Crypto Blueprint Review: A Crypto Trading Scam

Crypto Blueprint Review: A Crypto Trading Scam

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Crypto Blueprint is another digital currency scam software in the industry. The company lures investors into their fraudulent platform with claims of making $2,437 returns from an initial deposit of only $10.

The red flag is crystal clear. Logically speaking, there is no legit investment plan that will yield you such kind of returns in just a few minutes. The misconception that these Ponzi schemes are spreading is wrong and unrealistic.

Making money in crypto trading is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to understand how the market works for you to make returns. Diving in blindly will lead to numerous loses. Venture with legit digital currency trading bots that are not afraid to disclose who they are. Crypto Blueprint company state that the founder of this platform is Jamie Lewis.

Crypto Blueprint is being run anonymously. Lewis is not the owner of this company. The trading software is a clone website that keeps coming back once it is exposed using a different name. The company lacks transparency, and anonymous founders are dangerous to deal with.

To enjoy the excellent services of Crypto Blueprint, all you need to do is deposit funds, sit down and wait for the system to yield returns for you. Sounds interesting, right? The only problem is all this is a fantasy, and when you wake up, your money will be gone in a matter of seconds.

Crypto Blueprint Review

The company allegedly states that upon completing the registration process, you will receive a specific discount. It turns out that this is another marketing strategy. We tried signing in, and the option of receiving the cut was not there.

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It only shows what kind of entity they are. Furthermore, it is ridiculous that the company promises investors a massive return in a matter of minutes. It is unrealistic and unattainable. The deposit that Crypto Blueprint is asking from traders does not seem much, but the risks that come along trusting these scammers are numerous.

The expectation of getting rich within an unrealistic duration will only lead you to make more losses. The only way you can avoid becoming a victim is by acquiring adequate knowledge of how the market works.

Crypto Blueprint Review,Crypto Blueprint Platform

From the information on the website, it is clear that Crypto Blueprint is targeting novice traders. Experience traders will not waste their time with this fraudulent trading bot. They will spot the red flags right on time.

Lewis is a salesperson who has a top-notch marketing game. At the beginning of the sales video on Crypto Blueprint, he asks those that doubt their course to google search him to get an insight into who he is. While we did, and guess what he has been in business for a duration of time selling fake trading systems.

He is only after making sales at the expense of your money. The full information on the webpage is false and will only mislead you.

How Does Crypto Blueprint Operates?

We do not know how the system works, and from the look of things, there is no trading software. It is an illusion that Crypto Blueprint is using to get money from innocent investors.

It might not look as much money to an individual, but if you do the math and thousands of naïve investors entrust the platform their cash, then these scammers will have much money at the end of the day.

The alleged founder claims that he is rich well; we do not doubt it, but his wealth does not come from Crypto Blueprint. It comes from affiliate marketing. The company appears to be a few months old. Unfortunately, the dubious crypto trading software is nothing new. It keeps coming back, and after being exposed, they will come back again in the market.

The scam platform has left a lot of important issues unanswered. For instance, we do not know the average performance rate of the bot; neither are we aware of the win or draw down rates. The trading condition remains a mystery. All the founder is telling us is how you will make mind-blowing returns.

The platform target greedy investors who believe in every narrative that promise them huge returns. Even in a traditional investment, you can’t make anything close to what Crypto Blueprint projects. After being scammed, investors will come back, claiming that the cryptocurrency investment is a fraud.

The fact is that if you do not get relevant knowledge and you enter the market looking to get rich quick companies, you will only end up losing funds. The only way you can stop the cycle of Ponzi schemes from exploiting investors is if you stop the notion of believing digital currencies investment are a get rich quick venture.

Regulation and Customer Support

For starters, Crypto Blueprint is operating illegally. The company is collecting funds from members of authority without proper documentation. If you do not know the risks that come along with unregulated companies, let elaborate it to you.

Pyramid schemes have invaded the online investment market, and the reason they are scamming poor investors daily is due to a lack of knowledge. The various government has put up strict measures that investment schemes must adhere to.

Investment companies must keep a certain amount of money as insurance in case they suffer from bankruptcy; additionally, the founder must segregate their account. It limits the chances of depositing money directly into the scammers’ account.

Without having a licensing certificate from financial watchdogs like FCA, ASIC, NFA, and CySEC, investors suffer from substantial financial risks. Above all, you will trust blindly, and when Crypto Blueprint exits the market because they are doomed to fail, nobody will come to your rescue.

Even if there are advantages that come along investing with unregulated entities, it is never worth the risks. Additionally, the company does not offer customer support services to traders. We checked for an email address or a telephone number, but there is none of these on their website.

Ask yourself how you will be able to rich the support if you have a burning issue or a query? You will have to sort yourself out as no one will come to your aid. Be careful with the investor that you trust with your funds.

Is Crypto Blueprint a Scam?

Yes! The trading software is a scam that will steal all your money in a short period. If you sign up, they will link you to a scam broker known as GMO trading. The alleged founder is a salesperson who is making an earning by promoting fraudulent software. It would be best if you were on the lookout of these red flags.

The real company founders are running it behind the scenes. Moreover, the returns that they promise you should not excite you. You will not receive even a penny stop the cycle by educating your friends, colleague, and relative.

It is the only way you are going to stop these scammers. Their company lacks essential SSL and DDoS encryption certificates. It means that hackers can quickly attack the website. There is nothing positive that will come out of an unregulated pyramid scheme.

Final Verdict

Crypto Blueprint is a clone crypto trading pyramid scheme that has nothing to offer. The platform has nothing to sell, and it is only after your money. There is better crypto trading software in the market that will give you real-time returns. Keep off a platform that does not even offer customer support services.

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