Crypto Coins Investment Review: Greedy Scam

Crypto Coins Investment Review: Greedy Scam

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Crypto Coins Investment is just another financial game where the naive are being asked to purchase a plan which will then earn them daily interest of between 2.3% and 3.5%. This scam is designed to steal your money in the name of trading Bitcoin on your behalf.

Shockingly, Crypto Coins Investment is registered in the UK as a Ltd company. Their address is listed as 77-91, new Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DT, United Kingdom. They even have a company registration number which is advantageous to them in the sense that it is helping them look credible.

We already know that company registration means nothing. We have reviewed a lot of scams on the internet which are actually registered as financial service companies in the UK. The fact that they are registered with the tax man didn’t prevent them from stealing Bitcoins.

You might wonder why we are already judging Crypto Coins Investment without going through the details. But we also need to promise you that we have done our research properly and we discovered that there is no way Crypto Coins Investment can be a genuine business. So if you want to find out more about them, take your time to read this review till the end.

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Crypto Coins Investment review

Now that we have established that Crypto Coins Investment is based in the UK and is registered as a company, what else do you need to know about them?

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The first thing you need to know is that this company is always working hard to boost their credibility. They already have a contact email and even phone number on their site. When we called this number, someone picked up the phone. We spoke for a while before the call receiver on the other end started acting like an angry caged tiger. What was the mistake and why was this man all of a sudden acting rude and disturbed?

Well, our concern was that this website didn’t want to disclose the identity of the owner, and secondly, we were asking for evidence that would prove that members of this site were making money and they were happy about their experience here in general.

The response was something like ”The fact that Crypto Coins Investment is registered under reg number 10750502 means that it is a legal company that is operating a legitimate business, what else do you need to know as far as our legitimacy is concerned?”

We objected by saying that there were so many companies cropping up from the UK and all of them were registered and were purporting to offer crypto currency investment opportunities to those who wanted ”financial freedom”.  What evidence did Crypto Coins Investment had to prove that they were not like many other Bitcoin scams operating in this country?

That question was straight forward, isn’t it? But what ensued from that point onward was a conversation that sounded like a suspected thief being interrogated by the FBI. There was awkward silence in between. He finally hang up on us when he realized that the kitchen was getting as hot as hell.

But at least we are grateful that he gave us time to speak to him and even harass him with our hard questions. At the end of the day, this man was not able to prove that Crypto Coins Investment was paying its members profit and whether or not there were members at all. Instead, they were only able to prove that Crypto Coins Investment was a Ltd company in the UK. Is a Ltd status for an entity that collects money from members of the public a guarantee that people will not get scammed?

Analyzing promises made by Crypto Coins Investment website

This website promises financial freedom which is to be achieved by investing your money in a ”low-risk crypto-currency trading business”. Is there anything like low risk investment in crypto-currency trading or mining? We don’t think so.

Truth is that this is a ponzi scheme looking to steal as much money as it can. For them to achieve this mission, they have to promise you total financial freedom. In fact, they claim that when you invest with them by picking any of their plans, money will come to you by the hour while you do nothing on your part.

Apparently, these people are working with experienced crypto-currency traders who are always involved in analyzing the market and placing trades on behalf of investors. As soon as trades are closed, profits will be immediately available for sharing.

cryptocoinsinvestment plans

There are 4 plans, with the least only costing $10 to get started with. The most expensive plans is asking for a minimum investment of $25,000. All plans are paying daily interest with only the length of investment term varying across one plan to another.

cryptocoinsinvestment stats

According to what is written on this website, Crypto Coins Investment came into existence in March 2017. But now they claim that they are barely 2 months old and that they have created 10 accounts so far. Total deposits are 520 while withdrawals are only 120.

Honestly something isn’t right with these numbers. Either they are guessing these numbers or are not aware of what they are talking about. First of all, there is no way they could have started operation more than 5 months ago and are only having 10 active members today. That is not possible.

And even if they were to pool capital for their trading with the intention of distributing proceeds, this number would be too small to gain any significant revenue.

cryptocoinsinvestment payout

Their payout stats are equally causing a lot of suspicion. Crypto Coins Investment just listed random names and numbers here and there. Why are we saying so? Because those figures cannot be verified. There is no way we can verify these numbers if we don’t have proof yet. In fact, that’s why we called their representative to explain to us and possibly give us some proof that Crypto Coins Investment was the real deal. But as we all know, that conversation ended with someone hanging up because the questions we were asking had no answers.

The truth that we all need to know by now

The truth is that Crypto Coins Investment is a ponzi scheme. It is designed to fail at some point in time. What they are doing right now is to collect as many deposits as possible. When that happens and they are satisfied with the amount which they have collected, they can close down and disappear into thin air.

Yes, they are registered and that means some people will trust them for that. You ought to know that this reg number was meant for taxation purposes. It does not say anything about the legality of this company’s operations.

We have heard that most of these companies are simply applying for reg numbers because they want to look authentic. It’s a good cover up for any business that depends on new deposits to pay out old members.

Our best advice for you

There is no way Crypto Coins Investment will pay out members on a consistent basis. And secondly, this company is not recognized as a financial service in the UK. That means their business is illegal and doomed to fail on purpose, thanks to the pyramid model which is the foundation of this company.

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  1. Please, don’t fall for a ponzi scheme like this. This is a valuable article. I wish there was more awareness in the public about companies like this.

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