Crypto Coin Crusher Review: Dangerous Scam

Crypto Coin Crusher Review: Dangerous Scam

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In this review, we shall explain and give reasons as to why we think Crypto Coin Crusher is a scam robot that must be banned. The scam project is presented by someone called Alex Riles. We doubt this guy in the first place. He is not being real with his audience. It’s the reason why we have decided to write his name in Italics because even his name cannot be verified.

Crypto Coin Crusher is allegedly an automated trading robot for Cryptocurrencies. The way it works is that it generates trading signals which will be automatically executed into your account. The manner in which those trading signals are generated isn’t clear. There is no thorough explanation to help us understand what trading methodology this software uses.

At the end of the day, Crypto Coin Crusher is supposed to bank $1000.

Now, the funniest thing is that Crypto Coin Crusher’s price is only $37. How can a $37 worth of trading robot make $1,000 per day? That is really weird. It’s the reason why people want to know whether or not Crypto Coin Crusher is a scam.

Crypto Coin Crusher Review

We need to use common sense and logic when assessing this software. If it is going to make $1000 per day from they day you buy it onward, you should expect $30,000 per month.

So the ultimate question is this. Do you think a $37 worth of trading software can make $30,000 per month? Of course not. The thing is, this statement shouts loud that Crypto Coin Crusher is a scam.

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Perhaps you might think that we are judging the product harshly. But that isn’t the case at all. We are basing our judgement on the harsh realities of trading. If we cannot use facts and common sense, then we can as well lose a lot of money to nonsensical scams like the Crypto Coin Crusher.

Crypto Coin Crusher review

You see, money is value and definitely not a free thing. Because of that reason, a software that makes $30k per month should cost thousands of dollars and not $37 only.

The economy has been conditioned to work that way. If a robot truly has some value, it means that the owner must have put a lot of effort into designing it. They are not about to sell it for $37 at all.

The other thing is that these guys are simply selling trading signals, which is categorized under investment advice. Crypto Coin Crusher has never acquired any license for this kind of service. In other words,they are offering an illegal service.

Perhaps some people might say that this is not illegal at all. We recommend that you consult with your local financial regulator and they will tell you that Crypto Coin Crusher and many others are simply scam.

 Alex Riles

Alex Riles is really a funny man. He does not have a profile. In fact, there is no link at all between him and his alleged carrier.

The worst mistake that he probably committed was to give us a fake name. The site is registered privately too. That makes it difficult to establish the true owner of this site. However, we are not about to buy Alex Rile’s story because he is clearly a fake personality.

The point is, if you’re buying a scam robot like Crypto Coin Crusher, you should know that you are investing in a website with anonymous owner.

You will be purely acting on false information which you probably got from this man Alex. Without facts, you cannot really believe that Crypto Coin Crusher is this good and is being offered for $37 only. That is definitely too good to be true.

Any track record of trading successfully?

These folks have no track record of the software to prove that it really makes 1k a day. It is really going to be a tough job believing the words of Alex because no proof has been given to back them up.

This is usually the first concern when reviewing trading robots. Unfortunately, shady vendors don’t have this kind of proof, yet they tend to shout on the rooftop that their products work.

How can we believe this? How can we believe that a trading software worth $37 is able to generate 1k a day? It’s certainly ridiculous and nonsensical.

Fake testimonials

Crypto Coin Crusher website has invested in fake testimonials with the aim of telling lies and spreading falsehood. This is intended to make the owner rich at your own expense.

The site is currently using stock photos which are clearly fake because the people who appear in that stock photo are not traders. They are not users of this software at all.

But scammers would want you to believe that they use this robot to trade Cryptos and that they are making money on a daily basis. We are supposed to believe that they are making at least $1k a day.

We should all be aware of the fact that fake testimonials don’t sit in the place of verifiable proof that a product works. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that this is a scam because they are using fake testimonials to mislead their audience.

How does this work?

It is a little bit rare to find scam trading apps being sold through the Clickbank affiliate network. The thing is, this scam will make money most of the time when you don’t ask for a refund. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that they can ask for a refund through click bank.

What these guys are aware of is that their product doesn’t work as explained. It does not make $1k a day. It makes no pennies at all. But they also know that most people won’t approach clickbank for a refund.

At this point in time, you have hopes in getting your $37 back. There is a ray of hope. But unfortunately, you won’t get back the money that you lost in trading as well. That will be your greatest undoing because this software will have blown your account by the time you are asking for a refund. That’s quite unfortunate. Some people might even decide not to ask for a refund simply because they are too annoyed after having lost a large sum of money to this software. Maybe you lost $500 or more in under 24 hours. It might not make a lot of sense to claim back the price of this software.

So that might also be another reason why people are not reclaiming their investments back.

Our best advice for you

One must remember that Alex is not a real man but a character that was hired for convenience and also to cover the real tracks of people who are responsible for this scam.

The second red flag is that Crypto Coin Crusher website is making use of fake testimonials. That means the software didn’t perform as claimed by these guys. You’d be acting on false information by proceeding to get this software.

And third, the owner of this software does not want to give proof of trading. We don’t know how this software has performed in the last few weeks.

The best thing you should do is ignore this product. We’ve got very good trading robots for you. Check them out here.

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