Crypto Boom Review: Boom! It’s a Scam!

Crypto Boom Review: Boom! It’s a Scam!

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Boom, and your Bitcoin is long gone. That’s what Crypto Boom sounds like. And yes, it is also registered in the UK and now has the abbreviation Ltd attached to it. So we should call them Crypto Boom Ltd. This is the height of thievery ever seen on the internet. You might be really doubting the credibility of this website given that they are extremely poor at persuading even the most ignorant beginner. But thankfully, you found this review and now you have to read it because Crypto Boom is going to cause the disappearance of your Bitcoins if you ignore.

We’ve conducted some research into this website and discovered that the company was incorporated some time in April 2018. That means Crypto Boom is yet another ”me too” Cryptocurrency investment scam since they are only trying to cash it on whatever is left after the craze in the Cryptocurrency industry fades and things begin to normalize.

They are citing their physical location as 48 Warwick Street, London, United Kingdom, W1B 5AW, although we are not able to establish immediately whether or not this is a real location. And even if it’s a real location, we can assure you that Crypto Boom has no presence in that location. You can take this to the bank

SKIADOPOULOS  Andreas is the listed as the director of this company. A quick search on Google would reveal a number of SKIADOPOULOS  Andreas. Knowing who is who is the most difficult challenge so far. We are only trying to say that if this guy has an online presence, it must be a very poor online presence. We do expect him to have a profile on one of the major social media platforms. But so far, we have never come across any of his profiles. So we only have to go with the information that is listed on the companies house website.

Generally, Crypto Boom is a very interesting website. It suggests that your Bitcoins will disappear in their hands. They are only waiting for you to make that critical move. Then Boom, your money is gone with no chance of ever recovering it.

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Crypto Boom Review

In their about us page, they claim that Crypto Boom is run by a group of ”professional traders” who have achieved a higher efficiency of Cryptocurrency trading. They also claim that they are trading several financial instruments and also diversifying risks by blocking the ”sagging rate of one of them with successful transactions”.

crypto boom

If you read the last sentence, you clearly see that something is wrong with it. Crypto Boom is still having this statement on their website. Experienced traders can only ask what the hell the writer is trying to communicate here.

The alleged traders are 100% anonymous. Their track records cannot be confirmed. But miraculously, they can trade your money and return handsome profits to you anonymously. You would be too stupid to trust them.

Now, let us look at the alleged return on investments. Those numbers are ridiculous. We’re going through them just to show you how nonsensical this website can get.

125% after one day is impossible. 190% after 3 days is equally impossible. 300% after 5 days is utterly ridiculous. 420% after 7 days is financial fairy tale.

Scrolling further down below, you will find a profit calculator. This profit calculator even introduces a 3000% after 45 days plan to make you believe that you can become a millionaire in just over a month.

As you can see, Crypto Boom is selling the impossible. It’s selling financial fairy tale that will only leave you broke at the end of it all.

A 5% referral commission has also been added into the equation. If you do the math and factor in the crazy ROI with 5% referral commission, you realize that these returns are impossible to attain and sustain thereafter.

A cheap dirty HYIP script like this one is run by a site admin who depends on your funds to earn a living. They make just enough for their needs, and would never spend a fortune to design a professional website with all the bells and whistles needed to persuade internet users.

And if they are really trading Cryptocurrencies for profits, why would they just do it secretly the way people who find treasures enjoy the wealth secretly? Why do they have to share it with people? Why would they have to make you pay Bitcoins in order to receive Bitcoins?

If that does not make sense to you, it’s because Crypto Boom is a scammer’s business and you must be aware of the fact that you are the target.

Dubious user information

The table of last deposits and withdrawals shows random figures which allegedly depict the amounts that users have deposited and withdrawn from this scam.

Those figures have been inputted by the admin and names assigned to the corresponding names.

This is not valid information that can be trusted or taken as proof that investors are actively participating in this website.

Also, the scam is asking for payment in Bitcoins and other payment methods that are associated with scam operations. When you use either of these methods, you will lose your money without the option of recovering it. Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be reversed, and you definitely can’t file for a chargeback.

Finally, the owner of Crypto Boom is also sort of anonymous as we were not able to find him outside the Companies House details. You cannot trust an anonymous person with your funds. They are not too good to return them.

Our best advice for you

Our verdict still remains that Crypto Boom is a scam. You might want to look for any other investment platform that can convince you of their activities with proof. One of them can be found here. You definitely won’t be fine by using this platform. At some point, you will realize that whatever Bitcoin you sent them has left your wallet with no option to recover it. So now that you know, make the right choice by being conscious of Crypto Boom’s hidden agenda.

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3 Replies to “Crypto Boom Review: Boom! It’s a Scam!”

  1. They have published an ad which looks like complete scam, using popular Latvian theatre director’s name and picture. Im pretty sure this person would never allow to use his name in such an enterprise.

    1. And, besides of that, this ad has URL with a name, which totally differs from their company official name. All this seems to be a big, fat, bold SCAM

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