns are unbelievable. Even if we combined mining with trading, we would never see these returns. This site must be misleading users with the intention of stealing their Bitcoins. To establish the truth, you need to read this Crypto Bank review and take this warning seriously.

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Crypto Bank Ltd review

Generally, you should stay away from high yield investment programs. They are all fake. And the reason as to why they are all fake is very obvious. The kind of returns promised by these sites is ridiculous and unattainable. So these sites are basically out there to scam as many users as possible before going under.

Crypto Bank is, first of all, a suspicious domain. Having been registered anonymously and claiming to yield crazy returns, this site intends to attract as many users as possible. The anonymous admin knows that he is playing a game that only the financially sophisticated will not fall for.

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The fact that the site is anonymously registered means that the owner has a second agenda. There is absolutely zero information about this site out there. The admin didn’t even publish their physical address. It seems that they are very determined to keep a low profile. Probably this is in line with their agenda. Otherwise, there is no reason whatsoever as to why a site owner may decided to maintain an anonymous profile while collecting funds from innocent internet users. They must be criminals and this is seen in how they are copying other high yield investment scams.

The promises made by Crypto Bank Ltd are unreasonable. Even the anonymous owner of this site knows very well that the kind of returns which they are promising are far fetched. By the way, this site has been online for a little close to 200 days. It only has 300 registered members. This is according to the site. We are not able to verify this information.

We strongly believe that these numbers are made up. If the site truly had this number of registered members, it would have created a buzz on the internet by now. The reason this site is not known is because there is nothing unique about it. It follows the same trend as many other high yield investment scams out there, and hence it can never attract the attention of a serious investor. Crypto Bank admin knows it very well. This is why they are mostly targeting the financially naive.

Now, what is the truth?

As you can see, Crypto Bank Ltd is accepting any as little as $5. Serious investment funds don’t collect peanuts from internet randoms. So basically this site is just aiming to collect whatever amount will come their way. They are actually targeting internet users with different spending ability. That is how scams in the high yield marketplace work.

Besides, the site is not professional when it comes to their way of presentation. They are using an old hyip template and are concealing their identity by obscuring their names and physical address. Of course you can’t part with a large sum of money if the person you are intending to send it to is anonymous.

So lack of professionalism and transparency is the reason why most people who are financially knowledgeable on these matters will avoid any website whose theme borders that of Crypto Bank Ltd. There are currently hundreds of such websites on the internet, and each day, a new website crops up.

Customer feedback

There is no meaningful customer feedback despite this site claiming that they have signed up close to 400 members. This is quite strange because if these members are real, they should have at least confessed that Crypto Bank Ltd pays. But this is not the case. In fact, this site isn’t popular in terms of community feedback. It may be popular on Alexa. But that does not mean that it is commanding some attention from serious investors.

Therefore, we can say that lack of customer feedback is one of the many red flags we are dealing with when it comes to reviewing this website. With such ridiculous numbers which cannot be substantiated, the site is making it clear that they are laying a trap. You don’t have to think very hard to realize that such a website is a financial death trap especially if you approach it with a lot of money. It would guarantee the lose of your entire capital.

Summary of what you should remember

Crypto Bank Ltd is not upfront about certain important details, and unless they tackle these issues now, we are not going to recommend or at least talk about them in a positive light.

You must always remember that you cannot become rich overnight by trading or mining Cryptocurrencies. The economic reality we are living in right now does not operate in that fashion. Sorry if you have been disappointed.

Thirdly, the site is displaying statistics on their site which cannot be verified. If this information was real, the site owner would have at least created some way to have the information verified by a third party.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Bank Ltd is a scam. There is no doubt about that. If you are into Cryptocurrencies, we advice you to try trading them instead. 

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  1. Gracias por la información. Estuve a punto de invertir en Crypto Bank, pero primero me aseguré de buscar datos y/o información sobre el tema y vi este párrafo. Decidí no invertir mi dinero.

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