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Share This! claims on their website that their mission is to empower the masses with a truly life changing opportunity which is designed to help create generational wealth. The ecosystem is allegedly created in such a way that it is calculated and deliberate to help members create financial fortunes with small capital. To achieve this goal, Crypto Builder claims that they have been able to consistently achieve financial growth for their members through technological opportunities. And for those who doubt whether Crypto Builder is legit or scam, the website’s promotional materials claim that Crypto Builder is hosted on a secure server to ensure peace of mind, security and integrity of the system in general.

Among the benefits listed on the site are access to expert guidance to enable us build our team, earnings of up to 200% over and over again as well as help to increase our financial capacity. From what we see, this sounds like a ponzi scheme than a genuine investment program. The main thing here is that Crypto Builder is encouraging people to ”donate” on the promise that the funds will be multiplied in a special matrix that leverages members income for maximum profit. Now, to fund this program, one has to send their money in Bitcoin. Donations start at $20 all the way to $75,000 but as you can see, this is the work of scammers who want to cash in on the ignorance of internet users looking for income earning opportunities. And they also want to collect every penny from every internet user regardless of their financial background. That explains why this scam is accepting $20 all the way to $75,000.

Obviously we have detected some red flags and many weird things regarding Crypto Builder. That’s the reason we are calling it a scam outright. If you are looking for a legit Crypto currency earning opportunity, we suggest that you should probably consider mining them. Also, for that to happen successfully, we recommend that you should only mine with a genuine cloud mining operation and not scams that claim to offer Crypto currency cloud mining plans when all they do is to run a ponzi scheme.

Crypto Builder review

Crypto Builder fails to give us a satisfactory answer with regards to how income is generated for their members. According to the sales page, investors are required to join and invite at least 2 people in order to get started. As we have stated below, joining this scheme requires a minimum investment of at least $20. When you invite two others to deposit this money, you are required to duplicate the process in order to reap your success.

Crypto Builder

First of all, this tells us that Crypto Builder is not a legit investment program but an outright ponzi scheme. There are many things that can and will go wrong with this set up because money is not externally generated but is contributed by members. Mathematically, ponzi schemes are not designed to last a long time. That is why their owners are always anonymous and their way of operation is always not transparent. This domain has existed for 1 year now but the owner or the operator of the ponzi scheme is anonymous. That should worry you because despite these people being anonymous, they still want you to send them your Bitcoins. How can you trust them?

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Dysfunctional links/pages

We hate to come across a website that purports to be engaging in serious matters only to realize that this website has a number of broken links. On the footer of Crypto Builder website,  there is a link written FAQ. When we clicked that link to try opening the page and learn a few things about Crypto Builder, it led to nowhere meaning that this website does not even have an FAQ page in the first place. Their terms and conditions page is equally non existence even though their is a link that leads to that page. The only links that are functional are for registration and log in. The rest are dummy links which do not serve any purpose.

Now, ask yourself why a website that is 1 year old does not have these pages up and running yet? Is the owner taking this project with the seriousness it deserves? We doubt it and that tells you that even if you send funds to them, they will most likely steal it.

The falsified numbers

On their website, they claim that Crypto Builder has registered over 19,000 team members but this is not possible because first of all, Crypto Builder is not known among the popular websites that do this kind of business. And secondly, if it was this popular, we are sure that there would be a lot of reviews and testimonials from people who invest with them and come to the forums for purposes of writing about their experience with this website.

But so far, there are no reviews or testimonials to confirm the alleged figures. As far as we are concerned, this is a marketing trick to try pulling naive people into the scam. It is meant to persuade internet users that Crypto Builder is legit and that many people are already investing in it. But this is a lie and you should never believe such cheap marketing tricks.

Their social media page is weird

The scammer has updated their Facebook page with a post which says if you cannot invite two people you should never think or joining Crypto Builder. This is yet another evidence that this website is a ponzi scheme and a scam for that matter.

There are no user activities on this social media page which makes us doubt the alleged user numbers. Surely if a site has got over 19.000 users, its social media pages should be busy with inquiries and comments from the said users. But this is not the case. Think about it.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Builder is a scam which you must avoid. If you want to genuinely invest in Bitcoin, mine them here but don’t trust a scam.

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